Article: Top Ten Lee Min Ho Dramas And Movies To Watch When You’re Bored

Lee Min Ho is one of the most famous Korean actors worldwide. He did many minor roles before his official debut in 2003 as the male lead in the drama ‘Secret Campus’. Though the initial stage of his career was dull, his fame skyrocketed in 2009 with his lead role as Go Jun Pyo in the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers' and became a heartthrob for many teen girls in South Korea and other parts of Asia. He also gained international fame with his dramas like ‘The Heirs’ and ‘City Hunter' and enjoying success since then.

Below is a list of the top ten Lee Min Ho dramas and movies to watch when you’re bored.

1. Boys Over Flowers

This drama follows the story of Geum Jan Di, a poor girl who transfers to a school only for the rich and powerful. There, she meets the F4, a group of 4 boys who are the elites of the school. The F4 are rich, handsome, and arrogant, especially their leader, Go Jun Pyo, who is played by Lee Min Ho. Jan Di is a strong but naive girl who stands up to the F4 and becomes their target. It is between their tussle that Jan Di and Jun Pyo’s hate turns into love.


2. Legend Of The Blue Sea

This hit drama aired just before Lee Min Ho went to his military service towards the end of 2016. It is a fantasy drama where a Joseon-era Mermaid falls in love with a con artist who resembles someone from her past. The mermaid travels across the ocean against all odds risking her life to find her love and make him accept her love.


3. The King: Eternal Monarch

It is a 2020 modern fantasy drama where Lee Min Ho plays a Korean emperor, Lee Gon, who discovers a parallel world through a mysterious portal. In the alternate universe, he meets a feisty inspector, Jeong Tae Eul, who helps him catch his uncle who murdered his father when he was young. The drama is full of humor, mystery, and romance and an excellent watch for urban fantasy lovers.


4. The Heirs

This popular drama revolves around a group of affluent, privileged high school kids as they prepare to take over their families' business, face obstacles, grow and learn along the way. The main leads are two teens of different social backgrounds who meet in a chance overseas and are reunited in South Korea in a school for the rich and elite. Kim Tan, played by Lee Min Ho, is the wealthy heir of the Jeguk Group, a prominent Korean conglomerate, while his love interest Eun Sang is the daughter of a housekeeper, and it is their love story that we witness.


5. City Hunter

This is an action-revenge and romantic drama aired in 2011. It is based on a webtoon and follows the story of Lee Yoon Sung, played by Lee Min Ho, who goes undercover as an IT expert at the Blue House in South Korea to achieve his surrogate father’s revenge plan. During his plan, he meets Kim Na Na, played by Park Min Young, and joins hands with her to accomplish his goal, and eventually falls in love with her.


6. Personal Taste

This is a 2010 South Korean drama based on a novel of the same name. It shows Lee Min Ho’s character pretending to be gay so that he can live in Son Ye-Jin’s house because of its architecture. The girl is heartbroken from her past relationship and does not want to be around any man. So, she lets Lee Min Ho reside in her house thinking he is gay. The drama follows their love story.


7. Gangnam Blues

It is a 2015 South Korea set in 1970, where Gangnam, a part of Seoul city, is being developed. This action thriller movie follows the story of two childhood friends who grew up together in an orphanage, like real brothers. The brothers grow up struggling for money and get embroiled in threatening gangs and political issues which puts their life in danger.


8. Bounty Hunters

This is an action comedy film that was released in 2016. In the movie, Lee Min Ho plays Lee San, a former Interpol officer. After being dismissed, he starts working as a bounty hunter. After a mission goes wrong, he and his friend Yo are suspected of a terrorist bombing and take the help of an anti-terrorist gangster group to clear their name and catch the real culprit while the police and other bounty hunters chase after them.


9. Faith

This is a drama set in both the Goryeo period and the present day. The story follows Choi Young, a brave warrior who wishes to travel to Heaven through a portal to search for the heavenly doctor for his queen. However, he mistakenly travels to the 21st century and ends up kidnapping a plastic surgeon Eun-Soo. Unfortunately, after saving the queen, the portal closes up and Eun-Soo is stuck there and gets involved with the royal family in the battle for the survival of Goryeo.


10. Get Up

This is a television film which was released in 2008 and it showcases school life and the difficulties students face every day. The movie focuses on Doo Heon, played by Rhyme, and Wook Gii, played by Lee Min Ho, who are delinquent students and often land themselves in trouble.