Article: Top 10 Most Loved Chinese Dramas Of 2021

Huaju stands in Chinese for "Word Drama," which features realistic spoken dialogue rather than poetic dialogue. Chinese dramas are also better known as C-dramas. C-dramas have all the pretty suitable elements for good entertainment, e.g., comedy, romance, family drama, horror, and sports, representing all the eras and ensuring that the audiences like them. Chinese dramas are also classified based on where they were filmed or produced, such as Taiwanese Dramas, Hong Kong Dramas, etc. They are also loved across the globe and have massive popularity. So here are 10 C-dramas of 2021 watched by the masses.

1. My Bargain Queen

This drama revolves around Xia Qian, who was abandoned by her fiancé, He Zhi Juan, during their engagement party. After three years, she becomes a "bargain service" company owner. One day this company gets an assignment to arrange the wedding in the same hotel where Xia broke's engagement, and she meets the hotel manager who sees her as a cause of that happening. And the client comes out to be her ex-fiancé and sister of the manager.


2. Love Under The Full Moon 

It is the story of a student who desperately tries to find ways to make money to cover the expenses of her university in Shanghai. Xiang Yuan wanted to produce her life better and achieve her dreams. She made herself free from the debt of the Ye family. She found herself in love with the Ye family's eldest son, Ye Quin Ze, and later, she came to know that the Ye family's second son fell in love with her. So that's how this love triangle created the drama.


3. The Coolest World

Teng Xiao Xiao is a very hardworking girl who has been working in a magazine to fulfill her dream of winning the Pulitzer Prize. But, suddenly, her company was acquired by a new media company which shook her professional life. After this, she decides to start over again.


4. One And Only 

It is the story of Zhou Sheng Chen, son of Prince Nan Chen, and Cui Shi Yi, daughter of a prestigious family. They both became friends where Shi Yi went to learn some skills. Cui Shi falls in love with Sheng Chen by watching his ambitious nature and gentle behavior. But their relationship couldn't go forward as they both had to pursue their responsibilities.


5. Good And Evil 

This C-drama got initially adapted from a Wu Yu novel. It depicts the story of a king, Chun Yao, who is the king of the monsters in Bailingtan, and Han Sheng, princess of Northland kingdom. When Han Sheng enters the Bailingtan, she discovers that she has the book which only monsters have. She then finds the mystery of the book and Chun Yao, and they both fall in love.


6. The Bad Kids 

The Bad Kids tells the story of three teenagers. It is a story of a murder and how these friends witnessed and filmed it on their camera. This drama's story has taken from Zijin Chen's 2014 novel Bad Kid.


7. New Horizon 

It is the story of a group of ambitious people who met at the airport and have a shared aviation goal. During the pursuance of their dream, they experienced friendship bonds, love and evaluated themselves during their training. In the end, they finally became phenomenal aviation professionals.


8. Don’t Leave After School 

Wei Lai and Fang Xue get admitted to the same school with a shared dream. They both wanted to attend a good university. They made a study group not only for them but also for others to crack any entrance exam of a good college.


9. A Girl Like Me 

It is the story of a beautiful princess, Ban Hua, and a young scholar, Count Rong Xia. It is a romantic comedy-drama of the duo and how they fell for each other. It's adapted from the novel "Wo Jiu Shi Zhe Ban Nu Zi."


10. You Are My Hero

This drama revolves around a doctor and a police officer who met during their emergency rescue training, which a hospital organized. During the training, they started feeling affection towards each other.