Article: Top 10 Thai BL Series With The Fascinating Second Lead Couple

What could make the drama more enjoyable and fascinating other than the lead couple? The second lead couple is purposely plotted differently so the audience can enjoy different vibes in the same series. The second lead couples are crucial for the well-being of the show as the audience gets two main reasons for being attracted to the show. In the Thai BL series, the audience will find a second lead couple has a new story than the lead couple, making the series more attractive to watch and enjoy.

1. Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again is the series for the second lead couple. The main lead, Dean and Pharm, story is full of sorrow. The second lead couple, Win and Team, tell a different story. Win and the Team meet in the college, and Win flirts with the Team. The team is a very stubborn boy and pretends he is not interested in Win. The Win and Team story is chaotic in a fun way.

2. Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie is a very romantic and modern drama about arranged marriage. The lead couple is forced to live together and have to fulfill their responsibility to each other. Samewise, Yi, and Diao's story tells the same yet different plot. Yi lets Diao live in one of his houses because of the responsibility he took from Diao's father. Yi and Diao's love story is full of intense.

3. Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go describes the story of a wealthy boy, Neungdiao. He is protected by Palm, another boy hired by his family. The first couple, whose story is chaotic and always on the run. The second couple is about having a crush for years, but the confession doesn't go well. Chopper has a crush on Ben, but after some time, they start spending time, and their feelings get mixed up in not a bad way.

4. KinnPorsche

KinnPorsche is another Thai BL series where the second lead couple is famous. In this drama, the love story of the second-lead couple is forbidden love. As the major and minor families are cousins with each other yet despair of each other. The major family’s bodyguard falls in love with the minor family’s son. Their love story is filled with romance and tears.

5. Love In The Air

Love In The Air is a series with two main couples. The first couple has seven episodes, and their whole love story is shown. From the eighth episode, the second couple’s love story is shown. It is a basic story of both couples. Phayu and Rain are architecture students. Rain is studying while Phayu is working. Prapai is the CEO, and Sky is studying architecture. It’s great to watch how all of their lives intertwine and what audience gets to see next.

6. My School President 

Just as the first couple went viral for their school love story, the second couple's chemistry is top-notch. Win is a band member and needed a good person to play the guitar in their band. Sound is a stubborn yet good guitarist. The band wants him to join, but he doesn't want to. The quarrel between Win and Sound is chaotic, but their confession is breathtaking.

7. Moonlight Chicken 

Moonlight Chicken tells the story of the second lead couple. Liming is a nephew of Jim, a chicken restaurant owner. He meets Heart, who is disabled as he is deaf and mute. Liming learned sign language to talk to the Heart. It’s a very heartful love story that is popular among the audience.

8. The Eclipse

The Eclipse is a very intense and mysterious love story. Khanlong is a member of a perfect group in the school. And always try to maintain a good image of himself. He secretly likes Tuapu but is unable to say because of his position. The story is simple yet complicated as both confess their feelings and live their life.

9. Don’t Say No

Don’t Say No describes the story of the second lead couple who both go to college. Leon comes back from abroad, and for his further studies, he joins the college in Thailand. He meets Pob, a quiet kid. Leon is good-looking, but Pob is unfazed by his charm. The story of Leon and Pob is simple but complicated due to their career path choices.

10. Tonhon Chonlatee 

Tonhon Chonlatee drama's second lead couple is funny and chaotic. Nhai and Ai are together, but secretly, they live with his friend, who will not approve of their relationship. It’s hilarious to see how they act alone and with their friends. The story takes a twist when his friend brings another person to live with them.