Article: Top 10 Tom-Jerry Duo Of The Korean Music Industry That Everyone Loves

The Korean Music Industry is thriving day by day. With so many groups and members, the people see so many personalities of mind in the group. Each member is different, which makes the group more unique and enjoyable for their audience. In any group, there is always a duo who bicker all the time and like to annoy each other. In the Korean music industry, the audience sees the Tom-Jerry duo in the group. Watching the duo bicker and annoy each other makes the bond stronger.

1. Jin And Jungkook Of BTS

Kim Soekjin, also known as Jin, and Jeon Jungkook, also known as Jungkook, are the oldest-youngest duo of the group BTS. They have a five-year age gap. In every video, the audience sees Jin and Jungkook bickering and annoying each other. They are the oldest and youngest members, which makes them more of a Tom-Jerry duo.

2. Jimin And V Of BTS

Park Jimin, also known as Jimin, and Kim Taehyung, also known as V. They are popularly known as the 95s duo are members of BTS. They are two months apart in age from each other. And the story of when they debuted or pre-debut tells that they didn't get along with each other well. They always fight and have a different mindset. After spending a decade and more together, they are inseparable but still annoy each other in fun ways.

3. Yeonjun And Beomgyu Of TOMORROW BY TOGETHER (TXT)

Choi Yeonjun, also known as Yeonjun, and Choi Beomgyu, also known as Beomgyu, are the most bickering Tom-Jerry duo in the K-pop industry. They have a two-year gap. Since Yeonjun is the oldest, Beomgyu loves to tease him about the same. Beomguy always annoys Yeonjun, and it works every time.

4. Hoshi And Seungkwan Of SEVENTEEN

Kwon Soon-young, also known as Hoshi, and Boo Seungkwan, also known as Seungkwan, are the loudest members of the group SEVENTEEN. The group has a variety show called "Going Seventeen," where the audience sees how Hoshi and Seungkwan are ready to throw their hands at each other. They always argue and tease each other, making the audience fall in love with their duo bond.

5. Suho And Sehun Of EXO

Kim Jun-myeon, also known as Suho, and Oh Se-hun, also known as Sehun, are the leader and youngest members of the EXO boy band. Like every member, Sehun is the naughtiest and loves to tease and annoy the leader. They have a three-year age gap. Amidst teasing and annoying, they care about each other a lot.

6. Chanyeol And D.O. Of EXO

Park Chanyeol, also known as Chanyeol, and Do Kyung-soo, also known as D.O., is another bickering Tom-Jerry duo in the Korean Music Industry. Even though D.O. is one year younger than Chanyeol, he acts otherwise. Chanyeol has the quality to laugh and annoy D.O. the most. As D.O. is the calmest and does not like affection, Chanyeol loves to tease him.

7. Seungkwan And Dino Of SEVENTEEN

Boo Seungkwan, also known as Seungkwan, and Lee Chan, also known as Dino, are the youngest members of the SEVENTEEN boy band group. Seungwan and Dino have a one-year age gap. They're arguing and annoying each other. They make sneaky comments when together and behind as well. Dino loves to tease Seungkwan the moment he gets the chance.

8. Hongjoong And Wooyoung Of ATEEZ

Kim Hongjoon, also known as Hongjoong, and Jung Wooyoung, also known as Wooyoung, are members of the ATEEZ. They have a one-year age gap. Wooyoung is the loudest and naughtiest in the group. He loves to tease his leader all the time. Their bickering and annoying habits make people fall in love with their bond.

9. Lee Know And Hyunjin Of Stray Kids

Lee Minho, also known as Lee Know, and Hwang Hyunjin, also known as Hyunjin, are part of the group Stray Kids. They have a two-year age gap. Lee know’s personality is calm and introverted. Hyunjin, on the other hand, is loud and loves to mess around character. Hyunjin loves to tease Lee know all the time but also fears him.

10. Kihyun And Hyungwon Of MONSTA X

Yoo Kihyun, also known as Kihyun, and Chae Hyungwon, also known as Hyungwon, are the members of the group MONSTA X. They have a one-year age gap. All over the internet, they are the Tom-Jerry duo of the K-pop industry. At the front, they love to tease each other, but only true fans know how much they care about each other. They love spending impromptu time together.