Article: Top 10 Action Thai BL Series To Watch

The Thai BL series is a package of everything, but for me, I just love it when there is thriller, mystery, and romance as it gets more intense to watch with every episode. Listed below are some of the action Thai BL series you must watch.

1. Manner Of Death

Manner Of Death is a very intriguing BL series you should watch. It is a story about Bun, a doctor who gets transferred to a small village and meets his close friend. The shocking twist happens when his close friend is found dead in her house. Bun finds Tan, a mysterious man suspect as he is always lingering on the crime scene. However, the story gets more interesting when Bun finds that many things are happening in the village that are not good.

2. Not Me

Not Me deserves more recognition and love for its plot and the chemistry between the actors. The twins Black and White, were separated as infants because their parents divorced. White lived a good life while Black was struggling and got himself engaged in bad business. Even though they were separated, they still felt each other's feelings. When Black is mysteriously attacked, White disguises himself as Black and enters his world without knowing how different and dangerous it is.

3. Chains Of Heart 

Chains Of Heart describes the story of a frosty officer, Din, who gets himself and Ken, his lover of seven years, involved in a gang of illegal drug smugglers. It leads to being chased by the gang to protect themselves, and they jump off a cliff. When Ken woke, he didn’t find Din beside him. Years passed by when a new person came in front of him who resembled his former lover.

4. Never Let Me Go 

Never Let Me Go describes the story of Neungdiao, whose father gets shot and killed in front of him and his mother. To protect him, his family head bodyguard calls his son, Palm, to disguise himself as Neungdiao's friend and protect him in school. But when Neungdiao’s mother gets attacked, he and Palm hide at Palm's mother’s cottage.

5. Golden Blood 

Golden Blood describes the story of a young master, Sky, who is the son of a mafia boss. To protect him, Sky's father hires a bodyguard named Sun. Surviving with each other’s support, they fall in love. But, how will Sky face his father is a real challenge.

6. KinnPorsche

KinnPorsche is one of the hit BL series of 2022, with aesthetic cinematography and an intriguing plot. Kinn is a mafia son and is attacked when Porsche, a bartender, comes to his rescue. Kinn’s father wants Kinn to hire Porsche as their boyfriend, but Porsche refuses every time as he doesn't want him and his brother to enter a dangerous life. But for financial support, he agrees.

7. Triage

Triage is a tragic thriller romance between a medical student and his patient. A third-year medical resident has to manage various kinds of patients as an emergency doctor. Until he was rushed to save a patient, Tol, whose car was overturned. He fails to save him but gets stuck in a time loop. And now he has to prevent the tragedy of Tol from happening again.

8. The Eclipse

The Eclipse describes the story of Ayan, who transfers to a school where his uncle used to teach, and one day, he commits suicide. To unfold this mystery, he joins the school with many strict rules that he hates. Akk is the head of the student perfect and tries everything to maintain peace and discipline in the school and wants the same in his last year until he encounters Ayan.

9. Laws Of Attraction 

Laws Of Attraction is a recent BL drama about a clever yet ruthless lawyer, Charn. He accepts high-paying cases to earn a name. But one day, he was out of a case and lost his face over the internet. To find out the truth, he teams up with Tinn, the uncle of a young girl who was killed in an accident but didn’t receive any justice.

10. Unforgotten Night 

Unforgotten Night tells the story of Kim, who is dealing with a sudden heartbreak. To forget the past, he meets Kamol in the club and spends the night with him without knowing who he is. Kim woke up and was found surrounded by bodyguards, but he ran away. Kamol is a mafia boss intrigued by Kim and wants him as his lover. But Kim refuses to be in contact with Kamol.