Article: Top 10 Best Thailand Dramas Where The Lead Is A Musician

In the Thai BL series, it is often seen that one of the leads is passionate about singing and is a singer. It makes the series more exciting to watch because most of the actors are great singers, and hearing their voices as their characters is very fascinating.

1. Why R U?

Why R U describes the story of four people and how their lives get engaged with each other. The tutor is a rational young man. On the other hand, Fighter is an emotional person. Somehow, their life gets entangled with each other. Saifah is a popular musician, while Zon is a sci-fiction writer. When Zon's parents tell him to stop writing and focus on his studies, he finds that his sister stole his stories, and somehow, Saifah is also engaged in it.

2. Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie is one of the best-arranged marriage love stories of Kuea and Lian. Lian is a businessman who prefers decline and a calm atmosphere. So Kuea pretends to be that for Lian. However, in reality, Kuea likes to ride bikes, plays drums, and is a singer in a club under the hidden name “Kirin.” Kuea loves Lian, but Lian just thinks this is a responsibility, so what happens when Kuea announces to break the engagement?

3. My School President 

My School President is a recent viral school love story of Tinn and Gun. Gun is an average schoolboy who dreams of becoming a musician. He and his four friends have a boy band, “Chinzhilla.” The group is not doing great, so authorities ask them to disband. Until Tinn, the school president, steps up to help the group that he wants to save the school's reputation. However, he has a massive crush on Gun.

4. Hidden Agenda 

Hidden Agenda describes the story of Zo, a student studying at university who gets the opportunity to pursue his long-time crush named Joke. Joke another university student has a crush on Zo’s ex, Nita, and asks for advice from Zo on how to pursue her correctly. Zo agrees but on one condition. Zo should get a place in the debate club, or is it just an excuse to get close to Joke?

5. The Best Story

The Best Story describes a guy named Best who has a curse of nothing working out in his life. How much he tries, he also gets the worst result as his fate is the opposite of his name, ‘Best.’ He has a crush on the hottest guy in his school, Dew. Fate is on his side when he gets involved with Dew’s close friends and enters a music club with them.

6. 609 Bedtime Story 

609 Bedtime Story is a unique mysterious, and fantasy BL. Mum is a playboy and the owner of the 609 room. One day, he wakes to see a mysterious man beside him after they spend a crazy night together. Every night, he wakes up with a nightmare of the same man. Finally, he meets Dew in real life, but their first meeting is on Dew’s last day. And then the story gets more interesting to watch.

7. Bad Buddy

Bad Buddy is a must-watch BL drama if you want comedy and chaotic romance. It is about two neighbors, Pat and Pran, whose parents hate each other. And that means Pat and Pran also hate each other as they have to compete. But they were good friends in school and were in the same music band until Pran’s mother sent him away. Now, in the college phase, they are neighbors again, making the story exciting.

8. 2gether 

2gether tells the story of Tine, a chic cheerleader tired of being followed by a gay admirer named Green. To escape from the stalker, his friends suggest he enter a fake relationship. He asks Sarawat, a mysterious yet introverted musician, to become his fake boyfriend.

9. Be My Favorite

Be My Favorite is a time-travel BL about Kawi, who misses the chance to confess his love to his crush. It’s been ten years, and now she is getting married, so he thinks of giving her the gift he got ten years back, a showpiece. But astonishingly, when he turns in, he sees himself back in college and decides to change his fate by confessing his love to her and staying with a man named Pisaeng.

10. Ingredients 

Ingredients Thai BL drama is a light romance series about Tops, a very passionate person about cooking. He loves to cook new dishes and experiment in his kitchen. On the other hand, Marwin is a young and charming boy who dreams of becoming a world-class musician. His dream is so big that he stops caring about his health until he starts to live with Tops.