Article: Top Ten Best Female Japanese Dancers

Here, we have listed some of the best Japanese Dancers.

1. Rino Nakasone 

Rino Nakasone, born on 11 June 1979, is a Japanese dancer, choreographer, and actor. She participated in the third season of America’s Best Dance Crew, alongside the crew Beat Freaks. Rino is a well-known choreographer in South Korea and has worked with top artists like BoA, SHINee, Girl’s Generation, F(x). She has also danced with other notable artists like Justin Bieber, Missy Elliot, Chris Brown, and Britney Spears.


2. Fujiko Fujima

Fujiko Fujima, born on October 31, 1907, was one of the most-known Japanese classical dancers and was the first woman in the field of kabuki, a classical form of Japanese dance-play with heavily stylized performances. She was honoured as Living National Treasure for her Kabuki dancing skills. She died in 1998.


3. Namie Amuro

Born on 20 September 1977, the retired Japanese idol Namie Amuro is one of the best female dancers. Her ability to incorporate and showcase different dance styles in her music makes her a true performer. As a versatile performer, Amuro has incorporated martial arts skills into her choreography.


4. Momo Hirai

Momo Hirai, born in Kyoto, Japan, is the best-known non-Korean star in K-pop. Momo, due to her exceptional dancing skills and charismatic persona, has become one of the best dancers in Japan and South Korea. She got scouted by JYP entertainment after appearing in a dance video with her sister. Momo deserves all the hype as she amazes people with her fluidity, flexibility, and strong technique in dance. Momo participated in the reality show Sixteen and debuted in the nine-member South Korean girl group Twice.


5. Yomiko Yoshioka

Yomiko Yoshioko is a third-generation Butoh artist and choreographer. Butoh is a Japanese dance theatre encompassing a wide range of activities and techniques, which emerged around the middle of the 20th century in Japan. She was a member of the Ariadone, the first all-female butoh group. Yomiko has developed a personal style of bodywork called Body Resonance, connecting the body and soul to receive and transmit dance and ingenuity.


6. Kohuro Sugawara

Kohuro Sugawara, born on 14 February;1992, is a Japanese dancer and choreographer. Her powerful movements with a natural grace make her an outstanding dancer. She became famous with her unique dancing style amalgamating contemporary dance with hip-hop. Performing for mega-stars like Koda Kumi, Namie Amuro, Rihanna, SMAP, Kohuro has become one of the sought-after dancers in Japan.


7. Ayaka Nishiwaki

Ayaka Nishiwaki, popularly known as A-chan, was born on February 15, 1989. She is a member of the J-pop group Perfume. The trio of Ayaka, Ayano, and Yuka have become very affluent in Japan with their electropop music and futuristic robotic, doll-like style, and well-choreographed dance moves. Her sibling Sayaka Nishiwaki is a member of the group ‘9nine’.


8. Ayano Omato

Ayano Omato is a Japanese singer and dancer who rose to fame as a member of the famous Japanese electropop band Perfume after replacing the original third member Yuka Kashino, who left the group to focus on her studies. The group’s infectious electropop with intricate dance moves makes the trio iconic. She is lovingly called Nocchi by her fans.


9. Maasa Ishihara

Maasa Ishihara is a professional dancer based in the United States. She has performed for established Western artists like Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Major Lazer, etc.  She specializes in hip-hop and jazz. Maasa has performed with Ariana Grande at the Grammy’s. Not just in the States, she has become a well-known dancer in Japan and has performed for renowned Japanese artists like Namie Amuro and Tomohisa Yamashita.


10. Kyoka

Japan’s enigmatic dancer Kyoko has become a sensation in Japan and worldwide. With her fluid and creative moves, this hip-hop talent has come a long way at a very young age. She has learned karate in her childhood, and hence her dance style brings an essence of martial arts with a broad range of styles, including flamenco, capoeira.