Article: Top 10 Fake Relationship Dramas Of Thai


The Thai entertainment industry today has so many new genres and tropes that were not available in prior years today. The films and shows have new facets and plots that are different than those seen in Hollywood dramas and yet manage to keep up with them in some instances. Thai dramas have captured the attention of global supporters who cannot stop watching them due to such unaccounted plots. One such trope we present is the fake- relationship or arranged marriage trope, so here are the Top 10 Fake Relationship Dramas of Thai.

1. Princess Hours

Princess Hours follows Crown Prince In who is forced to marry Kaning for the sake of his kingdom, while already being in love with his girlfriend Minnie, who rejected his advance of marriage. These two find themselves facing several obstacles in their new lives and decide to seek solace in each other.


2. Game Sanaeha

Game Saneha follows Nok, who becomes hardened by her parents and their failures to become a bitter woman. Meanwhile, she finds her childhood friend Lakkhanai living with her and decides to bet on a game with him- get married, and the first to fall in love loses.


3. Roy Marn

Roy Marn follows Bee who is forced to marry in place of her cousin as her cousin was kidnapped before the marriage. The arranged marriage is to settle a debt between her uncle and Mark's father. Find out how bratty Bee lives with mature Mark and they both navigate a marriage.


4. Full House

Full House is the hilarious tale of an uprising model Mike who finds a young writer Aom in his life demanding why he is living in a house she bought and learns that she was scammed. He decides to make a deal to marry her for a year in exchange for which she could have the house.


5. Sapai Import

Sapai Import follows Lisa who has just returned from her studies abroad to find her parents in huge debt. Don's mother takes her as her own and helps her pay up the debt. But at her death bed, she asks her son, who needs a wife to inherit his property, to marry Lisa, which leads to a lot of disasters.


6. Love At First Hate

Love At First Hate follows a doctor who finds himself in an awkward situation when he has a one-night stand with an actress whom he hates. However, they find that they have to marry each other soon. Find out if they move past their hate and find love and everything they have been looking for in each other.


7. Rahut Rissaya

Rahut Rissaya follows an heiress who finds her life falling apart and her company taken over by her cousin and her aunt and decides that the only way to pull through is taking revenge on them one by one- which she begins by dating the guy her cousin likes by blackmailing him, with disastrous results.


8. Madame Baan Na

Madame Baan Na is a suspenseful Thai romance drama that follows Kaopun, who is investigating the murder of a person very close to her, and realizes that to get more evidence and leverage on the perpetrator, she must fake marry Fahkram Nangamlert, a diplomat, who she ends up falling for.


9. My Husband In Law

My Husband in Law follows young talented Muey who has been harboring feelings for Thien, who only teases her mercilessly. When Thien falls in trouble after sleeping with a mobster's wife, he finds that he must marry Muey to protect himself from danger, but ends up in love with her.


10. The Sand Princess

The Sand Princess follows Kodnipa who is working under a young heir Jirapat. One day she finds the baby of one of his lovers at her doorstep and informs him of the same. He pays her a lavish sum in exchange for taking care of the baby for him, which starts a relationship of convenience between them.