Article: Top 10 Thai Movies That Can Never Be Remade

There are some movies that leave an impact on your very being. There are movies that are one of a kind but do not have to stand out spectacularly to make a difference.  There are movies that made up our childhood or teenage years and the trope is copied everywhere, but the movie remains as a timeless classic that cannot be replaced no matter what, and we are pleased to tell you that we have made a list of such Top 10 Thai Movies That Can Never Be Remade for your perusal, so enjoy this trip through memory lane!


1. Brother Of The Year

Brother Of The Year is a touching rendition of the brother-sister rivalry between Chut and Jane. Jane is always cleaning up Chut's messes but when she decides to finally marry, Chut takes it upon himself to sabotage her relationship so that he does not have to lose her and can keep using her.


2. Bad Genius

Bad Genius is an internationally famous Thai film that tells the tale of Lynn who devises a plan to cheat during the examinations using a system of piano hand positions. Her method is taken to new heights when she and her friends decide to sell STIC papers by recruiting another student, Bank.


3. Happy Old Year

Happy Old Year is a poignant tale about Jean, who has just been doing some spring cleaning to make room for her new home office. She stumbles across her ex-boyfriend's old possessions and finds herself thinking of their past exploits when they were still together.


4. Fan Chan

Fan Chan is a sweet cult classic film that has won the hearts of fans worldwide for its simple plot. Jeab has just been invited to his childhood love's wedding and decides to pay the town filled with their memories as young mischievous children a visit and maybe try to change her mind about them.


5. Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger is a heartfelt Thai romance that is another Thai fan favorite. It tells the story of Dang and May, who meet up at Korea's famous Songkron festival celebrations and decide to explore the place together as two tourists. They do so under aliases without revealing each other's names to the other.


6. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a Thai coming of age movie about a girl Nam who finds herself smitten by her senior Chon, who is way out of her league, so she tries to transform herself to catch his attention, only to find out later that she did not have to work so hard after all.


7. Teacher's Diary

Teacher's Diary is a celebrated Thai story based off of the film producer's friend who experienced something similar. New teacher Song is in way in over his head when he takes up a teaching job in a remote village but finds guidance in a diary left by Ann, the previous teacher there.


8. The Billionaire

The Billionaire is a hilarious film adaptation that follows a real-life teen billionaire who dropped out of college to start a business that boomed past expectations. The Billionaire is a must-watch for themes on moving past society's standard way of earning through academia only and finding your way.


9. The Con Heartist

The Con Heartist is a funny swoon-worthy film that follows notorious con man Tower who has conned one too many people off of their money. He meets Ina who is rightfully bitter after her ex-boyfriend cheated her out of a lump sum of cash and plots to cheat him back in an act of vengeance.


10. One Day

One Day is a cute Thai romance about a girl Nui whose memories are erased every day due to a rare type of amnesia. Nui suddenly meets Denchai who claims that he is her boyfriend and goes along with his story, but little does she know that he just wanted to experience dating her for a day.