Article: Top 10 Most Brutal Antagonists In the Japanese Anime World

Being brutal is a part of being an antagonist, but some of them are not bad by heart. But some are merciless brats who don't even hesitate before committing serious murders or massacres. Here, we will discuss Japanese anime's top 10 most brutal antagonists.

1. The Major

The major, a nazi, killed millions of people in a bloody invasion. He is obsessed with bloodshed and leads a whole army of vampires toward London. He is merciless and the one who researched vampirism to use it in the war.

2. Knives Millions

Knives desire the extinction of humans from earth and leave no stone unturned to achieve the same. He belonged to the plant race and wanted revenge on humans for draining them out of their energy.

3. Titans

Titans can live without eating. The reason they eat them is just fun. They mercilessly end up killing any human on their way in the most brutal way one can imagine. The terror they spread among the society within walls has no bounds. In the series, one would see them violently tearing bodies apart.

4. Muzan kibutsuji

Muzan was a demon who treated every other human life like shit. He wasn't concerned about the feeling of the dead and was determined to kill them brutally, whether it was his lower moons or a girl wandering the streets with two guys.

5. Kyubey

Kyubey is a cat-looking being who is nothing more than an evil character who makes girls sign a contract in return for magic. The true intention of these contracts is wrong, and he wanted to turn girls into witches.

6. Father

Father is responsible for the blood-shedding of millions of innocent souls. He desires to be a pseudo-god to rule over humans, and he creates an alchemy ritual that wipes the entire country to make a Philosopher's Stone the most potent weapon known.

7. Frieza

Frieza loves the taste of death and finds peace in taunting his victims. He is not concerned that his deeds will annihilate the planet. Frieza was the one who led Son Goku to enter into a Super Saiyan state.

8. Lucy

Lucy is cute and ruthless when it comes to blood-shedding. She is mutated species that was experimented on and tormented by society, but Lucy escaped killing all the guards. She murdered families without hesitation.

9. Shou Tucker

He hadn't killed millions but was indeed merciless. The viewers might have felt intense hatred when he slaughtered her daughter and dog for the money he would earn from research.

10. Light Yagami

Light Yagami began with good intentions in mind but was soon corrupted by the limitless power of death. Note that he started killing and using anyone on his way for his own sake. He used everyone who cared about him in his favour and even burned her friend to death to keep her shut. He used Kira and Kiyomi mercilessly in his turn, taking advantage of their feelings for him.