Article: Top 10 Korean Power Couples

The Korean entertainment industry is famous for bringing together couples that have the kind of on-screen chemistry that just hits. It is also this chemistry that makes their fans go crazy over the celebrity duos. These fans are often seen blurring the lines between real and reel as they begin to make fan-ships. One would be surprised to know that it is not rare to see this manifestation actually work out in real life. A lot of celebrities have been recorded to find love in their co-actors. However, some found love in less conventional ways within the industry. Either ways, they have turned out to be the power couples everyone seems to swoon about. Following is a list of the top 10 Korean power couples.

1. IU And Lee Jong Suk

Possibly the cutest couple in the industry right now, IU and Lee Jong Suk have known each other since 2012 when they were both Inkigayo hosts. Rumors of their dating life began to take flight when Lee Jong Suk, in his acceptance speech for the 2022 Grand Prize mentioned a ‘special someone’ who helped him be a better version of himself. Soon after the speech, the pair made an official dating announcement on their respective instagram pages, with heartfelt posts and letters.

2. Song Joong Ki And Katy Louise Saunders

The divorce between Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo was probably the saddest moment in the history of The Descendants Of The Sun fandom. However, it seems like Joong Ki is back in the dating game after his pictures with the British actress, Katy Louise Saunders were released. Song Joong Ki’s agency later confirmed their relationship and they still seem to be going strong.

3. Rocky And Park Bo Yeon

ASTRO’s Rocky is proof that romance surely is not dead. While the rumors of their relationship were still flying, he sent Bo Yeon a food truck on her shooting site with cute little messages like ‘I love you’ on cup sleeves. Their story sounds something straight out of K-dramas and in a way, it did come out of the YouTube drama they both starred in. Their agencies denied the dating rumors to keep the relationship low-key but it was eventually confirmed by them on their social media.

4. Gong Hyo Jin And Kevin Oh

This couple seems like the ‘it’ couple of the industry. They found love and decided to keep it. They have been reported to begin dating in April, 2022 and just after five months of dating privately, they decided to tie the knot, announcing their marriage plans in public. Their instagram is full of pictures of their dreamy wedding, and even big celebrities could not stop themselves from gushing over them in the comments.

5. Son Ye Jin And Hyun Bin

The ultimate power couple of 2021, Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin’s dating rumors were all over the internet during this time. Viewers around the world had already been gushing over their chemistry after the success of their show ‘Crash Landing On You’. Soon after the show ended, rumors flew when the actor was spotted picking the actress up in his car. Even the actress confirmed on her social media that she had found a herself a ‘good person’.

6. Kim Yoo-jin And Ki Tae-young

The list won’t be complete without the star couple who wrote their own love story on the sets of “Creating Destiny” in 2009. Eugene, a former S.E.S K-pop member turned actress, and Ki Tae-young, a well-known actor, turned their on-screen chemistry into a real-life romance. The couple eventually got married in 2011, setting couple goals that are too difficult to match up to.

7. Ji Sung And Lee Bo-young

Yet another instance of love blossoming on the shoots. Ji Sung and Lee Bo-young met while filming "Save the Last Dance for Me". The romance culminated into a beautiful wedding in 2013. Their steady relationship and adorable family moments continue to melt hearts worldwide.

8. Rain And Kim Tae-hee

If you had to name one of the most enduring couples in Korean pop culture, the list won’t be complete without these two. Rain, the renowned K-pop star, and Kim Tae-hee, the beloved actress, started their love story in 2012, and tied the knot in 2017. Their strong bond and enduring love are truly inspirational.

9. Jo Jung-suk And Gummy

Jo Jung-suk, a talented South Korean actor, and Gummy, a renowned singer, make a beloved celebrity couple. Both share a common passion for music and the art has solidified their bond, making them an enchanting pair. The two first met on the set of a television drama and began dating in 2013. Their relationship blossomed over the years, leading to a beautiful wedding in 2018.

10. Jung Hye-young And Sean

Jung Hye-young and Sean are the OG power couple in the entertainment scene. Both are successful in their careers, and they balance family life with their professional endeavors equally well. Together, they embody talent, charisma, and a heartwarming love story that resonates with their admirers. They perfectly set a beautiful example of a lasting relationship in the fast-paced world of entertainment.