Article: Top 10 Sci-Fi K-Dramas

K-dramas have various dramas in the sci-fi genre that show advanced technology, AI, robots, time travel, etc. In this article, we’ll see 10 dramas you should not miss.

1. I’m Not a Robot

I Am Not a Robot is a drama revolving around a man named Min-Kyu, who has a severe allergy to people. He lives alone with robots and machines. Once he orders an android robot for the test, the robot ended up being broken, so the team sent Ji-A to him instead of the robot, as the robot has an appearance like her.

2. SF 8

SF 8 is about a group of people who dreamed of a perfect society and tries to achieve it with the help of advanced technology. The series has eight episodes with different stories. The series includes themes such as AI, VR, AR, horror, superpower, robots, gaming, and disasters. The series portrays how technology will affect mankind.

3. Sisyphus: The Myth

Sisyphus: The Myth drama revolves around Han Tae Sul, a genius engineer who witnesses an unfathomable incident and tries to find the secrets behind it. On the way, he meets a woman named Kang Seo Hae from the future who came back in time looking for him. They work together to uncover the truth.

4. Glitch

In the drama Glitch, a woman name Hong-Ji Hyo was searching for her boyfriend, who disappeared in an unidentified light. She investigates with a UFO watchers’ group to uncover the truth, a broadcaster and Youtuber Heo Bo Ra also helps Hong-Ji in finding her boyfriend.

5. Are You Human?

Are You Human? is the story of Nam Shin who falls into coma, and his mother creates a robot looking like him to protect her son's position as heir of the company. The robot takes the place of Nam Shin to fulfill his duties. The Robot also has a bodyguard to protect him and to keep his identity secret.

6. Train

In the drama Train, Seo Do-Won is a hard-working detective whose world completely changes when his lover becomes a victim of a serial killer. He was able to go into a parallel universe. When he realized his lover may be alive in a parallel universe, he tries to find her in order to protect her and also, he finds the killer in this world.

7. My Love From The Star

My Love from the Star is a romantic drama about an alien named Do Min Joon who came to Earth 400 years ago and since then living on Earth. Do Min has special powers to look young and attractive. One day he came to know he has only three months left on Earth during that time he meets a famous actress Cheon Song Yi. They fall in love, and they spent time together. But their relationship was in danger as Do Min had very little time left on earth.

8. Signal

Signal is a thrilling drama revolving around a police officer named Park Hae Young. One day Park Hae Young by chance connects a walkie-talkie to the detective Lee Jae Han from the past. They work together to solve a 15-year-old Kidnapping case and related murders. By using Hae Young’s skills and intel from Lee Han the solves case and brings justice to the Victims.

9. Grid

The drama Grid is about a mysterious ghost who saved humanity and then vanished, then reappeared 24 years later. A team of detectives and the General Affairs Bureau peruse ghost to uncover the truth.

10. While You Were Sleeping

The drama While You Were Sleeping revolves around Hong Joo, she has the ability to see the future in her dreams since childhood. Jae Chan a prosecutor one day sees a dream that Hang Joo’s life was in trouble. So, he decided to save her life. Both of them get caught in a web of fate along with Woo Tak, a police officer, and try to alter the course of events. Later on, they discover they have dreams of each other and they work together to save the people closest to them.