Article: Top 10 Powerful K-Dramas That People Still Love Today 

Old is gold, a very true saying because even when hundreds of K-dramas have been released there are some of the best K-dramas that people go back to and rewatch. There is a phase for everything, even for K-dramas, but still, the vibe of the old powerful K-dramas is unmatched in any era. There are some powerful K-dramas that no one will ever forget as the impact left on the people. Let’s look at some K-dramas that still have a space in the audience's heart.

1. Guardian: The Lonely And Great God

When 2016, Goblin was released everything changed. It is a fantasy drama about how a Goblin is alive for 900 years and cannot die until his bride removes the sword from his chest. It is a cinematic and beautiful love story that makes people shed tears even when they watch it today.

2. The Legend Of The Blue Sea

Another fantasy drama is about a mermaid who comes to find her magical bangle that is lost, and she can’t go back to her world. The magical band is with the boy, as he found it. It is exciting how a mermaid learns to live with the humans. Whenever people want to have a good laugh, this is the show for the same, The Legend Of The Blue Sea.

3. Boys Over Flowers 

Boys Over Flowers, the iconic K-drama of 2009. Since the release of this drama, there has been a remake of it in China and Thailand as well. Gu Jun-Pyo and his three best friends have a wealthy background and attend a high-end school. The four of them are known as the biggest bullies of the school. He meets Geum Jandi and bullies her. It’s a mind-blowing drama with everything an audience needs for entertainment.

4. Descendants Of The Sun 

Descendants Of The Sun is known as The Drama of 2016. Based upon a relationship between the army and the doctor, it has grabbed the audience by their heart. Yoon Shi-jin is a commodon officer and meets Kang Mo-yeon, a doctor. He hides his identity from her for obvious reasons. They meet again as a doctor and army officer. The doctor team will help on the army base.

5. My Love From The Star

My Love From The Star is another fantasy K-drama of 2013. Do Min-Joon, an alien, has been stuck on Earth for years. He works as a professor in the college and learns to avoid any interaction with humans so no problems will come. His neighbor, Cheon Song-Yi, is an actress who is always in scandal. Their life intertwine when the boy helps the girl live in his house and hides from the press.

6. Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince is one of the iconic K-dramas of 2007. It describes the story of Go Eun Chan, a girl with boy-cut hair often mistaken for a boy. She is a tomboy, and after her father dies. She has to take care of the family. She gets the job in a coffee shop only under one condition: she has to pretend that she is a boy. The twist is when the boss of the coffee shop, Choi Han Kyul, starts falling for her.

7. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 

Another hit of 2016 is  Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, a tragic ending drama that left a hole in the audience's heart that has not recovered from. Ha-jin travels 1000 years back in a dynasty and lands in Heo-soo’s body, a young girl. Her whole life takes a turn when she has no idea who Heo-soo is and what has happened to her.

8. Healer

Healer is a 2014 K-drama with one of the intriguing storylines. Seo Jung-hoo is a top-class hacker and no one has seen him. He goes by the name ‘Healer' to hide his entire identity. He gets an assignment to follow Chae Young-shin, a reporter whose career is falling apart. The twist happens when ‘Healer’ realizes that he is the main and crucial part of the story he is helping to unravel.

9. Full House

The Full House is one of the oldest K-dramas, released in 2004, and after that, different countries have made a remake in their language. Full House tells the story of Han Ji-eun, whose friend sells her house and runs with the money when she is on vacation. Lee Yeong-Jae, the owner of the house, refuses to leave. The story moves ahead when she enters a fake marriage with the new owner, an actor.

10. Dream High

Dream High is another iconic drama released in 2011. This drama shows the audience the importance and realization of raw friendship. Six students studying at Kirin High School have the same dream of becoming an idol. All six of them learned to sing, dance together, and help each other.