Article: 10 Chinese Celebrities Who Have Been Blacklisted By Government

A few celebrities that were placed on China's blacklist due to "illegal and unethical" activity have been banned. Some people are prohibited from using or accessing the entertainment industry due to being placed on a blacklist. Livestreaming is a popular way for Chinese entertainers to reach a large audience. Concerning the entertainment industry, the China Association of Performing Arts stated in its notification that its goals were to "strengthen the self-discipline" and to keep "illegal and unethical artists from moving to other platforms to restart their careers."

1. Kris Wu

Wu Yi Fan, known by his stage name Kris Wu, is a Canadian rapper, singer, actor, and model. He was a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy band Exo and its subgroup Exo-M under SM Entertainment before departing in 2014.He is a convicted serial rapist. He was arrested in Beijing on rape charges, which led to the authorities backlisting him based on morals and ethics.

2. Zheng Shuang

Zheng Shuang is a famous Chinese actress. She has a huge fan base. She was accused of tax evasion and abandoning her surrogate children in the US. Surrogacy is not allowed in China, so people go to other countries for it. Due to the accusations, Zheng got backlisted by the Chinese government.

3. Zhang Zhehan

Zhang Zhehan is a Chinese actor and singer. Zhang made his acting debut in the love drama “Why Love You” in 2010. The Chinese authorities blacklisted Zhang because he went to Japan's Yasukuni Shrine. His social media accounts were deleted after photographs of him visiting Japan's Yasukuni Shrine went viral. Trips to the shrine, which honors Japan's war dead, are seen as an endorsement of Japan's war crimes in China.

4. Deng Lun

Deng Lun, also known as Allen Deng, is a Chinese actor, model, and singer. In the romantic drama Flowers in Fog (2013), he made his acting debut. The authorities penalized him 106 million RMB for tax evasion. Deng Lun used fictional firms to conceal the nature of his earnings between 2019 and 2020. His unpaid personal income tax was 47.6 million RMB, and other unpaid personal income tax was 13.9 million RMB.

5. Jing Tian

Jing Tian is a Chinese actress. She gained prominence for her roles in The Warring States (2011), Special ID (2013), and Police Story (2013). She appeared in three Legendary Pictures films: The Great Wall (2016), Kong: Skull Island (2017), and Pacific Rim Uprising (2018). Guangzhou market authorities penalized actress Jing Tian and barred her from future negotiations for three years after she appeared in a false commercial for health food firm Infinite Free. The promotion was alleged to violate China's advertising regulation, which specifies that ordinary food cannot be advertised for therapeutic purposes. She was penalized 7.22 million RMB in total.

6. Li Yifeng

Li Yifeng, better known as Evan Li, is a Chinese actor and singer who came to popularity after competing in the 2007 My Hero competition. The following year, he made his singing debut with the album Four Leaf Clover. He has steadily moved his career attention to acting since 2009. Beijing police detained him on the charges of "soliciting prostitution on multiple occasions." Due to this, he lost his endorsements and projects and got blacklisted by the authorities.

7. Yuan Bingyan

Yuan Bingyan is a film and television actress in China. Yuan Bingyan, well known for her promient role in the C-drama "Love and Redemption," is the latest celebrity to face a 978,000 RMB fine from tax authorities. This tax evasion accusation got her blacklisted by the authorities.

8. Fan Bingbing

Fan Bingbing is a famous Chinese actress. Even though she is very popular, her popularity couldn’t save her from getting finned and blacklisted by the authorities. She was accused of tax evasion and was ordered to pay an 883 million RMB fine to escape punishment.

9. Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei, often known as Vicky Zhao or Vicki Zhao, is a Chinese actress, businesswoman, director, producer, and singer. Zhao Wei appears to have been blacklisted by the authorities, and her internet presence has been removed for unknown reasons. Zhao's name has been deleted from all platforms' television shows, films, and advertisements, though her scenes were still intact.

10. Gong Li

Gong Li is a Chinese actress. Gong married to Singaporean tobacco businessman Ooi Hoe Seong in November 1996 at Hong Kong's China Club. Through this marriage she gained Singaporean citizenship in 2008. Gong Li and her husband Ooi separated in 2010, and she married French composer Jean-Michel Jarre in 2019. She was blacklisted by the government for holding a Singaporean citizen while she worked and earned in China. It was reported that she was in the process of renouncing her foreign citizenship to keep working in China.