Article: Top 10 Most Popular Chinese Actors/Actresses 2021

The Chinese entertainment world has been holding the world in its reign for the last couple of decades. We see a wide range of Chinese culture and its powerful history through impressive dramas and movies. Artists play a significant role in presenting their world gracefully. Some artists manage to stand out from others. Here are the top 10 most popular Chinese actors and actresses in 2021:

1. Xiao Zhan

Xiao Zhan (Sean Xiao) has worked hard to make his way to becoming a big star. Known for his beautiful, heartwarming smile, Xiao is also a part of the Chinese boy band, X Nine. The actor has been holding the throne of the top trending actor on Weibo for a long time now. With his latest drama, “Douluo Continent,” becoming part of his hit drama list, Xiao started 2021 on a strong note and is ready for future adventures.


2. Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo has taken the world by storm with his talented skills and heavenly looks. He is an actor, singer, rapper, TV host, and professional motorcycle racer. The actor has been awarded the title of Hot 'Figure of the Year' for two consecutive years, and recently with 'All-Around Artist of the Year' at Douyin Night 2021 and 'Most Popular Artist among Overseas Fans' at Weibo Starlight Awards 2021. Yibo is rising high with a successful career.


3. Xu Kai

The handsome actor and model, Xu Kai, took the world by surprise with his exquisite acting skills not too long after his debut. The actor received mainstream recognition in 2018 because of his impeccable performance. In 2019, Xu became unstoppable and gave big hits one after the other. His most recent dramas gave him wide recognition and proved to be one of the best in his career. Xu is stepping fast towards his success, and we are all looking forward to that.


4. Li Xian

The “Go-Go Squid” actor, Li Xian, is currently one of the most prominent celebrities in the Chinese entertainment industry. The drama “Go-Go Squid” played an extremely vital role in his acting career. The actor witnessed a rise in his popularity just after the show was released. Xian receives love from millions of fans because of his poised personality and impactful aura.


5. Zhu Yilong

The 33-year-old actor started his acting career in the year 2008. Popularly known for his role in the romance-drama “Love for Three Lifetimes”, it introduced him to the world of the most prominent celebrities in China. Zhu played wide-ranging roles in his almost 23-year old career that earned him millions of loyal fans and humungous fame. The actor is steadily walking up the stairs of an influential acting career.


6.  Dilraba Dilmurat

Dilraba Dilmurat, popularly known by her Chinese name Dilireba, is a Chinese actor, dancer, model, and host. The actress rose to popularity after her lead role in the series “Pretty Li Huizhen”, in 2017. She received over 7 billion and became one of the most famed actresses of her time. Dilibreba then became a part of the fantasy drama “Eternal Love”, which made her success reach the sky after becoming the most-watched drama in China.


7. Yang Zi

Who doesn’t know the actress from the smash-hit drama “Go-Go Squid” that earned a total of 9.6 billion streams and topped every possible rating chart in 2019? Yang Zi is also one of the most renowned actresses in Chinese entertainment. The actress became a household name after her role in the popular sitcom “Home with Kids” at 13. The 28-year-old has done many dramas and films in her decade-old career and is rising high.


8. Yang Mi

The “Palace: The Rock Heart Jade” actress is no stranger to the world of the most notable actresses in the Chinese entertainment industry. After debuting at the age of four, Yang Mi grew up as a child star and has always been in the spotlight. The actress has humungous popularity and millions of fans by her side. Her one after the other hit dramas is just the cherry on top for this princess-like actress.


9. Zhao Liying

Zhao Liying’s popularity started to rise in the year 2013. Her extremely famous drama “Legend of Lu Zhen” took the Chinese audience by storm, with the Korean and Japanese audience joining in. The actress is known for her acting skills and beautiful charm. With a long list of hit dramas, she won millions of hearts and many awards for her moving acting skills.


10. Ju Jingyi

Also known by the name Kiku Ju, Jingyi is a Chinese actress, dancer, and singer. She first rose to fame for being a part of the girl group SNH48, which she left in 2017. Ju became a part of the commercial hit historical drama “Legend of Yunxi”, which helped her climb the ladder of success much higher. She was named one of the most recognizable actresses in web dramas in 2021. The young actress has already achieved a lot in her career and has a long way to go. We are all excited about seeing what she will present us with in the future.