Article: Top 10 Gag Humor Theme Anime

In this article, we will dive into the top ten gag-humor-themed anime, that will make you laugh like crazy. These anime are known for their wacky characters and absurd situations.

1. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

It is the story of a sixteen-year-old student, Kusuo Saiki. Saiki has amazing psychic power. He hides his powers because he wants to live a normal life. Though he always tries to stay out of the spotlight, he always ends up attracting everyone's attention.

2. Prison School

The anime is set at Hachimitsu Private Academy, an elite all-girls boarding school. The school now allows boys to enroll. Five boys join the school, but all of them face difficulties connecting with girls. They tried to peep into the girl's bathroom but got caught. As a punishment, they were sent to the school's prison for a month.

3. Gintama

Edo City was once known for samurais. But now it is ruled by aliens known as Amanto. Swords are banned here, but Gintoki Sakata still has a samurai spirit, so he keeps a wooden sword. He and his team do odd jobs and help people. Together, they face aliens, gangs, and various challenges in the ever-changing world of Edo.

4. Grand Blue

This anime follows the story of, Iori Kitahara, who is excited to start his new life, as he moves to a seaside town. But he's surprised to find a wild Diving Club of muscular men who love partying and getting naked more than diving. However, he always tries to stay away from them, but he always ends up with them and their crazy adventures. While his cousins introduced him to the beauty of diving in the ocean.

5. Daily Lives Of High School Boys

The anime follows the day-to-day adventures of Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake in high school. With each episode come funny and relatable situations that you might have faced in school.

6. Nichijou

This anime follows the daily adventures of three high school girls - Mio, Yuuko, and Mai, along with a young genius named Hakase, her robot Nano, and a talking cat named Sakamoto. Their lives are filled with absurd and crazy moments. From walking to school to encountering a talking crow, their days are anything but ordinary.

7. Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

It follows the story of Chiyo Sakura, a high school student who has a crush on her schoolmate, Umetarou Nozaki. When she reveals her feelings, he misunderstands her as a fan and hands her an autograph. Later, she finds out that he is a famous mangaka. So, she became his assistant to be close to him. They work together on his manga, Let's Fall in Love, and their schoolmates’ become inspirations for the story.

8. Tentai Senshi Sunred

The anime is set in Kawasaki City. Sunred, the hero, fights the evil Florsheim organization, led by General Vamp, who is surprisingly polite and caring. Despite the typical plot, the characters make it unique.  Sunred is lazy and leeches off his girlfriend, Kayoko, while General Vamp is an ideal homemaker who takes care of his minions and even discusses housekeeping with Kayoko. The monsters of Florsheim are cute and harmless. Each episode consists of a glimpse into the daily lives of these enemies.

9. Asobi Asobase

It is a unique anime that tricks viewers with adorable humor but surprises them with gag humor. It follows the story of the Pastimers Club, in a middle school, with three girls as the center of attention. Each episode contains funny sketches, mainly showcasing how awful these three girls can be. It's a mix of "cute girls doing cute things" with a twist of dark humor.

10. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

It is a story about Sousuke, a soldier, who goes back to school to protect Kaname. However, he lacks social skills, which leads to dangerous situations and disrupts Kaname's peaceful school life. He brings weapons to school and sometimes wears a mascot costume. The anime shows their adventures trying to live normal school lives amidst the chaos. It's a fun mix of action, comedy, and romance.