Article: Top 10 Chinese Actors Who Are Catching Attention

The Chinese entertainment industry has been grabbing our attention with engaging storylines, exciting warm love stories. They have truly skyrocketed in terms of popularity in the global platforms over the past few years. We have discussed the top 10 most popular rising stars of the Chinese entertainment industry who have achieved a lot through their talent at a very young age. Their looks, acting spectrum, and irresistible charm make them the future of the Chinese acting industry.

1. Song Wei Long [1999/03/25]

Song debuted in 2015 with the variety show "Run for time" and talk show "Day Day Up”. He caught the attention of management companies at the age of 16 with his first Weibo post. He played the male lead in the drama "Long for You", which crossed one billion views. His historical dramas "Untouchable Lovers" and the sci-fi movie "Dream Breaker" solidified his acting career. "Find Yourself", "In A Class of Her Own," "Go Ahead" are some of his successful dramas.


2. Zhang Xin Cheng [1995/08/24]

Zhang's excellent academic performance placed him in the prestigious art university of China, Central Academy of Drama. He made his television debut in the year 2016 with a drama titled "Shuttle Love Millennium." He embarked on his acting journey with the dramas "The strongest man on Earth", "My Huckleberry Friends" and "Young Blood". Sports romance drama "Skate into love" became his biggest hit and his onscreen chemistry with Janice Wu was highly acclaimed. His flawless acting in the family drama "Go Ahead" was cherished by the audience.


3. Wang Yibo [1997/08/05]

Yibo's professional spectrum extends to acting, dancing, singing, rapping, and motorbike racing. He debuted in 2014 as the dancer and rapper of the music band "Uniq." He appeared in several movies and dramas like "MBA partners" and "Chinese Odyssey part three".  His songs like "Fire", "Won't forget", "Unrestrained" are the theme song for his hit series "The Untamed" added stars to his singing career. His 2020 series, "Legend of Fei" became immensely popular and reached 130 million views in just 8 hours of its release.


4. Lin Yi [1999/01/11]

Lin Yi won the 6th championship of the fashion variety show "Crazy Wardrobe" in 2017. He made his first big-screen debut in the sci-fi movie "Hope Island". His popularity soars to heights with his lead role in the romance series "Put your head on my shoulder" alongside Xing Fei. The series became a massive hit, especially in China and Thailand. He played the role of an ace Physics student Gu Weiyi whose nerdy character captured the viewer's heart. He won the Best New Actor Award in the Golden Bud awards 2019. He played the lead role in the romance series "Love scenery" and "The Blessed girl".


5. Xu Kai [1995/03/05]

Xu Kai is a Chinese actor and model who did a series of supporting roles in historical dramas like "Untouchable Lovers", "Story of Yanxi Palace. He shot his first lead role in the drama "The Legends", which garnered praise from critics. He won the Best Actor award in Star Hub Night for his military drama "Arsenal Military Academy". His excellent performance in "Once Upon A Time in Laingian Mountain" and "Dance of The Sky Empire" listed him in the Top Under 30 Chinese Celebrity Forbes list 2019. He gave his major career hit "Falling into Your Smile" in early 2021.


6. Dylan Wang [1998/12/20]

Dylan won the 2016 Sichuan Campus Red festival and gained international recognition with his initial role in "Meteor Garden" a Chinese adaptation of the hit Korean series "Boys Over Flowers". The onscreen chemistry between Dylan and his co-star Shen Yue became a sensation amidst drama lovers. He starred in fantasy drama “Ever Night” in 2020 and romance office drama "The rational life" in 2021. He won the most influential newcomer award 2019 in Golden Data Entertainment awards.


7. Cai Xukun [1998/08/02]

Famous for his record-breaking singles, Xukun is a Chinese singer, songwriter, rapper, and actor who has been a member of boy bands "Nine Percent", "SWIN", "Wait Wait Wait", "Pull up" are some of his famous solos. He is a goodwill ambassador for China and Jamaica and is dubbed as King of Digital singles. He starred in the web drama "I Won't Get Bullied by Girls" which reached over 5.75 million views.


8. Ding Yuxi[1995/07/20]

Winner of "I Actor" an acting variety show, Ryan Ding Yu Xi made his big-screen debut with the movie "The Game of Asura". He played supporting roles in the drama "New Smiling Proud Wanderer", "Just an Encore". He was the cast of the 2020 series "Intense Love as a Doctor" and gave his blockbuster performance in "The Romance between Tiger and Rose". He won the most promising television actor award in the 2020 Tencent Video all-stars award.


9. Zhao Yiqin [1997/05/31]

Zhao Yiqin made his television debut with the thriller Chinese drama "Memory lost." He went on with playing supporting roles in series like "Zhaoge", "King Is Not Easy", "Accidentally in Love" which provided him strong screen presence. He was the main lead in the drama "Salute to My Youth" which gained positive reviews. 2020 became the year of his rising popularity when he starred in four back-to-back dramas titled "Fake Princess", "My Girl", "Love Story of Court Enemies" and "Consummation".


10. Deng Chao Yuan [1997/05/06]

Also known as Aaron Deng and Dumpling, this young Chinese actor and singer made his onscreen debut in 2019 as a contestant in the talent show "Youth with You". He released his single named "Super talk" in the same year. He starred as a male lead in "Love of Summer Light". He became immensely popular with his series "Professional Single". where his cold character as Qin Shen gained attention.