Article: Top 10 Chinese Actors Who Shined In Supporting Roles

Usually, all the focus of the audience lies on the main lead of a film and that is absolutely correct when you look at it from a story point of view. But in reality, for a good main character, there must be greater supporting characters in order to build up the story more efficiently and ensure a satisfying storyline. Some actors go above and beyond to make the storyline more plausible and that is why film award shows have a special category for such characters because they also deserve praise. Here are the Top 10 Chinese Actors Who Shined In Supporting Roles for your perusal.

1. Liu Kai Chi

Dick Liu Kai-chi is a Chinese actor, born in Hong Kong, who has featured in about 70 or more films throughout his life. Liu plays a supporting role in each and has won the Best Supporting Actor awards for his performances in several of these films, namely Beast Stalker and Cageman.


2. Tony Leung Chiu Wai

Tony Leung Chiu-wai is a reputed Chinese actor who has featured in several films like People's Hero, Hard Boiled, for which he won the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor. He has similarly featured in many other films like The Eagle Shooting Heroes, The Tigers, Tomorrow among others.


3. Li Xuejian

Li Xuejian is a popular Chinese actor who has featured in several films and dramas like Chinese Civil War, The Go Master, Unforgettable Life, The Emperor and the Assassin, The Blue Kite, Shanghai Triad among others. Li has won Best Supporting Actor for his performance in Back to 1942.


4. Chen Daoming

Chen Daoming is a Chinese actor best known for starring in films and dramas like The Founding of a Party, Infernal Affairs III, One and Eight, My Country, My Parents, Air Strike, The Treasure Hunter, Massacre in Nanjing, Dance Fever, Hu Xueyan among others. Joy of Life won him Best Supporting Actor.


5. Xin Gao

Xin Gao is a Chinese actor best known for featuring in films as a prominent support role. Xin is known to have starred in films like People's Property, Octogenarian and the 90s, Go! Beach Volleyball Girls, Seizing Dreams, Take Us Home, Razor, Through The Mystery, Nirvana in Fire among others.


6. Huang Xiao Ming

Huang Xiao Ming is a Chinese actor whose most pivotal moment was when he played the role of Emperor Wu of Han in The Prince of Han Dynasty. Huang won Best Supporting Actor for his performance in The Message. Huang even starred in the Chinese Restaurant variety show as one of the cast members.


7. Dai Chun Rong

Dai Chun Rong is a popular Chinese actress best known for playing the Empress in numerous shows, so much so at she is referred to as the empress specialist. Dai has featured in My Fair Princess, Han Gong Fei Yan, Seven Swordsmen, Sigh of His Highness among others.


8. Wen Jiang

Wen Jiang is a popular Chinese actor best known internationally for featuring in the Star Wars feature Rogue One as Baze Malbus. Jiang has also starred in Hibiscus Town, In the Heat of the Sun, Devils on the Doorstep, Warriors of Heaven and Earth, New York, I Love You, The Lost Bladesman among others.


9. Zhou Zi Xin

Zhou Zi Xin is a beautiful Chinese actress who is best known for starring in shows like Put Your Head On My Shoulder, The Romance of Tiger and Rose, The Love by Hypnotic, A Love So Beautiful, Handsome Siblings, That Guy Is Not Cute, Royal Medical Examiner among others.


10. Deng Lun

Deng Lun is a popular Chinese actor best known for acting in support roles in shows like Moment in Peking, Super Cinderella, Magic Star, Skate Into Love, Princess Agents, White Deer Plain, Dad to be Married among others. Deng is also a regular member at Who's the Keyman, a variety show.