Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Break Korean Beauty Standards!

The outdated Korean beauty standards have caused thousands of women throughout the world to undergo several costly plastic procedures to alter themselves. In South Korea, it is highly common to undergo plastic and cosmetic surgery to support these norms, which are essentially the objectification of a human body with no discernible uniqueness. Gen Z is overturning these customs and ushering in a time of inclusive beauty standards. With their distinctive characteristics and a fan following that is increasing in the millions, these K-pop idols are becoming even more beautiful since they do not adhere to these outdated beauty standards. Mentioned below are 10 Korean celebrities who break Korean beauty standards:

1. Nayeon

When Nayeon smiles or laughs, Kpop fans can't help but smile as well. Her distinctive laugh, which she had avoided using because she didn't want to flash her front teeth, has since come to be recognised.   ONCE compared her to Snowball, an adorable bunny from the film "The Secret Life of Pets." The moniker "Bunny Unnie" was given to TWICE Nayeon.


2. Jennie

With her chubby face, plump cheeks, and short chin, Jennie Kim of the well-known South Korean girl group "Blackpink" defies the V-line face beauty standard and appears considerably younger than her actual age. With her dumpling cheeks, Jennie can be as charming as she is tough in her music videos.


3. Yeji

With her pointed monolids and slanted eye tails, Hwang Yeji, the leader of the South Korean girl group "Itzy," defies the ridiculous beauty standard of having double eyelids. Her enigmatic yet profound aura is heightened by her cat eyes.


4. Jessi

Jessi has defied numerous social norms because she has never given a thought to or cared about them. She has overlined lips as opposed to the innocent popsicle look, arched brows as opposed to straight puppy brows, and a more golden glow than pale skin. She is capable of pulling it off and she does it so brilliantly.


5. Felix

Lee Yong-bok or Felix, a member of the South Korean boy group "Stray Kids," is half Korean because his parents are Korean, although he was born in Sydney, Australia. Felix defies Korea's ideal of clear skin with his widespread little brown freckles.


6. Hwasa 

Hwasa is a force to be reckoned with on stage and has stunning curves. Given the criticism she faces for her daring wardrobe choices and bulky physique, it is not surprising that she is on the list. As the personification of "you do you," Hwasa is one of the most inspiring individuals out there. Her distinct appearance makes her even more alluring even though she may not have the ideal thin physique, immaculate pale complexion, or large eyes.


7. Tzuyu

At age 22, Taiwanese singer Chou Tzu-yu is the youngest member of the South Korean girl group "Twice." With her thick and thin pink lips, Tzuyu, one of the most gorgeous female idols in K-pop history, is defying these outdated beauty norms.


8. Jimin

Finding a flaw in a person who otherwise seems faultless is endearing in its own right. BTS Jimin could fit that description! Even though he had previously considered having his tooth straightened, he ultimately opted against it.


9. Joy 

A member of the South Korean girl group "Red Velvet," Park Soo-young, widely known by her stage name Joy, has appeared in numerous Korean television dramas. With her long, slightly chubby legs, Joy is defying the thigh-gap beauty norm. Although she does not have a thigh gap, she portrays a very dynamic, fashionable, and healthy body image to her fans.


10. Changbin

Although Changbin's visuals are immaculate, they do not meet the contemporary K-pop standards for beauty. He has a terrific jawline thanks to his sharp chin, yet some still complain that it is excessively pointed. His low stature also prevents him from meeting ideal Korean beauty standards. However, He remains one of this generation's top rappers.