Yandere is a dere type that combines yandere, which means sick and dere, which means lovey-dovey. The motto of yandere characters is, If I can’t have them, no one can. Yandere is someone so lovesick that they are willing to do anything just to end up with the one they love. These characters are so […]

Thai dramas are famous for their intensive storylines, fantastic plot twists, and charming and charismatic characters. If you are interested in watching a possessive, cold, rude, and charismatic male lead who goes into a puddle and whose heart flutters when he meets his lover, given below are the top 10 Thai dramas with a possessive […]

If you enjoy watching dramas that are intense and have melodramatic themes, then get ready because we have a selection of great Korean Dramas. These dramas will surely get you hooked from the first episode to the last. 1. Unconditionally Fond This K-drama follows the lives of Shin Joon-Young and No Eul. As children they […]

Flaunting skin has become a culture in anime, where many anime use an overdose of this particular segment, killing the entire plot, while some pass with flying colours. Sometimes, it’s OVA episodes of characters having communal baths or other times, it’s just unnecessary flex. Here, we will talk about the top 10 anime known for […]

Jan 2024

If you love kicks, punches, and intense fight scenes, you have reached the right place. We all love a good action drama. If you are a Thai drama fan, you should not miss these Thai action dramas. The Thai action drama is famous for its thrilling action sequence and intense storyline. These dramas are getting […]

There is nothing like a fake relationship that won’t keep us hooked on those Chinese romantic dramas. Fake relationships can be due to unavoidable circumstances that the leads are going through and for their benefit. From misunderstandings to swooning heartfelt moments, we can see the love develop between the lead couple. This fake relationship turns […]

Tropes are plot devices that make a drama/series go forward. It is essentially a point around which the plot revolves. One of the most popular tropes in Japanese animes is Tsundere. Meaning literally “hot and cold” the term is the characteristic of those characters who are initially rude and cold, but go through personality development […]

Embark on an emotional voyage through the captivating world of Thai movies streaming on Netflix, where storytelling goes beyond boundaries and touches the deepest chords of the human heart. This thoughtfully curated collection introduces the most poignant narratives within Thai television, offering a journey enriched with emotional and poignant moments, compelling characters, and themes that […]

The Anime world is a wonderland with variety that makes the audience go wild about it. It is infamous for its profound relatability of the core values, emotions, excellent character development, and much more. The more you see it, the more you relate to the characters. The same goes for the battles and war scenes […]

The popularity of Korean stars exceeds far more than their domestic base. With the advent of new OTT streaming platforms and the spread of the “Hallyu” wave, many Korean celebrities are finding fame internationally. Aside from being talented, Korean stars are revered for their personalities and other skills. Actors such as Song Hye Kyo, Song […]