Article: Romantic Chinese Dramas With Fake Relationship That Will Make Your Heart Flutter

There is nothing like a fake relationship that won’t keep us hooked on those Chinese romantic dramas. Fake relationships can be due to unavoidable circumstances that the leads are going through and for their benefit. From misunderstandings to swooning heartfelt moments, we can see the love develop between the lead couple. This fake relationship turns into a real romance that never fails to deliver. Here is a list of Chinese romance dramas with fake relationships that will flutter your heart.

1. Perfect And Casual

Perfect and Casual is a rom-com drama released in 2020, starring Wei Zhe Ming and Xu Ruo Han. The story revolves around Zhang Si Nian, an icy and cold professor, and Yun Shu, who is sunny and calm. Yun Shu, after a fractious first meeting, dressed down Si Nian. She is shocked to find that he was her university lecturer. After several encounters, they agree to be in a contractual marriage. As their feelings start to grow, will they be able to keep this relationship a secret anymore?

2. Trial Marriage

Trial Marriage is a business comedy drama released in 2021, starring Chen Ze and Wang Pei Han. To resolve a problem, two people in the real estate industry agree to be engaged for 99 days. Ye Cheng Shu is the figurehead of the Weilai Group, and Gu Ling Se is Ding Zheng Group head. For commercial interest, they enter into a contract engagement. Soon what is just a business turns into a real romance. When everything seems to be going well, Ye Chang’s friend, Jiang Han, reveals his wild ambition.

3. Romance With Blind Master

Romance with Blind Master is a romance drama released in 2023, starring Lin Bo Rui and Yan Zhi Chao. Ren Hao Ming is the eldest son of the Ren family. He is living a life that everyone envies, but he gets hit by a car and ends up losing his eyesight. Ruan Qing Tian’s stepmother secretly signs a contract for her to be his assistant. After surgery, he recovers and searches to propose to her. Her stepsister, Ruan Xin Xin, pretends to be her to marry him. Will he understand that he married the wrong woman?

4. About Is Love

About Is Love is a life romance drama released in 2018, starring Yan Xi and Xu Xiao Nuo. Wei Qing is a high-ranked executive who has a severe case of OCD. This prevents him from interacting with any women. An incident from their youth, it left a lasting impact on him, making him search for a princess who can help him to overcome his condition. When he meets Zhou Shi who is an eighteen-year-old art student. What is surprising is that he feels at ease around her. They both strike up an agreement, which leads to a blossoming romance.

5. Time Teaches Me To Love

Time Teaches Me To Love is a drama released in 2018, starring Jerry Yan and Ireine Song. Lin Lu to pay her younger brother’s medical bills got into a contract relationship with the young CEO, Shi Liansen. This contract paves for something more when she tests his limits and a romance starts.

6. Cheat My Boss

Jiang Chu owns a small clothing company, and is an Internet star. One day while modeling the clothes were damaged due to the undergarments, leading to her giving a bad review about the lingerie company online. The CEO of the lingerie company, Luo Tian Yi, takes note of this review. Due to a misunderstanding, people start to believe that she is his girlfriend. She realizes the pressure behind the fame online.

7. Your Sensibility My Destiny

It is a wuxia drama released in 2021, starring Bu Gua Jin and Wang Xing Yue. Lin Chi, after getting lost again because of her poor sense of direction while running from people who were after her, gets into a carriage owned by Mo Qing Chen. With an accidental touch, he is born without any feelings, and gets given a key to perceive the world. This unexpected event starts a relationship beginning from a contract and deepens as they become lovers.

8. Just Fiancee

It tells the story of the disappearance of Gu Man Man, the daughter of the Gu family and Su Yu's fiancée. When he starts looking for her, he accidentally meets Qiao Mai, who looks just like her. Not having a choice, he asks her to be his temporary fiancée to help his grandfather's condition. What they both expect is that their relationship will start to turn into something more.

9. Time To Fall In Love

It is a drama released in 2022, starring Lin Xin Yi and Luo Zheng. Su Yan Xi is forced to take her twin sister's place and get into a contractual relationship with Gu Xi Cheng, a wealthy president, to make his sick grandmother happy about him finding love. She is very optimistic and sunny and her personality melts his outer shell, revealing a soft, and warm heart. The joy of love is filled with pain due to her hiding her real identity from him.

10. Hello Mr. Gu

Hello Mr. Gu is a rom-com drama released in 2021, starring Chen Jing Ke and Yan Zhi Chao. The CEO enters into a contractual marriage with an improvised heiress. They have opposing personalities and initially butt heads. Over time, they become one another’s confidants. These souls help each other to heal while falling in love.