Article: Top 10 Most Popular Battles In The Japanese Anime World

The Anime world is a wonderland with variety that makes the audience go wild about it. It is infamous for its profound relatability of the core values, emotions, excellent character development, and much more. The more you see it, the more you relate to the characters. The same goes for the battles and war scenes showcased in Anime. The moments become so intense that sometimes, we forget everything we watch is imaginary and unrelated to reality. Here, we will discuss the top 10 most popular battles in the Japanese Anime world.

1. Paramount War

Paramount War was like a rescue mission that started for the sake of Ace. The parties were Whitebeard pirates and the fierce navy people. It was an epic moment that held in Marie Ford arc and a marvel fascination for the one-piece fans. One Piece is legendary and is renowned for the childlike, colorful, and unique style that has kept fans attached to it after so many years.

2. World War II

World War Ii was devastating for humankind and the affected country. Since Anime is mainly from Japan, no other thing can show it with that perfect emotion as Anime does. One of Ghibli's marvels, the Graveyard of Fireflies, depicts the wartime journey of two siblings and how their life finally ends at the end of the war and fading humanity.

3. Titan War

An anime fan can never ignore the bloodshed done by the Titans and the long-lasting war and suffering they brought to the people of Paradise Island. Though at last it was found they were pseudo culprits, the blood people shed was very real. Attack of Titan is a masterpiece that is a symbol that shows that as long as humanity thrives, there will be never-ending war, and even if everything is wiped out, history will repeat itself.

4. The Joi War

Joi war is a perfect description of an unusual blade and science battle. Though Gintama is renowned for the smiles and giggles it brought, it could never hide the trances of the dark past. The Joi War began when the Japanese rebelled against the government and the alien invasion. Though the government accepted them, the people of Japan could not.

5. Sugou Vs. Kirito

Nothing was more satisfying than the final battle of season two of Sword Art Online. The way Kirito beat Sugou for all the heinous things he did to Asua was worth watching. After the end of season 1, when everyone was out of the virtual game, he cleverly captured some people for the experiment, including Asuna. He was a powerful man who managed to pursue Asuna's father for their engagement and tormented her consciousness in the virtual world of fairyland.

6. Entertainment District Final Battle

The intense atmosphere in the final battle between Tanjiro, Gyutaro, and Tengen is unmatchable to date. The number of twists that the war comprises is unbelievable. All three pushed their limits to the end of the fight to win. On the other hand, Daki was engaged with Zenitsu and Boar Head, and they, too, were trying hard to chop her head off to win the fight.

7. World War I

World War I was a turning point in our history, and many Anime was inspired by it, but adding a magic mix to the narrative made The Saga of Tanya the Evil a must-watch for anime lovers. Isn't knowing what could have happened if the people used magic interesting? The curiosity would be quenched when you watch the Anime out.

8. Upper Four Vs. Slayers

Swordsmith Village arc showcased a fascinating battle between upper ranks and demon slayers. On one side, love Hashira, Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Genya fought against the upper three, while Mist Hashira alone handled the upper five. The first battle was more interesting as it was difficult to win because of the surprising abilities of the upper five, which were changing with the situation.

9. The Fourth Great Ninja War

Naruto was filled with characters next to killing machines with their extraordinary Jutsu, seal, and combats. Nothing would be fiercer than seeing them together against a common enemy, which we saw at the fourth great ninja war against Madara forces.

10. Dimitire Valter Vs Kojou

One of the most memorable fights of Strike the Blood was Valter vs Kojou when they both fought with their immense vessels to take each other down. Though Valter tried his level best, there was no way a typical vampire could stand against the fourth progenitor, and thus, after a sound defeat, Valter jumped into the void to get better.