Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Are Genuinely Good People In Real Life

Celebrities' TV personas may occasionally be misleading in how we see them.

Although no one is flawless, Korean celebrities may appear to be role ideals to everyone. Although you may think these celebrities have charming personalities and are usually smiling, not all of them are being honest with themselves. Based on the qualities they bring to their roles, their profession options, their prior deeds, interviews, etc., we all have a general idea of who they are.

However, you may still root for certain Korean celebrities because they have genuine, admirable character. Both staff members and viewers have praised these Korean celebrities for their amicable personalities on and off-screen! Based on Netizens' reviews, these Korean celebrities are the most considerate and chummiest, exhibiting genuine kindness to all.

Below are the top 10 Korean celebrities who are genuinely good people in real life.

1. Hyun Bin

 Hyun Bin seems to have a faultless demeanor in addition to his beautiful appearance. He is criticized only for being courteous by his peers in the entertainment industry and fans. He is renowned for promoting young performers, making significant charitable contributions, and presenting the cast and crew with meaningful gifts. He's a decent man, and we all like his modesty and lack of pretentiousness. Actors like him may undoubtedly continue to be famous for a long time because of this.


2. EXID Hani

The Korean public and the K-pop industry truly love Hani for her character. Fanciers and staff workers claim that she isn't scared to be herself and that she's laid-back, goofy, and friendly to both men and women.

EXID female group member Hani has a kind disposition and goes above and beyond to assist her less experienced co-workers. Hani is reputed to treat her followers with the utmost respect.


3. GOT7 Jackson

 Jackson has consistently been a welcoming idol! Jackson shockingly strikes up conversations with strangers with ease, whether they be bodyguards, admirers, odd employees, or travelers.

Their tight relationship was demonstrated in one of the many episodes of the show when Jackson enquired about the crew recording them at whose broadcasting station he worked.

Additionally, he is aware of his regulations and would still respect them while being near them.


4. Yoo Jae Suk

The most prominent TV host in South Korea is Yoo Jae Suk! He is one of the most well-liked superstars in the nation and is renowned for his gentle demeanor. Yoo Jae Suk is the subject of numerous touching tales. Countless accounts describe Yoo Jae Suk's concern, curiosity, and generosity toward his younger co-workers.

The stories of Lee Kwang Soo and Haha are particularly intriguing since they show how they came to work together.


5. Park Bo Gum

Park Bo-gum is the subject of numerous endearing tales that describe how wonderful he is, which appears to be entirely in keeping with his amiable demeanor. Countless anecdotes from senior actors with whom he has collaborated are particularly prevalent. According to reports, Bo-gum acted politely and with utmost respect toward his seniors by requesting them to enjoy their lunches on their own while he stayed all by himself on the set instead of making them wait for him.

He doesn't appear to be constrained by his reputation as a kind guy in the public eye. He is undoubtedly one of the most compassionate artists.


6. IU

 IU usually has a unique relationship with her followers, especially her managers, whether she is on or off camera. Never forget the moment she said she renewed her contract with her agency (now ex-agency), KAKAO M, on the understanding that they would be responsible for her staff's welfare. It was clear from this that she valued her team the most. And she and her bodyguards have demonstrated their closeness.

She further demonstrated her dedication to her management in 2020 by joining EDAM Entertainment, a newly founded agency run by her manager, who had been a friend for 12 years.


7. BTS

We've all witnessed how sincere BTS is and heard from those with whom they've collaborated. People who have worked with BTS have endless anecdotes to share, and they all have nice things to say about the group, which speaks volumes about how modest and kind they are.

They concurred that BTS treats their friends with respect and kindness. BTS has consistently wowed audiences with its compassion, sincerity, and dedication as individuals. Even though they are world-renowned artists, they remain modest and grounded. There is honesty and affection for their fans in everything and everyone.


8. Kang Ha Neul

Numerous heart-warming tales reinforce the actor Kang Ha-neul's reputation for having an honest and pleasant nature. He has a reputation for treating support staff members admirably. The filming of Midnight Runners, in which he co-starred with Park Seo-Joon, produced some of the most well-known tales.

Kang Ha-neul's excellent acts, which range from being modest and considerate to staff to honoring and supporting his parents, are described in a superabundance of uplifting stories.


9. Ong Seong Wu

Ong Seong Wu, another gentleman idol on our list, was consistently commended by all around him for his demeanor, including staff, fans, and directors. Regardless of their proximity or distance, he always waves and says hi to supporters.

Seong Wu is kind and thanks his family for providing him with a good education, according to filmmaker Kim Shin Young.


10. EXO Kai

In addition to his talent, Kai also possesses a lovely disposition. The staffers allegedly became admirers of Kai since they thought he had such a likable demeanor. The employees claim that Kai has such a charming demeanor that they have even grown to love him.

He's also incredibly polite and respectful to his juniors, as every fan knows. Idols of SM Entertainment aren't the only ones in awe of Kai's kind and compassionate nature. Kai has had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide variety of people throughout the years, and he has earned their hearts. His gentle, considerate, and endearing personality has always won people over, not simply his singing or dancing abilities.