Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas That Made Fans Desperate For Season 2

The Korean entertainment industry has become used to releasing dramas with many seasons like Hospital Playlist, Yumi’s Cells, and Penthouse. Most series have a good ending, but some leave you hanging and are not lucky enough to have a sequel, but this has not stopped the fans from asking for their favorite series to be renewed for another season. It can be because the fans want to satisfy their wishes of seeing what happens next, and some want to find answers to the left behind questions. Some dramas leave you with mixed emotions like it is not the end, and it has more to it that makes us want to find what happens next.

Now let us look at the most requested dramas for a sequel by fans.

1. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (2016)

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, starring Lee Ji Eun (IU) and Lee Joon Gi is a popular periodic drama released after Descendants of the Sun. The series shows time travel, fantasy, romance, and historical stories through its plot. The series has a different fan base for its OSTs (Original Sound Tracks) as it is a package of tracks that drew many people’s attention. When the drama ended with a cliffhanger, many fans were upset that they did not see what happened to Wang Soo and Hae Soo.


2. Hotel Del Luna (2019)

Hotel Del Luna is a series starring Lee Ji Eun (IU) and Yeo Jin Goo as the owner and manager of the infamous hotel that only caters to ghosts. Many fans want the series to have a sequel where they can see the couple Go Man Wol and Goo Chan Sung. It is not the sole reason that fans wish for the sequel but due to the cameo appearance by Kim Soo Hyun in the last episode, where he is said to be the new owner of the Hotel Del Luna. Many thought it was a hint that the series would have a sequel with Kim Soo Hyun as the main character.


3. Vagabond (2019)

Vagabond stars Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy and is an action thriller about a stunt double trying to solve the mystery behind a tragic plane crash that reeks of conspiracy in which his nephew passed away. Many fans were surprised when they noticed that the opening scene in episode 1 is the same as the ending scene, and the series still has unanswered questions. There are many rumors and talks that the series will soon have a sequel where everything will become clear. Fans are happy that their favorite series will soon have a sequel.


4. Arthdal Chronicles (2019)

Arthdal Chronicles is a fantasy drama starring Song Joong Ki and Kim Ji Won. The story is about a mythical land called Arth, and there are power struggles in the kingdom. The series had beautiful cinematography, and the actors helped bring the characters to life. The fans wanted a sequel because the story had not ended, and fans were desperate to know what happened to the battle in the series. The fans will not have to wait for long as it is now official that Arthdal Chronicles season 2 will air in 2023.


5. A Korean Odyssey (2017)

A Korean Odyssey is a fantasy drama about monkey God Son Oh Gong, played by Lee Seung Gi, and an ordinary woman named Jin Su Mi, played by Oh Yeon So. The series is a modern spin-off of the Chinese classic novel Journey to the West, and the series has left a long-lasting impression on the audience. Jin Su Mi died in the series, and fans wonder if Oh Gong found her in the underworld, and they both reunited. There is no official news for the sequel, but the fans still hope for one.


6. Reply 1988 (2015)

Reply 1988 is a drama showing the lives of 5 families living on the same street in a neighborhood called Ssangmundong in Seoul. It is known to be the best of the Reply trilogy for its portrayal of youth, love, family, and friendship. The series shows the main character Sung Duk Seon and her friends. The Reply series is famous for the characters that made us fall in love with them and made it relatable to the fans. It has a special place in the fans heart as it is a heartwarming series, and fans would love for it to come with a new series.


7. Goblin (2016)

Goblin is a hit mythological drama starring Gong Yoo(Kim Shin)and Kim Go Eun(Ji Eun Tak). The series has received attention internationally for its beautiful plot and the OSTs that broke records. Many fans were not satisfied with the end of the series as Kim Shin had to wait a decade for his lover to be reborn, and they felt agony for him to go through this. The series has a lot of scenes that make the viewers cry and also lots of twists.


8. Memories Of Alhambra (2018)

The series stars Hyun Bin(Yoo Jin Woo) and Park Shin Hye (Jung Hee Joo)as a company CEO and hostel owner who gets entangled in a series of mysterious incidents surrounding a reality game inspired by the stories of Alhambra  Palace. The drama received a positive reaction from the fans for its high-end graphics, unique theme, and fast-paced storytelling. The viewers were curious whether Jin Woo made it out alive or not.


9. The World Of The Married (2020)

The series stars Kim Hee Ae as Sun Woo thought everything in her life was going well for her, then she learns that her husband and friends deceived her. The series deals with betrayal, affairs, and broken relationships between a couple. The series was a hit among fans as it was a series that kept everyone on their toes. The series ends with their son running off because of all the trauma he faces from his parent’s fights. The viewers want to know what happened to the child and how they dealt with their estranged relationship.


10. Crash Landing On You (2019)

Crash Landing on You is a series starring Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. The series shows the background tension between North and South Korea. It is about how because of a paragliding mishap drops South Korean Heiress in North Korea and crashes into the life of an army officer who decides to help her. The ending scene shows them far away from their divided country, and the question is what will happen to them as they both are prominent figures in their countries. The viewers look forward to a new series where their relationship is going through a new phase.