Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas Based On Reincarnation

Reincarnation is a religious belief that after the natural death of a person, their soul is born into a new being. It is a belief that a soul goes in a circle, from existing in a person to eventual death to rebirth in a new person. It believes a soul can live multiple lives without being aware of its previous lives as a completely new person. It is a fascinating concept, and dramas use this tactic to the fullest by bringing back characters that have already died to evoke tension and fulfill their past grievances or alter something in the present that they could not in the past.

1. I Will Never Leave You

It follows Hua Buqi, who is introduced in the drama as a young beggar with intellectual business knowledge. She and her uncle live a humble life together, only making enough to survive. Nevertheless, she lives a cheerful life with gratitude. One day, she finds herself being hunted by killers and is saved by Chen Yu, a masked hero. It is revealed that her true identity is of a divine maiden from a different era, as she is the direct descendent of the maiden and daughter of Prince Qi. She holds the power to find the hidden treasure to rule the world and is constantly being hunted for it. She is charmed by her savior and wishes to meet him again, and destiny intertwines them.

2. The Snow Moon

It follows the tragic love story of Bo Qui and Su Xiaohan. Bo Qui, the infamous fox demon, has lived a thousand years and nine lifetimes in loneliness and despair because of a curse that has doomed his beloved to die each time. Desperate to change fate, in this lifetime, he kills his beloved’s whole family. Su Xiaohan, now orphaned because of Bo Qui, lives a hard life on the streets until she encounters the dethroned prince and is manipulated by him to take revenge on Bo Qui. However, because of her twisted fate, she again falls in love with the fox demon without realizing it. But in this lifetime, he refuses to acknowledge his beloved and sacrifices himself, miraculously breaking the curse with his love.

3. Afterlife Of Love And Revenge

It follows Pang Long Yue, a fierce lady in Qing Shui County. She desperately loves her husband and protects him earnestly as if everything depended on him. In reality, she has been reincarnated. In her previous life, she was framed and dumped, and after suffering much, only Li Qingmu would treat her sincerely. People instigated her to leave her husband, and her marriage would end in despair. She dies of hatred after watching everything go south. In this lifetime, she decides to cherish her loved ones and get even with those who abandoned and bullied her in her past life.

4. Thousand Years For You

The drama follows Lu Yan, a once powerful general of ancient times. He wakes up from a deep slumber of three thousand years by Yu Deng Deng, the chief of Qingquang village. He notices the similarities in the appearances of Yu Deng Deng and his former partner Yun Xi of a mythical clan, Ling Zhu, who helped him bring peace. He meets Yu Deng Deng by accident, and their fate of a thousand years intertwined. She orders him to marry her for money to save her village without knowing his real identity. He agrees to marry her to find out her connection with Yun Xi.

5. See You Again

It follows Shi Jian, a 31-year-old woman. While traveling on a plane, she experiences turbulence and passes out. Mysteriously, she wakes up in her past, ten years before the accident. She is brought back to her 21-year-old self, who was just a university student. Recalling all her memories from the future, she decides to prepare for what is coming and prepares early for her mother’s illness. In addition, she decides to meet her future husband earlier in the timeline, thinking to improve their relationship. However, she is shocked to discover that her husband Ye Jiacheng, is a entirely different man at university; he is a playboy.

6. Scent Of Love

It follows Wang Niang, a demoness wandering the mortal realm as an incense store owner for three centuries. Her ultimate task for being in the human realm is to collect six scents that, once combined, can provide its owner with extraordinary powers. Over the past centuries, she has collected five scents, but the last one is proving to be very difficult. Fang Mo, an ordinary man has the last scent she requires, but getting that scent has been a difficult task for her over many lifetimes. However, in this incarnation, he becomes a very kind and gentle soul, vulnerable to Wang Niang’s tactics. She approaches him for selfish needs but eventually falls in love with him.

7. Love Between Fairy And Devil

It follows Dongfang Qingcang, a fearsome evil lord who, along with his demon army of 100,000 men, caused chaos in the realm of gods, antagonizing everyone that comes his way. To prevent a tragedy from happening, the goddess of war sacrifices herself to seal Dongfang Qingcang and his monster army. It is prophesized that one day, goddess Xi Yun would set him free. Years later, Xi Yun is reincarnated as a fairy, Xiao Lan Hua. Due to some mishap, she accidentally sets him free, but in the process, some wild magic happens, and the two are stuck together. It has a body swap trope. While searching for a way to undo the magic, the two fall in love.

8. Ancient Love Poetry

It follows two individuals: Shang Gu, the chief god of the four true immortals of the ancient world, and Bai Jue, one of the four true gods of the god realm. Shang Gu is responsible for becoming the chief god. She holds the ability to protect the world from destruction. Bai Jue is tasked with teaching Shang Gu as she has poor cultivation skills. He is cold and emotionless at first, but the two eventually fall in love. Xuan Yi, a demon of the Nether world, causes havoc, and Shang Gu sacrifices herself to save the realms from destruction. But a war breaks out after her death, and Bai Jue kills Xuan Yi and disappears. Sixty thousand years later, both Shang Gu and Bai Jue are reincarnated, and do not remember anything of the past.

9. Destiny’s Love

It follows Chi Yu, the guardian of the stars responsible for maintaining the balance of the cosmos. He wanders the mortal realm to search for a key to his powers, a sun-mood jade he had accidentally lost. While searching for the jade, he falls in love with a general. Wanting to keep her by his side forever, he tries to change the stars but unfortunately alters her fate so that she would be doomed to die at thirty in each of her lifetimes. As a punishment for his actions, he is imprisoned in the star for three thousand years. After he is freed, he searches for her to alter her doom, but her latest incarnation, Wen Xi, a big-time film producer, is far from what he remembers her as. But he refuses to let her die this time and protects her from any harm that comes her way.

10. Ice Fantasy Destiny

It is a fantasy epic where the Fire and Ice tribes coexist harmoniously. One day, Xin Jue, the second prince of the Fire tribe, is mysteriously killed during his visit to the Ice tribe, which ignites a war between the two tribes. Ka Suo, along with Ying Kong Shi, escapes to the mortal world to seek help from guardian Li Luo. Ka Suo is reincarnated as Feng Suo, head of a high-technology company, but eventually regains his memories and powers from the past, and another war commences.