Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas Featuring Identical Twins

Have you ever met two people who looked the same? Not only having physical similarities and age but also sharing the same birthdays, there is a good chance that you have just met identical twins. Twins usually confuse people because it is not an easy task to tell them apart sometimes. However, twins are also subjected to their likes and dislikes, but more often than not, they have similar likes. Dramas use this concept when they want to show a contrast between two individuals, to highlight no matter how similar one person is to another, there are always differences, either in personality or preferences. Here are some dramas that feature identical twins.

1. Jin Secretary

It follows Jin Xin Er, a mixed martial arts champion, and her twin sister Jin Xi En, who works at a big company. Jin Xin En is a conserved and timid person, and Jin Xin Er is the complete opposite, very expressive. Both the twins have different traits and personalities and work in different industries. However, when Jin Xin Er finds out that her little sister Jin Xi En is being bullied at the company, she takes it upon herself to seek revenge and serve justice for her sister. She joins her company, impersonating her twin sister Xi En, and takes satisfying revenge.

2. Confess Your Love

It is about a slow-burning romance drama. It follows Lin Chen, a medical student, and her twin sister Lin Wan, a C-list actress. Unfortunately, Lin Wan gets into an accident and falls into a coma. Given the chalenging circumstances in the entertainment industry and the position of her sister, Lin Chen has to impersonate her twin, Lin Wan, to save her acting career. While covering for her, she meets Lu Xun, a boy she remembered from her school days whom she had a crush on. Meeting him again reminds her of the good old days, and they fall in love while getting to know each other.

3. Time To Fall In Love

It follows Su Yan Xi, a beauty streamer who has an optimistic personality and always tries to look for the brighter side. She meets an absurd request. Her twin, He Jin Xi, asks her to replace her in a contract marriage, which she must accept. Gu Xi Cheng is the CEO of a successful cosmetic company and is not exactly the friendly and social type of person. Yan Xi has to accept the request not only to help out her sister but also to support her ailing mother. Gu Xi Cheng’s sickly grandmother wants to see him marry, and to fulfill her wishes, he proposes a contract marriage.

4. Nothing But You

Jiang Lili is an online article writer, whereas Bi Xiao Ran, her elder twin sister, is a big-shot drama producer in the entertainment industry. Bi Xiao Ran is a hardworking woman with a clear plan. However, she gets into an unfortunate hit-and-run accident before signing a contract she had been working so hard for. Jiang Lili, knowing how hard her sister had worked for the contract, takes it upon herself to see it through by impersonating her. She meets her boss, a wealthy CEO, Lai Zheng Yi, who sees through her act, leaving her with no choice but to reveal the truth to him. She finds that her sister and Zheng Yi had been pretending to be a couple for business, and because of some rumors, she now has to move in with him.

5. When We Were Young

It follows twin sisters Chu Yin Yin and Xia Er, who were orphaned when young. They both grew up in different families, Chu Yin Yin was adopted by a wealthy family and Xia Er by a single father. Both have different personalities. Yin Yin goes to an elite school and is loved by everyone, whereas Xia Er is a rebellious girl. After an unexpected accident, the two exchange their identities, Yin Yin suffers from amnesia, and Xia Er takes her place to investigate what caused the accident and amnesia. While impersonating her sister, she gets entangled in a love triangle with Xu Kong Lin and Li Bai.

6. Day And Night

It follows the story of identical twin brothers, Guan Hong Yu and Guan Hong Feng. Guan Hong Yu is set up by someone accused of murdering an entire family. Guan Hong Feng, a former police captain, seeks to clear his brother’s name. At first, he is not allowed to participate in the case because he is a relative, but with a change of leadership, he joins Zhou Xun in the investigation. Hong Feng has nyctophobia, a fear of the dark, so the Hong Feng who comes into the police station during the day is different from the Hong Feng who comes at night.

7. Ugly Beauty

It follows a set of twin sisters, Xiao Mu and Yao Meng Gui. Yao Meng Gui is a famous star in the entertainment industry, and Xiao Mu is a soft and kind-hearted delivery woman of a food firm. When unexpected situations arise, Meng Gui has to lay low for a while and asks her sister to take her place and pretend to be her. This change does not go unnoticed by Chen Mo, an entertainment reporter who wants to make a big scoop. To uncover the truth, he acts as her manager, but when he finds the truth, instead of exposing it, he does his best to help and protect Xiao Mu.

8. The Starry Love

The queen of the people gave birth to a set of twin sisters, the elder princess Liguang Qing Kui, who was known to be kind and gentle and also a master of medical skills, and Liguang Ye Tan, known to be cunning, intelligent, and daring. Both are noticed in the four realms for their qualities and distinct appearances. Qing Kui, noticed by the heavenly realm, is betrothed to Xuan Shang Jun, and Ye Tan is betrothed to the demon prince Chao Feng as a suitable match. On the day of their wedding, their palanquins are mixed, and they marry the wrong matches. Although there was a change in the partners, all four started loving their spouses, but trouble arose in the four realms shaking their love.

9. She Is The One

It follows Yuan Yue Yue, who is forced to cover for her twin sister’s mistake and marry in her stead. Wen Ji Chen is a wealthy man marrying for his family’s wishes. It was a business contract marriage, and Yue Yue opposed the idea and ran from the altar into the first car that stopped at the venue, not realizing she had gotten in with Wen Jin Chen. Arguing about the sudden intrusion, they both get out of the car to discuss when a car thief steals their car. Feeling apologetic, Yan Yue Yue once again proves her excellent athletic skills when she catches the thief while running. Wen Ji Chen, who was reluctant about the marriage, suddenly finds her intriguing and agrees to marry her.

10. Make Your Heart Smile

It follows a young naive girl, Ye Wei Mian, who impersonates her sister to attend a prestigious school, which would enable her to enroll in an Ivy League school the following year. Determined to help her sister, she joins the school and meets students, makes new friends, and explores college relationships and romance. Altogether, they mature and struggle to realize their dreams while encouraging each other.