Article: Best Fights In The Solo Leveling Anime

We all are aware that Solo Leveling’s popularity has been revolving around its fights. While its storyline and concept were always interesting, the thing that kept fans constantly coming back to both the Mandwa and the novel was mainly because of the intrigue of seeing how powerful Jinwoo would get through the fights. It has seen taking the fights a notch up through their fight choreography and stellar animation, which makes the anime standout in 2024.

1. Jinwoo Vs Igris

The battle between Jinwoo and Igris was always blind to One of the best in Season one. Teh anime however elevated the fight to greater heights than what the fans could have hoped for. Igris seems to retain the overwhelming power that was showcased in the manhwa. His strength seems untouchable in the anime. Jinwoo is incapable of beating Iris through his raw strength alone. It was a combination of his quick-thinking and unbreakable will that helped him come out on top.

2. Sung Jinwoo Vs Hwang Donsuk

Jinwoon’s confrontation with Huang and his gang is easily one of the most iconic scenes and the anime sure did justice to it. There were some scenes that they have changed that fans had seemed to love from the original fights, there were some parts that were expanded on. The best change made to this scene was its emphasis on Jinwoo’s inner conflict of killing his human opponents. Jinwoo ultimately didn’t hesitate to kill his enemies.

3. The Cerberus Vs Jinwoo

The guardian of the Demon King’s Castle, Cerberus, served as a sign of what lies ahead inside. Sung Jinwoo was pushed to the absolute brink quite a few times against the Cerberus, to the point that he tries to use a Teleportation Stone so that he can escape. At the moment when Jinwoo takes the stone so that he can use it, Cerberus knocks it out of his hand, forcing him to either die or fight.

4. Kang Taeshik Vs Sung Jinwoo

Sung Jinwoo tried his best to stay out of the fight between Song Chiyul and Taeshik for as long as he could, but didn’t have any choice but step in when Taeshik attempted to attack Joohee. His ability to consistently block Taeshik attacks showed he was far more potent than the E Rank Hunter. Jinwoo received a Rune for defeating Taeshik, for the ability of Stealth, which is an Assassin Class skill that allowed him to become invisible at the cost of mana.

5. Jinwoo Vs The Necromancer Mages Of The Job Change Quest

After the fight with Igris, the last Job Change Teat served as an end for all Jinwoo went through sifen he became a player so far. The test pitted Jinwoo against an endless army of undead monsters that pushed the Player to the limits of fatigue. Only due to a stroke of luck he got saved from death, because he forgot to complete his daily exercise quest for the day. This ended up with him being teleported to the penalty area. It seemed dumb luck, but it was his ability to face death again and again that got him this far.

6. Giant Arachnid Buryura Vs Jinwoo

Jinwoo was never supposed to fight against the boss of the C Ranked dungeon, Arachnid, whom he encountered after entering with Yoo Jinho and Hwang Dongsuk. Jinwoo was never supposed to fight monsters at all. He was only invited as a Mensa to fill out the Dongsuk Raid party. As the boss, Buryura was quite powerful. He is an early metaphor for how Dongsuk made his web to capture prey.

7. Jinwoo Vs Assassins, The Armed Knights, And Mages Of The Job Change Quest

When Jinwoo had first entered the Gate so that he could complete the Job Change Quest, he wasn’t sure what to expect. He was, however, well aware that he had grown vastly more potent than he was in the start, so he entered with a sense of confidence. Once he faced the enemies, he was forced to accept that he might have been mistaken. The Knights, Assassins, and Mages that he encounters after entering the Quest had many skills that previous opponents used, and this was a test of everything that he has learned so far.

8. Blue Venom-Fanged Kasaka Vs Sung Jinwoo

Blue Venom-fanged Kasaka was the toughest opponent Jinwoo had to face. Kasaka’s unfathomable speed and impenetrable outer shell made things seem to be very dire for Jinwoo. One of the main factors that pushed him forward when things started to seem hopeless was the memory of the power of the Statue of God. However for Jinwoo, Kasaka was nothing compared to the Statue, hence making it easier for him to fight his fears.

9. Kang Taeshik Vs Lee Joohee And Song Chiyul

When Jinwoo along with Song and Joohee were first attacked by Kang Taeshik, Song steps up being the highest rank of the group. Jinwoo was still trying to keep his papers hidden, so he left the fight to Joohee and Song, but that didn't last for long. Song puts up an admirable fight against Taeshik, even though he doesn’t stand a chance from the very start. The battle between them highlights one of the central tenets of being Hunter.

10. Jinwoo Vs The Steel-fanged Lycans

Initially Jinwoo struggles against the lesser beasts of the instant dungeon, soon he starts to recognise a difference in his power after leveling up only a few more times. The test of this power was against a group of Steel-fanged Lycans, who had armorer jaws that made it nearly impossible for Jinwoo to cut through them. His fight with them was a critical moment for him. Defeating them was the first accurate indication that he was far stronger that used to be.