Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas With Its Main Theme As Revenge

Revenge is sweet, but watching revenge dramas is sweeter. These dramas work on the concept of whatever you sow, you reap. The protagonist of these shows has suffered injustice and is driven by his thirst for vengeance and retribution against the villain. Gone are the days when the good guy silently suffered and turned his other cheek towards the villain. In revenge dramas, the protagonist is not afraid to use the same sword that he was stabbed in his back with. Nothing is more satisfying than watching a bad guy get punished for his brutal misdeeds; it is even better when the punisher is the victim or the hero himself. Here are some Chinese dramas with sweet revenge as their theme.

1. Maid’s Revenge

It follows Dong Ting Yao, who has always lived her life comfortably under the protection and riches of her family. However, her life suddenly takes a turn when one night, her home is ambushed, and her family is massacred. In his last breaths, Ting Yao’s father tells her to take shelter at her betrothed fiance’s place. Once she reaches Fang Yu Ze’s place, she meets Fang Tian Yi, his uncle, the mighty warlord and governor. Convinced that Tian Yi is responsible for her family’s demise, she plans to seek revenge but gets kidnapped by him. After escaping, she returns to his fiance only to witness that her place has been given to her half-sister, Dong Yan Er. To take revenge she enters the Fang household as a maid to take her revenge.

2. My Decoy Bride

It follows Lu Shu Bai, the notorious eldest son of the Duke Huo family. He is known to have a bad reputation. On the day of his wedding, he flees and gets into an accident. After he returns home, he discovers that his wife has ulterior motives and intentions to harm him. She has some secrets to hide and a mysterious identity. After making that revelation, he cannot sit still and acts like he has amnesia. While hiding his intentions, they keep a facade in front of each other. They fight each other, taking petty revenge, and eventually fall in love.

3. Empresses In The Palace

It follows Zhen Huan, a newly selected individual for the imperial harem. Although she did not want to be a part of it, she was chosen for the sheer luck that she had a strong resemblance to the late Empress Chun Yuan. Being a part of an imperial harem comes with many schemes and betrayals by power-thirsty people. Having suffered much in the harem, from the princesses, empress, and suspicions from the emperor, her husband. She lives a hard life, but with time gets accustomed to the schemes in the palace and makes her own. She starts taking revenge, serving people their own medicine and gains the title of empress dowager at the end for all the hardships she has suffered in the palace.

4. The Disguiser

It is set during the time of the Japanese Occupation Era of China. It follows the story of three siblings. Ming Tai, the younger brother, gets kidnapped by a powerful organization and is trained to become a spy. Ming Lou, his adoptive elder brother, also works as a double spy and has ties with the Communist Party of China, although his true intentions are hidden. Ming Jing is a patriotic woman who tries to save Ming Tai from dangerous political institutions. All three siblings work together to bring down their enemies, seek revenge, and end the Japanese occupation.

5. The Legends

It follows Lu Zhao Yao who, along with her grandfather, is responsible for protecting the seal that keeps the demon king encaged. Entitled to get her predecessor’s great Wan Ju sword, she sets out to take it but gets ambushed by the ten immortal sects and dies. Having feelings of resentment and betrayal, she possesses the body of a disciple of the immortal sect to seek her revenge, determined to bring her traitor down. However, things do not go her way, and she realizes that the ones she thought were her enemies were her most significant allies.

6. The King’s Woman

It follows Gong Sun Li, the granddaughter of military commander Gong Sun Yu. She is the most beautiful and desired woman in the land and is noticed by two powerful men. Grandfather Sun Yu’s first disciple, Jing Ke, has always loved Sun Li ,and it seems like she also likes him. When a war breaks out, Jing Ke takes it upon himself to protect Sun Li. While protecting her, he gets poisoned. To save Jing Ke and get the antidote, Sun Li marries Ying Zheng, king of the Qing estate, whom she had saved once, and he falls in love with her at first sight. There, she struggles because she is already pregnant with Jing Ke’s child, but Ying Zheng accepts the baby as his own. She struggles with the plotting of scheming individuals against her and faces them with pride.

7. Back From The Brink

It follows Tian Yao, an ancient dragon demon who ruled the Dragon Valley. Betrayed by his lover, he loses all his powers and dies in resentment. Somehow, through luck, his soul escapes and he reincarnates. Determined to regain his powers, he goes on a quest to find his bones in different locations. After suffering a great betrayal, he does not let anyone fool him and is distrustful. He meets Yan Hui, who holds the seal that could help him find all his essential bones. At first, she does not help him, but he holds her captive, and she succumbs. But destiny has a game to play, and Yan Hui learns of her origin.

8. General And I

It follows the story of Bai Ping Ting, a military strategist of He Xia, prince of the Yan kingdom. When war breaks out, He Xia and Bai Ping Ping evade their kingdom and get separated. He Xia, determined to take revenge for his land, plans to seek revenge, whereas Bai Ping Ping finds herself at the mercy of Chu Bei Jie, a powerful general of the Jin Kingdom.  Chu Bei Jie immediately recognizes her as his childhood love. Both of them belonging to different kingdoms and between a war find themselves in a difficult position to take the next step.

9. The Flame’s Daughter

It follows Lie Ru Ge, the daughter of Ahn Ye Ming and Zhang Fei Tian, who struggles with schemes planned against her. Ahn Ye Luo, a man who loved his senior Ahn Ye Ming, becomes angry when he finds out that she marries Zhang Fei Tian instead of him and seeks to cause them trouble. Seeing this, Lei Ming Jin swaps his baby boy with their daughter to protect her from Ahn Ye Ming. Both of them grew up in Lie Hua Pavillion, and she became the heiress of Pavillion and fell in love with Zhang Fei Tian. As Ahn Ye Ming stirs up trouble, her lovers Fang Zhen, Yin Xue, and Yu Zi Han help her out.

10. My Uncanny Destiny

It follows Ye Zhao Nan, who always lived the life of a boy even when she was born a female. This was the only way she could inherit the position of her father. She was the only daughter of Lord Mu Xi, and he wanted her to inherit his position and live as a male. Mu Xi has always fought with the city of Xuan Yu. So when one day Zhao Nan encounters Lui Xuan Ming unexpectedly, they start an interesting story. Both of them believe that they need to take revenge for their fathers, so their relationship starts rocky.