Article: Best R-Rated Anime Movies That You Should Watch Atleast Once

Animation historically has had quite a reputation in the West for being a medium of entertainment for kids. In recent years the popularity of adult oriented anime shows and films has skyrocketed in the world. Japan however has been creating excellent anime for decades now. Anime has seemed to be pushing the boundaries of storytelling, both visually and thematically. These anime are not a rarity, having featured abundant explicit content, gore, and mature themes. These anime are perfect for those unafraid to open up new horizons of unsettling, unrestrained, and gory.

1. Ninja Scroll

Ninja Scroll is an anime movie released in 1993 by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. Even though it lacked complexity in its plot, it remains one of the most flawless anime action flicks. Set in feudal Japan, it follows the story of a mercenary samurai, Jubei Kibagami, and a female ninja, Kagero, who has poisonous blood. They uncover the political conspiracies, confront Jubei’s troubled past, and fight superpowered ninja warriors. It is R-rated due to its frenetic and intense action for which the plot only serves as a backdrop.

2. The Garden Of Sinners: Overlooking View

Released on 1st December 2007, by Ei Aoki. The story is set in a gritty urban fantasy version of ‘90s Japan. Shiki Ryougi is a cold-hearted assistant to a supernatural detective agency with the unique power of seeing the lines of death by which all things break. The film features a lot of wild and violent action, the rating incomes from the films thematic heaviness. The series uses the initial excitement of its setting and action and then dives into more complex and mature topics.

3. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Vampire Hunter D was released on 21st April 2001 by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. It is a visually stunning collision of classic vampire dark fantasy and horror science fiction that is considered a classic. It is set in a bizarre world home to high-tech weaponry, grotesque monsters, and oppressed humans. The vampire Hunter is searching for the missing daughter of a local high-class family. This anime offers an inventive take on the classic horror archetypes.

4. Sword Of The Stranger

Sword of the Stranger was released on 5th February 2009, by Masahiro Ando. It is a captivating story of a lone ronin who is hired by Kotaro, an orphaned child to guard him against mysterious assassins. This anime became an instant classic upon its release due to its masterful approach to samurai action. It is realistically brutal and gorgeously choreographed.

5. Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue was released on 5th August 1997, by Satoshi Kon. The directorial debut of anime’s greatest masters, it is a brilliant psychological horror of unparalleled thematic richness. Mima is a retiring pop idol who starts to lose her grasp on her identity while she is pursuing a new career as an actress. It is R rated for both graphic violence and sexual explicitness, and doesn’t rely on convention disturbances to dismay the viewers.

6. Wicked City

Wicked City was released on 20th August, 1993, by Yoshiaki Kawajiri. There is hardly any anime that justifies its R-rating more than Wicked City. In the film's haunting world, humans have lived long in a peaceful ignorance of a demon-filled parallel dimension that exists alongside them. With the deadline to renew the treaty between the Black World and humanity drawing closer, the balance is threatened. It features disturbingly gory action, multiple outright disturbing scenes, and plenty of nudity.

7. The Night Is Short, Walk On Girl

This anime is comparatively on the tamer side in terms of explicit themes or imagery. It is a witty comedy that follows a nameless black-haired girl who is on a wild magical adventure of fateful bonds, over-the-top partying, chance encounters, and search for love that even though it is just one night, feels ephemeral and endless. The anime is narratively abstract and visually surreal, that makes it feel like a dream.

8. Kizumonogatari

Kizumonogatari is an anime that emphasizes on the supernatural action aspects of the franchise, that makes it less of a focus in the show. It is a prequel to the famed Monogatari series. It introduces explicit violence to its signature thematic destiny and sexual provoactivess. It serves limbs flying around and fountains of blood spew every confrontation.

9. The End Of Evangelion

The End of Evangelion is an alternative finale to Neon Genesis Evangelion, providing the series with a grim, uncertain conclusion. This anime provides an apocalyptic conclusion to Shinji’s take. With the merging of all the human consciousness known as the Instrumentality triggered, the viewers watch the world fall apart. Both the plot and visuals are more unsettling than the original.

10. Akira

Akira is the most influential R-rated anime in history. This anime can be credited with countless achievements including introducing international audiences to anime aimed for adults, and popularizing cyberpunk as a genre. It is a glorious onslaught of all things explicit. When the anime was released many Western fans were unaware about the possibilities that lie in an adult-oriented animation.