Article: Top 10 Upcoming Thai School Drama You Need To Watch In 2022

Sawasdee Kha!

If you are a Thai Drama, a.k.a. Thai Lakon, fan like me, you have probably heard of this form of greeting many times on your screen. Does it remind you of all those fantastic Thai dramas you have watched this year? Truly, Thailand is an excellent vacation spot with delicious cuisine and exquisite beaches, as shown in these shows.

Compelling storylines, well-defined characters, thrilling romances, and brilliantly underlying themes compel us to hit that "Next Episode" icon every time. Though there are numerous genres to choose from for your next watch, the most popular and loved genre in most Asian dramas is the "School" genre. Now that the year of 2021 is ending and with it the ongoing dramas, it's time to look forward to the watchlist of Thai "School" dramas coming in 2022. So here is the list of the Top 10 Upcoming Thai School Dramas You Need to Watch in 2022.

1. F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

F4 Thailand is the next remake of the iconic Kdrama Boys Over Flowers, or the Chinese and Taiwanese versions of Meteor Garden. The storyline is the same as in the original manga series, Hana Yori Dongo. A girl from a lower-class family, Gorya, successfully enrolls at an ultra-elite school. After that, she meets the notorious F4, the four most popular and rich boys in the school. Due to her status, she has a miserable school life. Moreover, she becomes involved in a whirlwind of confusion and a love triangle with the members of F4.


2. Home School

When parents don't want their children, they are sent to the most incredible boarding school of the country, Home School, located in the woods. However, with its strict rules and regulations and unique curriculum, it seems more like a prison than a school. After taking notice of the suspicious behavior of the teachers, a group of students tries to find out what is happening in the school. A task that seems easy but is very difficult.


3. 55:15 Never Too Late

 This drama is about five school friends who had wondrous, innocent dreams and goals but couldn’t achieve them. It's a story of second chances, about being yourself, and choosing your true happiness. It's a story of restarting your life at 15, once again.


4. Star And Sky: Star In My Mind | Sky In Your Heart

Gone to the same school together, Kabkluen and Daonue met once again as roommates. Acting indifferent towards Kabkluen, Daonue tries his best to extinguish his old feelings that are somehow trying to return. But was it always a one-sided love all these years?


5. The Eclipse

Starring First Kanaphan Puitrakul and Khaotung Thanawat Ratanakitpaisan, The Eclipse is about a school curse and two boys who fall in love despite the odds. But nothing is ever easy.


6. Enchante

After residing in France, Theo comes back to Thailand to complete his education at his father's school. Though living in Thailand made his surroundings new, he met Ak, who became his friend. At the library, Theo finds a book, whose writer is named "Enchanté." Theo becomes curious about "Enchanté" and tries to look for him. Somehow, the situation got exposed, and four guys came forward, claiming to be "Enchanté." Who is the real one among them?


7. Astrophile

Starring Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree, Mai Davika Hoorne, and Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn. Astrophile is a story about two past friends who meet again after many years. It's a story of unrequited love given a second chance to confess those hidden feelings before it's too late.


8. Good Old Days

An antique shop, full of valuable items left behind, each with a story of their own. Six stories, Six items. Surrounded by unexpected encounters. Let's relive together those forgotten memories, love, and dreams.


9. My School President

Teenage life comes only once.

Growing up and singing together,

A drama filled with music and love.

After getting his music instruments confiscated by the school president, the club captain ends up becoming a helper to the school president in getting back his instruments. And so, their musical love story begins.


10. The Comments

A mysterious story about an outstanding student, Papang, who kills herself on her livestream. Her brother, Khan investigates the reason behind his sister's suicide. But the more he searched, the more suspicious he became of the seemingly perfect world of Papang. So who or what made Papang commit suicide?