Article: Best Japanese Music-Centered Movies

Japanese movies are always a treat to watch. There are many Japanese movies released every year and they are popular globally. Japanese music-centric movies play an important role in spreading Japanese culture. These movies allow us to see the Japanese music culture through the lens of films. These movies take us on a journey through the story of the protagonist, where he shines through the music. From traditional Japanese to modern-day instruments, from traditional Japanese music to J pop and rock music, these movies have all the elements to make an entertaining and musical movie. So, here is a compilation of the best Japanese music-centric movies that you should not miss.

1. Little Love Song

Little Love Song was released in 2019. The movie revolves around the story of a high school band. A high school band was popular in Okinawa, where US army base is located. The band’s music was loved by many. They were also scouted by a music label in Tokyo. Their debut was also confirmed, and the band members were enjoying their youth. Everything was fun and joy until a girl who lives on U.S. army base appears with a demo tape. The movie is directed by Hashimoto Kojiro. Sano Hayato plays the leading role in the film.

2. Kiseki: Sobito Of That Day

Kiseki: Sobito of That Day was released in 2017. The movie is based on the real story of a Japanese group of four members, named GreeeeN. The producer of the group is Jin and his younger brother, Hide, is the lead member of the group. Their 7th single Kiseki was released and became a huge hit. The group’s members had other jobs and had to struggle to make it big. The movie is directed by Atsushi Kaneshinge and written by Hiroshi Saito. Matsuzaka Tori, Suda Masaki, Yokohama Ryusei, Narita Ryo, Kutsuna Shioli, and Sugini Yosuke play the leading roles in the movie.

3. Have A Song On Your Lips

Have a Song on Your Lips was released in 2015. The movie tells the story of Yuri Kashiwagi. Yuri Kashiwagi is a talented pianist and a part-time teacher in Tokyo. Haruko, Yuri’s friend, had to take maternity leave, so she asked her to fill her place as a choral advisor at a middle school on one of the Goto Osland in Nagasaki Prefecture. When she joined, her first assignment for the students was to write a letter to themselves fifteen years in the future. In those letters, the students expressed their worries and concerns about reaching adulthood.

4. The Liar And His Lover

The Liar and His Lover was released in 2013. A band called Crude Play consist of four members, Aki, Shun, Kaoru, and Teppei. These were high school students. But before their debut Aki suddenly quits and Shinya replaced him in the band. The band became popular in the music scene. Meanwhile Aki is now a composer and composes music for them but he was somewhat tired of the music business. One day, meets Riko a high school student and fell in love with her and they both stated dating. Satoh Takeru and Ohara Sakurako play the leading roles in the movie.

5. Our 30 Minutes Sessions

Our 30 Minutes Sessions was released in 2020. The movie tells the story of a university student named Sota Kubota. Sota Kubota was not good at socializing with people. One day, he stumbled upon a cassette tape that was left behind by a singer named Aki Miyata. Aki Miyata was a musician who died one year ago. He had a bright and charming personality. When Sota Kubota plays the tape, Aki Miyata’s spirit takes over his body for 30 minutes. So, after possessing Sota’s body, Aki visits his former girlfriend and the rest of his bandmates. Kitamura Takumi and Mackenyu play the leading roles in the film.

6. Your Lie In April

Your Lie in April was released in 2016. The movie tells the story of Kosei Arima. Kosei Arima is a talented pianist and has won many competitions under the strict supervision of his mother. But after his mothers’ death he was deep in sorrow and was unable to hear the sound of his piano. One day, he meets Kaori Miyazono through a childhood friend, Tsubaki Sawabe. Kaori Miyazono is a free-spirited violinist. After meeting her, Kosei was able to hear his piano sound again. Yamazaki Kento and Hirose Suzu play the leading roles in the movie.

7. Yell For The Blue Sky

Yell For the Blue Sky was released in 2016. The movie tells the story of Tsubasa Ono and Daisuke Yamada. Tsubasa Ono is a first-grade student at Shirato High School in Sapporo, Japan. The high school was famous for baseball and the brass band. Tsubasa eyed at the trophy for the brass band, on the other hand Daisuke Yamada had his eye on the baseball trophy. Daisuke was a member of the baseball team of the high school. As the story progressed Tsubasa face difficulties in playing the trumpet for the band so, Daisuke cheers her up. Tsuchiya Tao and Takeuchi Ryoma play the leading roles in the movie.

8. Dance With Me

Dance With Me was released in 2019. The movie revolves around Shizuka Suzuki. Shizuka Suzuki worked at a big trading company. One day, she gets hypnotized by a hypnotist. Due to which she began to sing and dance whenever she hears music, even if it is a ringtone. Frustrated by this, she went to the hypnotist to break the hypnosis but he was not there. Kazuhiro Taniguchi is the cinematographer of the movie. Ayaka Miyoshi plays the leading role in the film.

9. Farewell Song

Farewell Song was released in 2019. The movie tells the story of a musical duo. Haru and Reo gained overnight success because of their talents. But unexpectedly, they decided to disband. However, before disbanding, they wanted to go on their last tour together. They were accompanied by their roadie Shima. The story also shows a love triangle between the three, as Reo has feelings for Shima, but Shima has feelings for Haru. Komatsu Nana, Kadowaki Mugi, and Narita Ryo play the leading roles in the movie.

10. Itomichi

Itomichi was released in 2021. The movie revolves around Soma Ito. Soma Ito is a high school student in Hirosaki, Aomori Prefecture. She is a talented Tsugaru-shamisen player. The music includes traditional folk songs which are native to Aomori. She has a strong Tsugaru accent, so she has a difficulty playing in public and experiences difficulties in a social setting. To tackle this problem, she began to do a part-time job at a café. Komai Ren and Toyokawa Etsushi play the leading roles in the movie.