Article: Best Chinese Music-Centered Movies

Chinese movies are always entertaining to watch. They have been making award-winning movies for decades. But sometimes, in this wide range of Chinese film, music-centric movies get sidelined. Many excellent music centric Chinese dramas is pleasant and entertaining to watch. These movies give us a glimpse of traditional and contemporary Chinese musical culture. These movies show the blend of music into direction to present a masterpiece. From traditional music to modern pop, these movies have all the right notes to entertain the audience. So, here is the compilation of the best Chinese music-centric film you should not miss.

1. 0.1% World

0.1% World was released in 2022. The film tells the story of a pianist and an architect. An Yi worked as an assistant architect in Beijing, China. In comparision Gao Ang worked as a piano tuner in Germany. The two did not know and had never met each other. One day, an accident led them to connect their brains, and they could connect through telepathy. At first, they were frustrated by someone living in your head, but soon began to understand each other. The movie is written and directed by Sub Li. Zhou Yi Ran and Patrick Shih play the leading roles in the film.

2. Our Shining Days

Our Shining Days was released in 2017. The movie tells the story of Chen Jing, who loves traditional folk music. In her music school Chinese orchestra and classical orchestra students do not get along. She liked a piano prodigy named Wang Wen, but when he showed ignorance and prejudice towards Chinese instruments, she determined to prove him wrong. The movie is directed by Wang Ran. Xu Lu and Li You play the leading roles in the film.

3. Forever Young

Forever Young was released in 2015. The movie revolves around Yan Xi and Xu Nuo. Xu Nuo has a dream to become a singer and wants to get signed by a music label with his band. On the other hand, Yan Xi is a ballet dancer and wants to go to Paris to attend ballet school. However, things changed when she was not accepted by the school. Meanwhile, her friends too began to make different plans, so she distant herself from them. Before she could convince them, her friends died in a car accident. Now, grieve stricken Yan Xi has to come up with replacement of the group in a month to perform in university’s Dream Night Graduation Party. Xu Nuo, with the help of his friends began to train secretly so that they can help Yan Xi to perform and also wanted to surprise her. The movie is directed by He Jiong. Zhang Hui Wen and Li Yi Feng play the leading roles in the film.

4. River Knows Fish Heart

River Knows Fish Heart was released in 2018. The movie revolves around two individuals who fall in love in their way to achieve their dream. An He is a musical genius who is now experiencing writer’s block. On the other hand, Xiao Yu comes from a wealthy background and ran aways from his home. Both have their own challenges but have one dream that is to become a successful musician.

5. Nice Meet

Nice Meet was released in 2017. The movie tells the story of Lu Xing He. Lu Xing He is a university student and also the lead singer of the band. He wanted to confess to the girl he liked through a performance. But unexpectedly, he was expelled from the band before the performance. So, he managed to recruit four people who were unfamiliar with the instruments to compete for the performance. At first, they went through difficulties but soon became good friends. The movie is written by Lu Yang and Wang Yue Xin; Zhang Xin, Zuo Li, and Yu Zhi Hui play the leading roles.

6. Look Into His World

Look Into His World was released in 2021. The movie tells the story of a virtual idol and a music composer. Xiao Kai is a music producer who produces music for a virtual idol named Rainbow. He loves music but has a cold personality and loves to be alone. One day, Rainbow became human and took the help of Xiao Kai to escape from the public and her manager. The story progresses as they fall in love during their escape. The movie is written by Xiao Gui and Wu Xuan Yi and is one hr. and 30 min. in duration. Wu Xuan Yi and Xiao Gui play the leading roles in the movie.

7. Farewell Girls

Farewell Girls was released in 2017. The movie revolves around four girls. A singing group comprising four girls accidentally came to sing at a funeral. After the realization, they began to see the weight of life and death is not always associated with something sad. Then they began to sing a melody of mourning and came up with an idea of creating a band to sing at funerals and sing the kind of music that the dead like. Alang Yang, Ye Yu Han, Chen Jie Yi, and Natas Asoka play the leading roles in the movie.

8. Lost In Love

Lost in Love was released in 2019. The movie revolves around a musician and an interior designer. Lu Song is a violinist who is passionate about music. On the other hand, Wen Ying is an interior designer who depends on love to sustain her. They cross paths in Paris because of a music album. After this, they fell in love and ended up marrying each other. The story progresses as they face real-life problems that every married couple faces. The movie is written and directed by Huo Jian Qi and the duration of the film is 1 hr. 37 min. Chen Xiao and Du Juan play the leading roles in the film.

9. New Five Golden Flowers

New Five Golden Flowers was released in 2022. The movie tells the story of a musician. Mu Xun Xin is a musician who is frustrated both in his love and work life. One day, he traveled to Yunnan in search of his heart. There, he met Peng Peng. As they spent time together, they fell in love. The movie is directed by Liu Heng and the duration is 1 hr. 46 min. Yuan Wen Kang and Wang Xi play the leading roles in the drama.

10. You Beautify My Life

You Beautify My Life was released in 2018. The movie tells the story of Naze and Kaisa. Naze and Kaisa were the top dancers of an art academy and they were also dating at that time. But, due to a misunderstanding about selection of the opportunity to study abroad, the two broke up. But years later, the fate brought them back together and they fell in love again because of their love for dance.