Article: Top 10 Adorable Pets Of Korean Celebrities

The charisma Korean celebrities have on-stage is entirely different from when with their adorable pets off-stage. It’s good to have a cute companion when you come back home from work. The celebrities have also stated that these pets helped them be calm and overcome some tough times.

Many pets here have their fanbase and even fandom names. Pet lovers who are also fans love to see their idols playing with these adorable little creatures. The cute pets are loved by the fans as much as their parent. Here, you will know about the precious pets of several Korean celebrities.

1. Jungkook And Bam 

The Dobermann Bam has been in the limelight since ‘BTS in the SOOP’ season 2 aired. Jungkook and the members were playing with him, and fans were pleased with the view. It seems that Jungkook adopted the dog recently and named him Bam, meaning ‘night’ in Korean. And he has been officially taken as the 8th member of BTS.


2. V And Yeontan

The BTS boys are known for their love of animals. One of them who is Taehyung has a Pomeranian named Yeontan. Army tweets are always about how they could be born as Yeontan and how big he has grown over the years. All the members love him, and he is often seen in has several BTS documentaries which is adored by the fans.


3. Momo And Boo

The Japanese member Momo of Twice has two Norwich terriers now. She adopted the first one that is Boo, and now he is four months old. She called Boo based on her favourite character in Monster Inc. She adopted a new one of the same breed named Dobby. Dobby was revealed to the public in her recent V-LIVE.


4. Nayeon And Kookeu

The Twice member adopted Kookeu, who is a Pomeranian female, in 2017. Chaeyoung and Jihyo named her Kookeu because her fur was in the colour of cookies and cream when she was born. Kookeu turned four years old in September this year, and Nayeon celebrated her birthday with once on V-LIVE.


5. Lisa, Leo, Luca, Lily, Louis And Lego

We all know that Lisa has always been a cat person. She has five adorable cats who are often seen on her socials with her. Her recent cat was shared on her Instagram story in February this year. She names every pet of her with the letter L. Lisa was said to be a rigid cat person, but she broke that fact as ‘Love’ was revealed on her Instagram recently in August playing with her cats. The dog is a cute little Dobermann pup.


6. Jennie, Kuma And Kai

Jennie of Blackpink has two dogs. She has a Cocker spaniel named Kai and a brown pomeranian named Kuma. Kai lives with Jennie’s parents, while Kuma lives with her. Kuma was featured with Jennie in her cover for Vogue Korea as well as he has his version of Blackpink’s hit song ‘Boombayah’ known as kumayah.


7. Chungha And Bambi

Soloist Chungha’s, a former IOI member, also has a mixed breed dog ‘Bambi’ cherished by her fans. Bambi was revealed to the fans in an episode of Weekly Idol when she tagged along with Chungha. Bambi also has an Instagram account. She also appeared with Chungha in her recent photoshoot with Vogue Korea, giving off a traditional Korean vibe with hanboks.


8. Suga And Holly

Min Holly is a toy poodle, although he is a male but has a female name. Suga told the fans that he isn’t a person who is a lot into dogs, but he is attached to Holly. And we can see how much he loves Holly from their pictures. Holly lives with Suga’s older brother.


9. Sehun Vivi And Monsieur

Sehun introduced his pet, a Bichon Frise named, Vivi on exomentary on V Live in 2016. He also has a female name, so several fans were confused about his gender. Recently, Sehun also posted a picture of a dog named Monsieur, but he wrote that he dyed Vivi’s hair in the caption, so exols thought the same. But later on, he cleared up that he was taking care of Monsieur for his friend.


10. Rosé And Hank

Rosé recently adopted a dog from an animal shelter and instantly was loved by pet lovers. The animal shelter owner told that the previous owner of Hank left him as he was fragile, and they thought that he would not survive. Rosé adopted him in 2020 December and posted a picture of his welcome on Instagram. Hank also owns an Instagram account, which is managed by Rosé herself.