Article: Top Ten Korean Celebrities Who Have Set The Ramps On Fire

Korean beauty standards (both for men and women)have become a widely known feature of mainstream Korean culture in the last few years. According to a global survey, South Korea is one of the top ten countries with the highest number of cosmetic surgeries performed yearly. Thus most Korean celebrities are extremely good-looking with sharp features and perfect body proportions.  

Here's a list of famous Korean Actors Who Have Set The Ramps On Fire

1. Kim Woo Bin

In terms of perfection, Woo Bin is an ideal example- both as an actor and a model. He catapulted towards fame after his role in "Heirs." However, before becoming an actor, he was a noteworthy model in the Seoul Fashion Week runways for several years. Gradually, he started focusing on acting and took up influential and manly roles in K-dramas. His fans love him for his chic fashion sense, sharp appearance, and incredible personality. 


2. Sung Joon

Sung Joon is typically known for giving off a bad boy vibe, making him very attractive and popular among young women. However, he only looks like a troublemaker. In reality, he is a heartfelt and kind-hearted person. Before becoming a full-time actor, he participated in fashion campaigns.


3. Kim Young Kwang

Kim Young Kwang sports a muscular stature with broad shoulders and distinct features. Thus his modeling career is not just limited to runways. He became the global brand ambassador for several international brands like Alexander McQueen, Etro, and Vivienne Westwood. He was also the first man from Asia to walk down the Dior Runway. He is thoroughly known for playing the second lead and recently acted next to Soo Ae in "The Man Living in Our House.


4. Kim Seon-Ho

Although Shon Min Ho has not played any significant role in Korean movies or dramas, he is a C.F. and fashion king. He has been the official face of several international brands like Ralph Lauren, Adidas, Uniqlo, Cass, etc. So far, he has starred in "Heartbreak Hotel" as Tiffany's badass boyfriend. However, his acting stint is limited to appearances in indie rock-band music videos.


5. Lee Soo Hyuk

Hyuk doesn't strictly adhere to the Korean beauty standards for men. However, he has a strangely beguiling look that makes him appear attractive in whatever he wears. Thus he's a darling among eccentric designers who have made him strut down several London and Paris runways. His sharp solid features and intensely cool eyes make him look like a "Vampire Idol." Thus he is mainly seen on-screen playing mysterious negative characters.


6. Lee Cheol-Woo

Lee Chul Woo's modeling portfolio is full of prestigious gigs. He secured second place in "Korea's Next Top Model" and walked on runways for designers like Lie Sang Bong, Steve J, etc. Nicknamed "little Joo Won," he is a lookalike of BIGBANG’s T.O.P. Apart from being a charismatic Model, he also possesses extraordinary acting prowess and has starred in a k-drama titled "Ruby Ruby Love."


7. Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk is known for his impeccable acting chops, where he holds the power to control his audiences' emotions. He rose to fame after his roles in "Secret Garden," "W," "I Hear Your Voice," and "Pinocchio." However, his talent is not limited to acting in diverse roles. Before becoming an actor, Jong Suk had also undergone idol training and was a model who, at the age of 16, had participated in the Seoul Collection runway. 


8. Nam Joo Hyuk

Standing at 6 feet and 2 inches, Joo Hyuk has the ideal height, physical stature, and distinct face. Brands like Push Button, Beyond Closet, SONGZI often get him for runway events as the showstopper. Interestingly, in acting, Joo Hyuk is best known for playing supporting characters. One of his best performances includes the role of the playful, caring, but incredibly hot swimmer in the Kdrama "Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo." 


9. Byeon Woo Seok

Byun Woo Seok started his career as a model. However, his debut performance in the drama "Record of Youth," with actors Park So Dam and Park Bo Gum, solidified his acting career. His future projects include a Netflix original titled "20th Century Girl" and a drama named "When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon."


10. Jang Ki Yong

Jang Ki Yong is the classic male model with tall stature and brooding good looks. His modeling career is rigged with several prestigious mentions, including the "Asian Fashion Model Award" at the 2014 ceremony. Apart from setting the ramp on fire, he's a highly versatile actor who broke the prejudice that models cannot act well. Some of his notable performances are "My Roommate is a Gumiho," "My Mister," and "Search: W.W.W."