Article: Top 10 Child Artists Who Became Korean Stars

One can’t escape the lure of Korean dramas! There are so many good storylines and fascinating screenplays that tempt you to watch them. Not forgetting the beautiful characters which make these dramas close to reality. Many now-so-popular actors in the industry started their careers at a very young age that we got to see them grow up and glow up before our own eyes, making us feel old and nostalgic.

Here are the top 10 child actors who made it big and captivated us with their astounding acting skills.

1. Park Shin-Hye

Born in 1990, the actress has shown us outstanding performances as the main lead in many popular dramas and movies such as The Heirs, Pinocchio, #Alive, Doctor Crush, and many more. But many people don’t know that Shin-Hye began her career in 2003 at the age of 13, debuting in an SBS Drama Stair Way to Heaven, with continuous participation in movies and dramas for years. Thus, having a long list of her filmography at the age of 30!

Park shin hye korean star


2. Park Bo-Gum

Born in 1993, the charismatic actor and singer, along with his ever-glowing visuals, Park Bo-gum is known for his acting skills and star quality. Bo-gum made his debut in a 2011 crime thriller Blind, and he has also worked as a young version of main leads in some dramas. He gained popularity in 2015 with his roles in Hello monster and Reply 1988, followed by Love in the moonlight (2016). With a honey-dripping voice, as of an angel’s whisper, he has made many hearts flutter.

Park bo gum korean star


3. Kim Sae-Ron

Born in 2000, Kim Sae Ron, another remarkable actress known for her roles in Hi! School- Love on and A girl at my Door began her career as a child actor at 9. Sae Ron debuted through a 2009 film, A Brand New Life, which got her recognized as a child star. Then in 2010, with the film, The Man From Nowhere, she gained more popularity which led to her first leading role at 14 in the television drama Hi! School: Love on, the drama that made us all fall for her cuteness.

Kim sae ron korean star


4. Yeo Jin Goo

Born in 1997, One of the actors with unrivalled acting skills, Yeo Jin Goo, is famous as a leading cast in many dramas such as Hotel Del Luna, The Crowned Clown, and also, to mention the recent masterpiece, Beyond Evil. Jin Goo made his debut when he was just 8 in a 2005 film called Sad Movie. Jin Goo worked as younger versions of lead roles in movies and series, earning the nickname of Nation’s Little brother and got his first lead in an action thriller movie Hwayi: A Monster Boy (2013), and gave us an Oscar-worthy performance!

Yeo gin goo korean star


5. Kim So-Hyun

Born in 1999, Kim So-Hyun is a commendable actress who can talk about emotions with her eyes without even needing any dialogue. So-Hyun was 7 when she appeared in a Drama City special, "Ten Minute Minor" as a supporting cast member. From then on, she began to appear more frequently until she received her first lead role in 2015 and earned praise for her powerful acting in Who Are You: School. With her impressive acting evolution, So Hyun has won many hearts while playing in dramas of various genres and characters such as Love alarm, The Tale of Nokdu, River Where the Moon Rises, along with cameo/supporting roles in Goblin, While you were sleeping, and so on.


6. Kim Yoo-Jung

Born in 1999, Debut at the age of 5, the acting experience of 18 years now that she is 23. Incredible, isn’t it? Kim Yoo-Jung serves applaud. She made her first debut in a TV commercial in 2003 and then her acting debut in the 2004 film DMZ and became one of Korea’s best child actors and won many young actresses awards. A native hit, Love in the Moonlight, gave Yoo Jung her first lead role in 2016. Yoo Jung went on to star in other dramas like Lovers of the Red Sky and Backstreet Rookie. We can see that she got those acting skills, visuals, tone & diction, manner & chemistry, all in one. She can also express different emotions through her eyes.


7. Yoo Seung-Ho

Born in 1993, Seungho too made his debut through a TV commercial in 1999. And In 2000, his acting debut in the movie Daddy Fish. He’s one of the phenomenal actors who truthfully do acting justice with his every excellent performance. He’s famous for his major leading roles in I’m Not a Robot, Memorist, The Emperor: Owner of the Mask, War of the son, and many more. His hard work shows in his acting, and one can’t help but be impressed!


8. Lee Hyun-Woo

Born in 1993, known to have perfect visuals and acting skills, Lee Hyun Woo made his acting debut in 2004 when he was 9, In a drama called Oolla Boolla Blue-Jjang. And after that, he got opportunities to perform in many historical dramas. He got more recognition with his performance in the drama "To the Beautiful You", "Secretly Greatly" and "The Con Artists". Hyun-Woo played lead roles in Moorim School (2016) as Yoon Shi Woo and The Liar and His Lover (2017) as Kang Han gyu. Also, he is part of the supporting cast of the Korean remake of the worldwide, famous Spanish series Money Heist.


9. Lee Se-Young

Born in 1992, the actress made her debut in 1997 when she was 4 in the television drama The Brothers’ River. Since then, Se-young have worked in many films and dramas and has the potential. She is a child actress who grew up to be a fine actor. As we have seen, she has unmatchable skills in The Crowned Clown, Kairos, Memorist, and many more. She understands the assignments and does her job professionally at portraying the characters, and her subtle way of acting gets to you!


10. Moon Ga-Young

Born in 1996, another outstanding actress began her journey as a child artist. Moon Ga-young made her debut in 2006 when she was 10 in the film "To Sir with Love". Since then, she has actively participated in dramas and movies and has improved over the years. Her impressive skills and beauty make you adore her! As a leading actress, she has appeared in many dramas such as EXO next door, Welcome to Waikiki 2, The great seducer, Tempted, and many more.


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