Article: 10 K-Pop Idols That Ended Up The Models’ Careers

Some idols have unique facial features, and the advantages of their appearances are visible in their music videos and the edits their fans create for them. They are known for their chiseled jawlines, flushed cheeks, perfect skin, and pointed nose. It is a lesser-known fact that these idols were models before they debuted in the Korean music industry. These idols got approached by various luxury brands to be their brand ambassadors. The face value of these idols is more than the brand’s worth. The Korean entertainment industry is challenging in its ways. There is cutthroat competition between them, and not everyone succeeds in the business. Some people do painful procedures to fit beauty standards and fail to do well. Few celebrities have unusual facial structures, which makes them different from the rest of them. These idols are known for their good looks and can effortlessly end any top model’s career.

1. Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon has an enticing facial outline and a charming smile. She carries herself better than a model could ever. She has appeared on various magazine covers, and fans have appreciated her postures and expressions. She is confident and knows her angles. She has sharp eyebrows and plump lips. She is also very tall, which works to her advantage. She can easily replace any model.

2.  Lucas

Lucas has an appealing body structure. He has broad shoulders and looks dapper when he wears suits. Lucas can pull off any look effortlessly because of his height. He has interesting facial features, which add to his duality of being cute and elegant at the same time. The idol carries himself with a lot of ease and has also been on various magazine covers. He has a captivating smile and a proportional body structure.

3. Sooyoung

Sooyoung’s best feature is her captivating eyes. She is known for her alluring facial structure. She has the potential to be a model for a luxury brand. She can carry any hairstyle and any outfit elegantly. She has a powerful presence on various magazine cover shoots. She has an admirable body posture and stage presence. She has cherry-like cheeks, which add to her beauty. She is also a queen of expression since she is an actress. She looks incredibly stylish in wispy bangs and straight hair.

4. Taeyang

Taeyang has everything you would expect from a model. He has a razor-sharp jawline and an intense facial structure. He has a chiseled facial shape and a pointed nose. He has an appealing dressing sense and maintains poise with everything he wears. He dazzles people with his eyes and can beat any model’s career. He has been a face for several brands and left his fans bamboozled.

5. Yuna

Yuna is known for her soft and calm appearance. She looks very comforting and graceful. She has a sophisticated way of carrying herself on stage. She has elegant facial features and has also got featured in Vogue magazine. She might not have sharp features, but her smooth features make her look charming. She would make a great model with the way she walks and poses. She is a natural at posing.

6. V

V is known for his timeless beauty. And only if looks could kill. He has an intense gaze and a classic facial structure which makes him unique. He has been a face for many luxury brands because of his classy and chic appearance. He always gets praised for his effortless fashion. He is into jazz and likes wearing vintage clothes that complement his appearance.

7. Joy

Joy has bold and unique facial features. She makes confident choices when it comes to her outfits. She is also tall and can wear any fit and look like a dream. She is courageous with her fashion choices. She can go from a smokey eye to soft pink eyes and still look drop-dead gorgeous. She is a treat to the eyes when it gets to her stage presence. She can effortlessly snatch a model’s profession.

8. The8

The8 is known for his body structure and sharp facial features. He has a bright and outgoing personality. He has an appealing facial contour and a chiseled jawline. He modifies his hair color and looks dapper in all of them. He can easily challenge a model. He has always been keen on posing for magazines and luxury brands. He has an eye for fashion and never goes out of style.

9. J-Hope

J-Hope is known for his fashion and appearance as much as he is known for his music. He has extraordinary visuals and stage presence. He recently experimented with rock fashion with his solo music album, and fans couldn’t help but request him to model. He has an intriguing facial structure. He is confident and can kill a ramp walk effortlessly. He has all the qualities of a model and has even been on various high-end magazine covers.

10. Jin

Jin is known for his handsome face and surprisingly unique facial shape. He has a photogenic face and a stunning body posture. The idol can easily compete with a model. He grabs people’s attention with his fearless personality. He has mastered the art of posing for the cameras. He modeled for brands before he debuted in the Kpop industry. He has a pleasing and optimistic aura.