Article: Ten Korean Actors Who Have Played Both Positive And Negative Characters

Korean actors try to take up different roles in every drama they choose to star in. Their filmography has a lot of variety. But there are only few actors who have played both protagonists and antagonists. This shows that these actors want to experiment and surprise viewers. Here is a list.

1. Kim So Yeon 

At one point of time, Kim So Yeon lost fans because she only played negative roles. Her excellent acting in these roles did not help her. She played good-natured characters in ‘Prosecutor Princess,’ and ‘Mother of Mine.’ She returned as a villain in ‘Penthouse: War of Life.’


2. Namkoong Min

Namkoong Min who played a comic character in his recent drama ‘One Dollar Lawyer,’ is famous as a justice-seeking hero. But he was once faamous as the bad guy. He played negative roles in ‘A girl who sees smells,’ and ‘Remember: War of the son.’


3. Kim Min Jung

A child actress, Kim Min Jung was once known to play the bubbly female lead with a cheerful personality. But she slowly changed her choice of scripts. After playing a mysterious character in ‘Mr. Sunshine,’ she gained fame for portraying the strong villain in ‘The Devil Judge.’


4. Kim Jae Wook 

Kim Jae Wook is known for his rich guy roles. A former professional model, he is a style icon on and off-set. But his appearance as a serial killer in ‘Voice’ definitely scares even his fans who have loved him all these years. This shows his acting capabilities.


5. Lee Yu Ri

Known by many fans as the ‘Queen of villains,’ it might be surprising to see Lee Yu Ri on this list. But she also plays positive characters equally well. She starred as a cunning woman in ‘Jang Bo-ri is here,’ and as a mother who wants to stay with her daughter in ‘Lie after Lie.’


6. Shin Sung Rok 

Shin Sung Rok played the bad guy in dramas like ‘My Love from the Star,’ and ‘The Last Empress.’ He was branded for these kinds of characters. Wanting a change in his characters, he started choosing positive roles and this can be seen in ‘Perfume,’ and ‘Kairos.’


7. Han So Hee 

Han So Hee is one of the upcoming actresses, known for their acting skills. She has shown versatility since the beginning of her career. This can be seen in her portrayal of a student who falls in love with a young man in ‘Nevertheless,’ and in ‘The World of the Married,’ where she loves a married man.


8. Ahn Bo Hyun

Ahn Bo Hyun stole hearts with his role in ‘Yumi’s Cells.’ He played a cute character and impressed fans with his acting. But his role as a villain at his father’s mercy in ‘Itaewon Class,’ is a character fans will always remember. It’s hard to see them as the same person.


9. Lee Elijah 

Lee Elijah received personal threats for her role as an antagonist in ‘The Last Empress.’ Though this is wrong, it shows how intense her performance was. But she has also played soft and positive characters in ‘Miss Hammurabi,’ and ‘The Good Detective.’


10. Ok Taecyeon

An idol actor of the present generation, Ok Taecyeon has proved that he is a versatile actor and wants to explore more. His acting as a villain in ‘Vincenzo’ was praised by many. He has played positive roles in ‘Save Me,’ and ‘Secret Royal Inspector and Joy.’