Article: Ten K-Dramas Starring Girls’ Generation Members

SNSD, or Girls’ Generation, is a girl group formed in 2007. It is immensely popular all around the world, and so are its members. The ‘Girls’ are now focusing on their careers though they are still part of the group. Here is a list of dramas starring members who are now actors.

1. If You Wish Upon Me

The drama is about a foundation at a hospice that fulfills the dramas of people who will soon die. Choi Soo Young plays Seo Yeon Joo, one of the nurses at the hospice. She has an optimistic personality and tries to cheer all the patients.


2. Bossam: Steal The Fate

In this historical drama, Kwon Yu Ri plays a princess. But she does not get to lead a comfortable life as she is a widow. She is a woman who is forced to leave her house to stay alive. The drama was a hit and Yu Ri received a lot of appreciation.


3. Prime Minister And I

The drama is about a Prime Minister who is a widower and having a hard time raising his children. Im Yoon Ah plays a tabloid reporter whose dream is to become a novelist. She gets involved with the Prime Minister when she follows him hoping to cover a scandal.


4. Private Lives

The story is centered on an important secret that is discovered by a group of swindlers. Seohyun plays Cha Joo Eun who has a lot of experience in swindling and wants to lead a better life. She feels that she has worked hard for her family since she was young.


5. Reborn Rich

‘Reborn Rich’ is about an employee who reincarnates as the son of the family who killed him. Tiffany plays a supporting role in her debut drama. She takes up the role of Rachel, an analyst and the secretary of the protagonist. Fans are excited about her first small-screen appearance.


6. Tell Me What You Saw

The drama revolves around a profiler who wants to catch a killer who leaves a peppermint at the crime scene. Choi Soo Young stars as a local police officer who later joins the investigative department as a detective. She helps the profiler with her photographic memory.


7. The K2

This drama showed Im Yoon Ah in a very different role. She received both praise and criticism for her character. She played the estranged daughter of a presidential candidate. She is troubled by her stepmother who has kept her captive.


8. Good Job

Kwon Yu Ri played Don Se Ra, a woman who does many part-time jobs to earn money. She has super vision which helps her see all the minute details. She uses this to catch criminals and win government rewards, but this time she has to catch a murderer.


9. Hello Dracula

In this two-episode show, Seohyun takes the role of An Na. This is a very complex character in her career. She plays a daughter who has only done what her mother says. But there is something she hasn’t told her mother, a secret that troubles her.


10. So I Married An Anti-Fan

Choi Soo Young played the accidental anti-fan who ends up in a fake relationship with an idol. She took the character of a reporter, whose life changes because of the idol. Soo Young being an idol in real life, might have found the drama relatable.