Article: Top 10 Korean Affairs

Celebrity dating lives are continually unexpected, and there are always rumors that make determining what is true and what is not even more challenging. However, we always ship our favorite celebs and the relationships we want to see them have in real life. Because of the conservative nature of Korean culture, dating and romantic relationships are not always viewed favorably in the Korean entertainment industry, and celebrities are frequently the target of public criticism for various reasons. Therefore, most of these relationships are a secret until they are caught off guard by a media outlet and have no choice but to disclose their relationship. Let us look at ten such Korean affairs that astonished the public and whether or not their relationship survived. Keep reading, folks!

1. G-G-And Jennie

The top K-pop singers, G-Dragon and Blackpink's Jennie, were rumored to be dating for almost a year in February 2021 by the South Korean publication Dispatch. Their entertainment organization acknowledged the claims but didn't wholly refute them. The media site published images of a "secret rendezvous" between the couple. It said that their relationship was widely recognized within their agency and that Jennie's manager would pick her up and drop her off at G-Dragon's house. Additionally, it stated that according to insiders, Jennie's mother was also aware of the relationship. Breakup allegations first surfaced in May 2022 when an online community post (as reported by SBS News) went viral after G-Dragon appeared to unfollow Jennie on his private Instagram page while continuing to follow the other BLACKPINK members. The dating rumors involving Jennie and BTS V started to spread during this period. However, none of the parties or their agencies have publicly confirmed or commented on this.


2. Park Shin-Hye And Choi Tae-Joon

When rumors of their dating affair began to circulate, Park Shin-hye And Choi Tae-joon, who had been dating since 2017, dismissed them by saying they were just good friends. However, a slew of paparazzi photos that leaked online in 2018 made their relationship known to the world. Park shin Hye first disclosed their relationship in an interview in June 2020. Park Shin-Hye posted about her marriage and pregnancy in her fan cafe on November 23, 2021. They joyously wed in January 2022, and on May 31, 2022, they had their first child.


3. Iu And Chang Kiha

The announcement that K-pop star IU was dating singer and anchor Jang Kiha was among the revelations about dating relationships that surprised the general public. The big news started in 2015 when their images of being seen together were made public. They purportedly met in 2013 for a radio show. Later, through her fan café, IU acknowledged dating him for two years. Everyone was shocked by the news because IU had never been associated with any dating scandals. Sadly, the four-year relationship ended near the end of 2017 after being together for that long. The same was also confirmed by both of their agencies.


4. Bae Suzy And Lee Min Ho

In 2015, South Korea's National Crush, Bae Suzy, and International Heartthrob, Lee Min Ho, were engaging in a dating affair. In an exclusive article published in March 2015, the South Korean media revealed their relationship and said they had been dating for two months. Both of their agencies formally acknowledged their relationship on the same day after the story rocked the country. They quickly rose to fame on a national scale and were frequently in the news. There were speculations that they were divorcing in August 2016 but their respective agencies refuted this. As Suzy was reportedly seen wearing a wedding ring in 2016, there were suspicions that they were getting married. Sadly, it was confirmed in November 2017 that they had ended their relationship for personal reasons.


5. Hyuna And Dawn

The two K-pop idols began dating in secret in 2016 and collaborated on a few music videos together to display their chemistry and sparked severe dating allegations in 2018 that eventually forced their agency (both were represented by the same firm) to refute the claims. However, things quickly changed when these idols admitted to dating the following day, and their agency fired them due to violating the rule and their trust. In 2019, they signed into P-Nation, the record company run by K-pop innovator Psy, and they have since collaborated on several projects. After all the difficulties they have faced, the power couple recently announced their engagement on February 3, 2022, and fans couldn’t wait to celebrate their happy ending.


6. Lee Ji Ah And Seo Taiji, And Jung Woo Sung

One of the best-kept secrets involving a celebrity couple in South Korea unexpectedly became public, shocking the entire country. It all began when the relationship between actor Jung woo sung, and actress Lee Ji ah was made public in March 2011. They were seen together in more public images, and Jung Woo Sung affirmed their connection. But a month later, a startling revelation surfaced regarding Lee Ji Ah's relationship with the legendary rock and pop singer Seo Taiji, credited with creating the K-Pop subgenre in the early 1990s with his band Seo Taiji and Boys. According to several media stories, the couple had been wed for nine years and were currently fighting over alimony payments. Following this unexpected scandal, Lee Ji Ah and Jung Woo Sung broke up, and Jung Woo Sung later said that he only learned of her first marriage a few days before it was made public. After a while, the controversy surrounding three of the most renowned celebrities died down, and everyone resumed living their individual lives.


7. Kim Heechul And Momo

Two of the most prominent K-pop artists, Super Junior's Heechul and Twice's Momo, have been involved in dating rumors since 2019, but it wasn't until 2020 that their agencies acknowledged their relationship. The two celebrities have long been close friends and have appeared together in various programs, including the talk show Knowing Bros, where Kim Heechul is one of the prominent cast members. Despite some of them pointing out that they have a 13-year age difference, fans began showering them with love as soon as their relationship became known.Unfortunately, in July 2021, the two broke up because of their hectic schedules.


8. Shin Min-Ah And Kim Woo-Bin

Their romance is a fairytale affair that only happens in K-dramas, from a secret dating affair to going public to battling life together and being there for each other. As soon as Kim Woo-bin revealed they were dating in 2015, the relationship was fraught with controversy because Shin Min-ah was five years older than Kim Woo-bin. The couple never acted together in any drama and acted only in a few commercials together, and they never spoke about each other or their relationship in public. When many expected they would split up owing to busy schedules, Kim Woo-bin was diagnosed with cancer in 2017, and Shin Min-ah stayed at his side for two years, practically disappearing from the profession to care for him. In 2020, they resumed acting together after recovering fully, and the skepticism and disapproval of their romance from the general public vanished. While not as a couple, they most recently acted in the highly regarded K- drama "Our Blues." As they approach their sixth year of dating, fans are eager for them to be married soon.


9. Taeyeon And Baekhyun

The relationship between Taeyeon of Girl's Generation and EXO's Baekyun first surfaced in June 2014. They allegedly went on covert dates, and a Korean news outlet said the two idols had been dating for months. They acknowledged being in a relationship after the post went viral. While many fans complimented the couple, others were outraged and accused them of disregarding their supporters and fellow members. Some people even petitioned to get Baekhyun fired from EXO since the response was that strong. Both idols expressed regret to their followers for upsetting them and delaying the disclosure of the relationship. Before calling it quits in 2015, the couple dated for one year and four months. Additionally, they have reunited numerous times. Even though they ultimately decided to split in 2015, they are still close friends and label partners.


10. Son Ye Jin And Hyun Bin

Son Ye Jin And Hyun Bin, who played the couple in the television series "Crash Landing on You," also had a true love affair that ended happily ever after, precisely like in K- dramas. Fans anticipated that they would fall in love soon in real life as well, and when the Korean media reported in 2021 that the two were dating, they received a huge amount of love and support. Their relationship was confirmed by both of their agencies. Even though they had previously collaborated and faced relationship allegations, their romance took off while they were filming "Crash Landing on You." They finally were married on March 31, 2022, fulfilling the dreams of their followers in a lavish ceremony.


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