Article: 10 Most Fascinating Spiritual Weapons Showcased In C-Dramas

Spiritual weapons are an integral part of Chinese myths. Since most of the country's fantasy dramas occur in the mystical world, it is no surprise that they feature a wide array of weapons attributed to spiritual control. Although spiritual cultivation is usually associated with the immortal sects, there is always an opposite end of the spectrum. Evil or darker spirits are as capable of controlling such weapons as those of the pure immortal sects. Most Wuxia dramas contain two sides: the good and pure and the bad and evil, and both sides have their own advantages. Thus, every Wuxia or Xianxia drama in the martial world features a variety of spiritual weapons. They add mystery to the shows with their intriguing appearances and powers, each with a name and controller. If you are new to C-Dramas, here you will find 10 very fascinating weapons that are featured in just a few C-Dramas. It shows how intricately a single show is designed to create the dynamic and fantasy of the world of the supernatural and romance.

1. Guqin

Guqin is a Chinese musical instrument that operates on seven strings. Traditionally used for music, of course, but in mythological settings, music has often been a source that contains vast energies. The vibrations have the power to make and break people. It is why we have seen Guqins often in the fantastical settings of the Wuxia and Xainxia C-Dramas. The Untamed displayed a whole immortal sect (Gusu-Lan Sect) who were deeply connected to the Guqin and could use it as a spiritual weapon using the right tunes.

2. Flute

Flutes are crucial to various Asian cultures. Flutes have been associated with charmers and magic for centuries. We have witnessed its use as a spiritual channel across many diverse mythologies and countries. Music is a way for energy to be dispelled and distributed. It is a source of vibration. In dramas like The Untamed, it is used by various characters, some for the dark arts and some for cleansing.

3. Fan

Shanzi, or fans, are used as weapons in many fantastical C-Dramas. Especially dramas about the martial world have shown the fan as a unique spiritual weapon. It is considered a tool that could replicate a flying sword. Their edges could contain sharp blades for cutting through the enemies. We see it in Word of Honour. It is the spiritual weapon used by Wen Kexing, the lead. He uses it to fight, but he also carries it around like an item of fashion.

4. Whips

We've seen whips as spiritual weapons when they were used by Jiang Cheng in The Untamed and Guxiang in Word of Honour. While Gu Xiang's weapon is attached to a hoop at the end, Jiang Cheng's can use electricity. Jiang Cheng's whip also has the quality of separating a spirit from the body it possesses. His whip is called Zidian, a family heirloom disguised as a ring. Disguises are also crucial aspects of spiritual weapons. Often, characters are against making their enemies aware of the weapons they carry.

5. Strings

Strings are objects seen in various C-dramas. In plain interpretation, we can conclude its usefulness to slit anyone's throat without leaving evidence. In Chinese dramas, strings serve both for straightforward murder and as spiritual signature tools. They are, however, not major weapons and are seen being used by minor characters. In Till the End of the Moon, we see a demon use it to find people's dreams and create illusions. These illusions are used to manipulate her victims and lure them towards her so she can eat them.

6. Swords

Swords are the most commonly used weapons in the martial world. All members of the immortal sects are imbibed with their swords that they must claim and master. There are various types of swords, depending on the kind of spiritual power they contain. Word of Honour features the flexible sword of Four Seasons Manyor, while Till the End of the Moon deals with various types of swords, like the Sky Slashing Sword. Some sects also have special sword techniques that reflect how they channel their spiritual energies. Most of them have their own names. If you've seen the swords being charged, it is the spiritual energy that is flowing through them to equip them with the power of the user. The spiritual tools are, after all, a reflection of their owners.

7. Crossbow

Crossbows are ranged weapons that frequent Wuxia dramas, just like swords. Many of the sects are known for their skills in archery. Crossbows are, however, a little different in structure. They allow the owner to set a target more accurately with increased vision. We see the Devil Lord use his crossbow to target his victims in the first episode of Till the End of the Moon. The crossbow manifests the devil's eye with enhanced sight, which allows him to seek his targets from long distances.

8. Spears

Spears, bows, and swords are perhaps some of the most common weapons in wuxia dramas. We see a spear being used in A Journey to  Love. They are, however, more commonly used by the minor characters, as swords are far more elegant and majestic in appearance.

9. Ribbon

Ribbons are another unconventional weapon that is used mostly by minor characters. Luo Fumeng in ‘Word of Honour,’ uses them to punish the men in the martial arts world who wrong women. She is a ghost from the Ghost Valley, and her weapon is also for decorative purposes.

10. Parasole

These are a kind of paper umbrella common in East Asian cultures. They are usually red in colour and flatter in appearance than modern umbrellas. We see a prominent use of it in the drama Till the End of the Moon, where Yun Xi, one of the Devil Lord's servants, uses one. In her case, the umbrella forged a part of her sister's spirit and also disguised a dagger inside itself. It flies around upon her use and kills or stuns the targets it faces. It is truly one of the most unique weapons represented in Wuxia C-Dramas.