Article: 10 Thai BLs That Have Been Accredited With Awards

Over the years, Thailand has established itself in the BL industry, and with that, it has started hosting award shows that are inclusive of these BL series. It is a big win for the lgbtq+ community to receive such support from the general public. Following are the top Thai BL series, which have attained awards to prove their popularity. Watch them if you haven't already!

1. KinnPorsche

KinnPorsche is a slightly unconventional Thai BL. It is a love story between a Mafia boss and his bodyguard. The twist is that the bodyguard is a college student who refuses to be involved in the Mafia business. It is a drama about dangerous love. It became popular and earned various awards, including the Y Series of the Year Award, the Breakthrough Actors Award, and the Breakthrough Cast of 2022 Award. KinnPorsche’s original soundtracks (OSTS) also received an award from Yniverse— The Best Soundtrack For Series.

2. Cutie Pie

Cutie Pie was one of the most anticipated dramas of 2022. Its trailer itself got over 1 million views. The story is about a couple who were betrothed to each other thanks to their parents for business agreement purposes. However, one of the leads decided he did not want to live the life dictated to him. He started living a double life and decided he did not want to be engaged anymore. This drama won various awards for how popular it was, including but not limited to the Kazz Favourite Award, Kazz Hottest Series Award, People's Choice Award, and Popular Thai Series Award.

3. The Tale Of A Thousand Stars

If you are a beginner in Thai Bl, you can find the whole essence of it perfectly and beautifully captured in this drama. It is about a teacher who volunteers to teach students in a remote area and a soldier who recently lost his love in a tragic car accident. As the two of them get closer, we realise the teacher previously lived a completely different lifestyle and only started changing after he received a heart transplant from his boyfriend's ex. The story is not unnecessary in its conflict but rather sweet and funny with an underlying message. It won the best LGBT+ Programme Made in Asia and the Opening of the Year Award.

4. I Told Sunset About You

I Told Sunset About You is a coming-of-age Thai drama. It is also called I Promised You the Moon. The Drama showcases the struggles of being a teenager. During the teenage years, one realises one’s sexuality, feels first love, and experiences heartbreaks. This series has two seasons with five episodes each. It is very short and sweet. It won the 2020 Yniverse Awards for Best Series, Best Script, Best OST, and the Line TV Best Viral Scene Award.

5. TharnType

The popularity of TharnType is no joke, and it continues to be very popular. Not only was it one of the most anticipated BLs of 2019, but it blew up internationally. It is based on a web novel of the same name. It's about a homophobic college student who is to share a dorm with a gay student and how he comes to like him despite his prejudices. Delving in allows us to understand that his behaviour stems from childhood sexual abuse. It earned Best Gay Series at the Thai Crazy Awards for how much popularity it gained.

6. To Sir, With Love

This has been named one of the best Lakorns of 2022. To Sir With Love displays the unlikely love between two men who have families. Their relationship could never flourish because of how rigid society is. The drama showed a different perspective on BL. It is not about acceptance; it is about hardship and struggle when you've already subscribed to a lifestyle against your will and attained responsibilities bigger than yourself. This drama won the 2023 Kazz Magazine Drama of the Year Award.

7. Bed Friend

If you're a sucker for office romance and the Friends-With-Benefits trope, then you will love Bed Friend. It is mature and has some complex themes. However, they are all carried out very well. The chemistry between the leads is also excellent. The two of them undergo a secret relationship as a place of comfort in their lives but slowly grow to love each other. The series won the Beloved by Kazz Magazine Awards in 2023.

8. My School President

This drama is mostly a school drama with the typical politics within a Thai high school. To save the school music club, a student decides to become the servant of the school president so that he can put in a good word for them and stop the closure of the club. The series is sweet and a little cliche— the perfect school drama. The lead won the 4th Thailand Master Youth Young Favourite Actor Award, the Golden Ginnare Public Honour Award for Best Couple, and the Kazz Most Trending on Social Media Award.

9. Why R U?

This college drama centres around two couples who develop an enemies-to-lovers situation. The drama was very popular for the chemistry between the couples. It won the award for The Greatest Series of the Yniverse. It also won the Central Bl Awards for Best Drama Scene and Best Kiss Scene in Mexico.

10. Love By Chance

Love By Chance was a very famous drama which gained a lot of popularity in 2018-19. It showed two college students falling in love with each other and the internal struggles that they face due to liking someone of the same sex. Especially Pete, one of the leads, hides his preference as a deep secret. However, with the help of the other lead, Ae, he starts allowing himself to feel. This drama won the Korean Updates Awards 2018, Best Asian Drama of the Year, Asian Artist of the Year, and Line TV Awards 2019's Best Couple Award.