Article: Ten Expensive Korean Celebrity Weddings

Who doesn't want to marry like a princess of fairy tales with shimmering lights and glittering gold? Who doesn't want to take oath for their new life amidst all the grandeur? Well, the answer is everyone does. Some get to make it. Some don't. But these Korean celebrities sure had it larger-than-life as they tied the knot with their destined ones. Today, we present you a list of Ten Expensive Korean Celebrity Weddings. So without further ado, let's get into it.

1. Jun Ji-Hyun & Choi Jun-Hyuk

The duo had the most expensive marriage in Korean Entertainment Industry. Ji-Hyun, the lead actress of many superhit k-dramas like My Love from the Star, Legend of the Blue Sea, and Kingdom, married her CEO boyfriend Choi Jun-hyuk. The actress had put on three wedding dresses on her big day. According to an article by, Ji-Hyun's main wedding dress cost 80 million won. The ring this famous actress put on for the wedding photoshoot cost 500 million won, and the crown she flaunted at the official marriage ceremony is worth 1.2 billion won. It's a princess wedding, if we may say.


2. Kim Nam Ju & Kim Seung Woo

The second most expensive star wedding was Kim Nam Ju and Kim Seung Woo's. reported that the wedding gown that Kim Nam Ju wore was worth 25 million won and the earrings that glistened in her ears had cost 300 million won.


3. Lee Sang-Soon & Lee Hyori

Lee Sang-Soon & Lee Hyori had a small, simple, private wedding. Not much information is available about their marriage. But according to K-netizens, their wedding ranks 3rd in the Korean entertainment industry. They are considered one of the most iconic couples in the industry.


4. Cha In-Pyo & Shin Ae-Ra

This celebrity couple, internationally well-known for their philanthropy, gained public attention when they married in 1995. Much information is not disclosed about the expense of their marriage. But K-media covered it as the 4th most expensive celebrity marriage in South Korea. This star couple became the centre of attention when they adopted two daughters.


5. Park Kyun-Lim & Park Joong-Hoon

The famous entertainer met her better half at the match-making show she hosted in 2006. Park Joong-Hoon was a participant in that show. The 29 years old comedian tied knots with her 28 years old handsome fiancee at the expensive Shilla Hotel. Shilla Hotel is a famous spot for celebrity weddings and is very expensive. Many celebrities attended their marriage, which became the attention point for the media.


6. Won Bin & Lee Na-Young 

This couple had their special day celebrated amidst the lush greenery and the bliss of nature. They organized a small wedding at a guest house in Gangwon-do. The total expense of the whole wedding was about 1.1 million won worth.


7. Bae Yong-Joon & Park Soo-Jin

The Korean love God, who acted in numerous famous dramas like Winter Sonata, reportedly spent 10 million won to prepare drinks and food for fans and reporters. Their domestic honeymoon destinations caught the attention of media, which included a resort that costs 10 million won per day.


8. Jang Dong-Gun & Ko So-Young

The next one on this list is this duo, Jang Dong-Gun & Ko So-Young. On their special day, Jang wore the tuxedo worth 8 million won, and his shoes cost him 20 million won. The wedding dress of Ko So-young was worth 20 million won.


9. Lee Min-Jung & Lee Byung-Hun

Lee Min-Jung and Lee Byung-Hun's marriage ceremony was attended by many stars, including his co-stars Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stevenson from the movie G. I. Joe: Retaliation. The wedding dress that Lee Min-jung wore on her special day was worth 100 million won and the ring she flaunted on her finger was 50 million won, and the total destination of the wedding cost was about 120 million won.


10. Chu Ja-Hyun & Yu Xiaoguang

Chu Ja-Hyun, the famous actress, tied knots with her Chinese composer and actor boyfriend, Ethan Yu. Their wedding is regarded as one of the most expensive celebrity weddings in South Korea.