Article: Top 10 Underrated Old Chinese Dramas That You Must Watch

Chinese dramas are always fun to watch. The best thing about Chinese dramas is their availability; you can watch good Chinese dramas on free websites and YouTube without any premium. Like Korean dramas, Chinese dramas are also released in huge numbers. Sometimes, we miss some underrated dramas while of watching the latest releases. If you want to take a break and watch some good, mood-lifting, and outstanding Chinese drama, take a trip down the line and watch these underrated golds in the C-drama world. Here is the list of the top 10 underrated old Chinese dramas you must watch.

1. King Is Not Easy

King is Not Easy is a fantasy, historical Chinese drama released in 2017. The plot revolves around a girl named Da Xi, played by Bai Lu, who is a brilliant cook. She once saw royal guard Shao Yang, played by Zhao Yi Qin, and falls for him; it was the love at first site. She decides to persuade him and enters the palace as a maid. After entering the palace, she smells something fishy and wants to escape the palace. While escaping, she is caught by the emperor Ji Man, played by Zang Yi Jie, who thinks she is an enemy. After some mysterious events, their soul gets swapped, and now their roles are exchanged.

2. Season Love

Season Love is a romantic Chinese drama released in 2017. This drama tells a story of a girl named Jian An Jie, played by Wang Zi Wen, who has recently broken up with her boyfriend and moved abroad to keep her mind distracted. But she was not able to escape from her unfortunate fate, as she got into a car accident and temporarily lost her vision. In all this misfortune, she meets a kind and gentle stranger who saved her life as she was thinking of taking her own life. She makes the stranger her friend. After she regains her vision, the stranger disappears without leaving any trace. Her quest then begins to find the man.

3. When A Snail Falls In Love

When a Snail Falls in Love is a romantic, thriller Chinese drama released in 2016, the story revolves around a girl named Xu Xu, played by Wang Zi Wen, who is a criminal profiler and is under the training of detective Ji Bai, played by Wang Kai. Detective Ji Bai wants to disqualify her because of her slow physical activity. But he cannot deny the fact that Xu Xu is very good at her job but lacks physical abilities. While investigating cases, both fall in love with each other as the story progresses.

4. Rookie Agent Rouge

Rookie Agent Rouge is a Chinese historical drama released in 2016. The drama tells the story and journey of Lan Yan Zi, played by Zhao Li Ying, of becoming a spy. Lan Yan Zi is the daughter of a banker and a student activist who is sharp, intelligent, and a genius. After some events, she accidentally finds letters from the Japanese army, and through some unexpected events, she becomes a spy.

5. Negotiator

Negotiator is a romantic Chinese drama released in 2018. This drama revolves around Tong Wei, played by Yang Mi, and Xie Xiao Fei, played by Z. Tao. Tong Wei is an intelligent negotiator who works for the US-China Business Council. On the other hand, Xie Xiao Fei is the heir to a wealthy Chinese-American corporation business but has no interest in joining the company. When they meet, Xiao Fei vents all his frustration and anger on Tong Wei, and their bickering relationship starts.

6. The Way We Were

The Way We Were is a romantic Chinese drama released in 2018. This is the story of a US exchange student named Xiao Qing, played by Tiffany Tang. She is the daughter of a fair-minded and honest prosecutor. She takes a lot of pride in her father’s job and life and lives with the same rules. On the other hand, we have Shu Che, played by Luo Jin, a classmate of Xiao Qing, but his father is the opposite of Xiao Qing’s father. When they meet, they instantly fall in love with each other, but the problem arises when their fathers clash with each other in a legal battle. Now, they have to make their relationship work between the clash between their parents.

7. Accidentally In Love

Accidentally in Love is a romantic comedy Chinese drama released in 2018. The drama tells a story about a girl named Chen Qing Quing, played by Amy Sun, the heiress of a wealthy family who wants to escape an arranged marriage. She enrolls herself in the same college that of her parents, to find truth about their deaths. To blend in with the students, she changed her appearance and hid her true identity. She then meets Si Tu Feng, played by Guo Jun Chen, a famous singer. Their relationship starts with bickering and soon transitions into true feelings for each other as the story progresses.

8. Imagine Me Without You

Imagine Me Without You is a romantic Chinese drama released in 2018. The drama tells the story of a couple named Lai Min, played by Peng Dou Dou, and Ding Yo Zhou, played by Shao Wei Tong. Their happy life took a turn when Lai Min was diagnosed with a genetically fatal disease, and wants to complete her wishlists before she takes her final breath. She lists places across China, and Wei Tong takes her on a trip to meet her last wishes.

9. Deep In My Heart

Deep in My Heart is a thriller romantic drama released in 2019. The drama tells the story of two individuals named Kong Yi Fei, played by Zhou Cheng Ho, and Han Bing, played by Nina Wang. Kong Yi Fei has multiple jobs, a music teacher and criminal psychologist who has the supernatural power to see the past just by touching. On the other hand, Han Bing is an aggressive reporter who has a dual personality. They both cross paths after getting involved in a murder case. The story progresses as they both try to find out who the real culprit is.

10. My Neighbor Can’t Sleep

My Neighbor Can’t Sleep is a romantic comedy-drama that revolves around a romance novelist named Song Mi Duo, played by Chen Yi Xin. She has never dated anyone but dreams of making big in her writing career. She then meets a famous pianist named Xi Song, played by Wang Zi Xin, who is an insomniac but strangely finds himself sleeping only when Mi Duo is around.