Article: Top 10 C-Dramas To Watch If You Loved Hidden Love

The popularity of Hidden Love is no joke. A good chunk of the audience got into C-dramas due to the C-drama Hidden Love. And now that is over, unfortunately the audience still craves their chemistry. Therefore, listed are some C-dramas to watch if you love Hidden Love.

1. Our Secret

Our Secret describes the story of a lovely yet stubborn girl, Ding Xian, who moves to a new city. There, she meets a superior and handsome boy, Zhou Siyue. They were made deskmates on their first day at the school. Slowly, they become friends, and their love story from school to university is lovely to watch.

2. A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It describes the story of Xia Xiao Ju who right before the college entrance exam had to transfer to a new school. She, at first, was concerned about how she would manage in their new surroundings. But due to a misunderstanding, she became friends with a new group of classmates. They went through the entrance exam smoothly. Now, at university, many changes have come in front of her.

3. Lucky’s First Love

Lucky’s First Love describes the story of an aspiring gaming artist, Xing Yun, who gets recruited by the CEO of a family company, Xia Ke due to her prosperous name. Xia Ke is a stubborn boy who refuses to take up his family business and create his own. Their bickering about every short thing leads to the reason for their closeness.

4. Exclusive Fairytale 

Exclusive Fairytale describes the story of Ling Chao and Xiao Tu, who grew up beside each other. Ling Chao’s mother wanted a girl child and loves to pamper Xiao Tu. They went to the same school, and when it was time for university, Ling Chao realized that he couldn’t do anything without having Xiao Tu beside him.

5. My Little Happiness

My Little Happiness describes the story of a new legal intern, Cong Rong, who, as her first case, has to work among real doctors and learn their ways. She just thought it might not be too hard, but it is hard as she has had to study real medical books, but she didn’t expect to meet her former childhood friend, Wen Shao Qing, as one of the doctors.

6. Flourish In Time

Flourish In Time describes the story of childhood mates Jiang Hao Yue and Lu Miao, who grew up together as brother and sister and their sibling love is strong. Jiang Hue Yue helps her with homework, and she protects him from being bullied. But when Lu Miao enters high school and makes new friends, she realizes that her love for Jiang Hao Yue is more than sibling love.

7. Falling Into Your Smile 

Falling Into Your Smile describes the story of a group named ZGDX, an esports gaming group that participates in gaming competitions. ZGDX consists of five boys with their leader, Lu Si Cheng. Until one of the members suffers from a hand injury and cannot play anymore. So, the team manager recruited a girl named Tong Yao to continue with the team.

8. Love O2O 

Love O2O describes the story of genius and good-looking students, Bei Weiwei and Xiao Nai, majoring in computer science. Both meet in an online game and play with their hidden identities. Until Xiao Nai got into an accident, and both came face to face in real life with each other.

9. When I Fly Towards You 

When I Fly Towards You describes the story of Su Zai Zai, a straightforward, bubbly girl who transfers to a new school. She meets a cold-hearted boy, Zhang Lu Rang, and instantly likes him. It is a beautiful love story as the couple phases from high school to their professional life, and the audience loves to watch.

10. Put Your Head On My Shoulder 

Put Your Head On My Shoulder describes the story of Situ Mo, who is majoring in accounts and is about to graduate yet has no idea what to do. She meets a genius physics student, Gu Weiyi, and at their first meeting, they both dislike each other. But living under the same roof and opposing each other don't go hand in hand, but romance breaks through it.