Article: Top 10 C-Dramas To Watch With Friends

Enjoying with friends is something so soothing and fun that everyone wants to live. If you and your friend are interested in watching C-drama together, then you have hit the jackpot. Listed below are some of the best C-dramas to watch with friends.

1. Falling Into Your Smile

Falling Into Your Smile is an e-sport C-drama about a group named ZGDX of four boys players and their leader, Lu Si Cheng, aka Chessman. One of the members suffers from a hand injury and has to take an early retirement. The team manager recruits a girl named Tong Yao, who is a genius at playing esports games.

2. Love O2O

Love O2O describes the story of Bei Weiwei and her friends who live in a dormitory. She is an all-rounder with a pretty face and a genius mind. She loves to play online games where her identity is concealed. In the game, she meets Xiao Nai and his group without knowing who they are in real life. Xiao Nai is a cold-hearted, good-looking boy majoring in computer science like Bei Weiwei.

3. Meteor Garden 

Meteor Garden describes the story of four boy friends who have nothing in common except that all are from wealthy families. The group leader, Dao Ming Si, and his group bully students in their school. Until he comes face to face with stubborn Dong Shancai, a girl from a middle-class family, and life takes a turn.

4. Ode To Joy

Ode To Joy describes the story of five girl friends, An Di, Fan Sheng Mei, Qu Xiao Xiao, Qui Ying Ying, and Guan Ju Er, who live in the same apartment complex on the 22 floor of the same. Each is very different in terms of personality, family, and even love life. However, as they get to know each other through communication, they realize the power of friendship. Without realizing how all are each other's support.

5. Go Ahead

Go Ahead is that C-drama has proved that genuine and heartful relationships are created through love and not blood. Ling Xiao and He Zi Qiu are the oldest non-biological brothers who grew up with their non-biological sister, Li Jian Jian, and her father. Li Jian Jian’s father and his friend raised the three of them until they all separated when both brothers moved back to their families after graduation.

6. When We Were Young 

When We Were Young is a story set in 1996. Yang Xi gets injured due to a lab explosion when chasing down a bike thief, and she will not compete in long-distance running. When she finds out that the culprit behind it is a boy, Hua Biao, a hot-headed yet gifted star student of the science department. He is transferred to Yang Xi’s class, and now he has to make his place among his classmates.

7. Forever Love

Forever Love describes the story of Xia Lin Xi and Jiang Zheng Han, who grew close to each other in their high school. During their university years, they turned their friendship into love. And now, working as professionals, both are trying to cope with their life struggles while being with each other.

8. Wait, My Youth 

Wait, My Youth describes the story of Su Can Can, who loves books. In her teenage years, she meets her three other best friends, Xu Mei Li, cheerful and lovely Lan Tian Ye, handsome Lin Jia Ze, gentle and Tao Ya Ting, a beautiful soul. All these people change with time, yet their friendship bond is something unbreakable.

9. Love Yourself 

Love Yourself is a C-drama that describes the story of four women who just entered their thirties. The four best friends, Sun Yi He, Wang Xin Yi, Ding Ding, and Ren Ran, are on different paths. But when they hit thirty, life starts to get off the trail as additional aspects of emotions like love become their center of mind.

10. The Love Equations 

The Love Equations describes the story of Zhou Xiao, a cheerful person in her friendship group, and her friends love her. She is bubbly and has a fantasy of reading detective novels. She starts falling for a serious forensic department student, Zhao Fanzhou, who has no time for anyone and is a study focused boy.