Article: Top 10 GMMTV’s Most-Watched BL Series On Youtube By Fans

GMMTV is one of the most famous Thai entertainment companies that produces BL series. GMMTV’s BL series is known worldwide among the audience, and some of the series listed below are the reason for it.

1. 2gether

2gether, the series tops the list as the most-watched BL of GMMTV as it was released in 2020. And there is no denying people became BL fans through 2gether. It was released during the pandemic, and because of the light story of Sarawat and Tine’s college love story, it became intensely popular among the audience.


GMMTV took a risk in 2016 by producing a Boy's Love story as it was getting widely accepted in countries around the world. SOTUS was created, and just like nobody expected, it was a massive success for GMMTV and paved the way for the next generation of Thai BL series. It is an enemies-to-lovers story between a senior, Arthit, and a freshman, Kongpob, in the engineering college.

3. Theory Of Love 

How can we forget the series that makes us cry the most, the Theory of Love acted by Off and Gun as Khai and Third, respectively. It is about one-sided and unrequited love that never dies, and we know it hurts the most. Apart from its plot, the acting of Gun was remarkable. That is one of the reasons why it got so much love.

4. Dark Blue Kiss

Another 2019 famous BL series of GMMTV was Dark Blue Kiss, starring Tay and New, which still affects people because the acting and the storyline are excellent. It is a three-season love story between Pete and Kao, but in the last season, their relationship takes many turns, and both experience what love is. It is one of the best BL series created by GMMTV.


It is no surprise that the second season of SOTUS, SOTUS S will be in the top 5 most watched BL series of GMMTV. In the first season, their story is about their college life and their expecting their identity. However, the second season focuses on how surviving as a gay couple in society is not easy, which is still a topic today.

6. Still 2gether

With only five episodes, it still manages to get the 6th spot in the most-watched BL series of GMMTV. Just like the popularity of 2gether was unbreakable, fans demanded more, and a second season of the same, Still 2gether, was released. It is an additional part of the Sarawat’s and Tine love story, which is fun to watch.

7. Water Boyy 

The Water Boyy series is another nostalgic flashback of 2017 when only a few BL series were available, so it was a gift when this BL series was released. It is based on the movie but with a different cast. Swim Captain Waii had to step up when the authorities threatened to disband the swim club. But with family problems and his growing feelings towards his teammate, Apo, how will he manage?

8. Bad Buddy 

Bad Buddy is the getaway for every BL fan if they want to enjoy comedy, testing, romance, great acting, and an incredible plotline. Ohm and Nanon did an outstanding job as Pat and Pran. It is forbidden love as both of their parents hate each other, and they are also forced to keep to themselves. Until they become neighbors in the college, the story takes a turn.

9. Fish Upon The Sky 

Fish Upon The Sky is one of the funniest BL series with not much of a plot. But it gives a lot of calmness and laughter to the audience. It is the story of a self-conscious boy, Pi, who has a crush on one of the hottest girls in the college. But when a boy named Mork enters his life, things take a change.

10. A Tale Of Thousand Stars

A Tale Of Thousand Stars is one of the beautiful series made by GMMTV as it is shot in the village backdrop, which is a very different setting for a BL by GMMTV. It is a love story between Tian, a teacher, and village chef Phupha. Both Earth and Mix do justice to the characters.