Article: Top 10 K-Dramas Characters Who Inspire Us To Be Kind

Apart from romance, some K-dramas have a deep and meaningful storyline that attracts the audience. What makes the storyline additionally meaningful are the K-dramas characters who inspire us to be kind, and they are listed below.

1. Dong Hoon From My Mister

On top of the list is Park Dong Hoon, played by Lee Sun-kyun from My Mister. His wife was not loyal to him, but he worked hard to be the best husband. He helped his colleague who was going through so much while he was also going through a bad phase. And without knowing, both are helping heal each other's souls.

2. Song Hwa From My Hospital Playlist

Song Hwa, played by Jeon Mi-do, is one of the best characters written in the K-drama industry. She was the only girl in her friendship group. From the outside, she looks cold but has a heart of gold. How she manages her patients as a doctor is beautiful to watch. And as a friend, how she advises all of her friends is precious to see.

3. Dong Jin From Call It Love

Let’s start with Han Dong Jin, played by Kim Young-Kwang, and can be said that it is one of the reasons why the audience has such a high standard for life partners. In the show, he is shown as a beautiful soul, which is rare for a man. Even though he is one of the pawns for revenge, he understands her and the reason behind the revenge. But his nature even let Shim Woo-joo change her mind about revenge.

4. Paeng Bujangnim From Prison Playbook

You know, in a K-drama, when the lead gets caught up in the worst situation, there is always a character ready to help or come as a guardian angel for the lead, and in Prison Playbook, it’s the guard, Paeng Bujangmin, played by Jung Woong-in.

5. Deok Sun From Reply 1988

Sung Deok-sun, played by Lee Hye-ri, flawlessly portrayed the life of a middle child. How she was treated differently by her parents. Despite that, she was always kind to her friends and the people around her. And it is one of the reasons why two handsome and talented boys fall in love with her.

6. Coach Yang From Twenty Five Twenty One 

Coach Yang Chan-mi has to be on this list. She knows how friendship gets messy when it comes to competition. Having a couch means having a best friend and mentor the trainer can go anytime to and speak their insecurities out without fearing judgment. And she was the best mentor for them.

7. Trash Oppa From Reply 1994

Reply 1994 is one of the great dramas of 2013, and people who have watched it will agree that Trash Oppa or Sseureki is one of the best characters in the show. He is funny and smart and one of the reasons for the high standard for people in a partner.

8. Kim Myung-hee From Youth Of May

Kim Myung-hee, played by Go Min-si, is another K-drama character who inspires us to be kind. As she is the only breadmaker of her family working as a nurse, she never complains about why she is in that position. Because she knows if she even whines, all her strength will become negative. A beautiful character who deserves such a better ending, but in this world, kind people are less.

9. Jun-ho From Extraordinary Attorney Woo 

Jun-ho, played by Knag Tae-oh, is another perfect character written in the K-drama world. He is the kindest soul at working or being the greenest flag. He fell in love with a woman with autism, and despite her specialty, he chose to be with her because he simply loved her. In every episode, he has proven that love is the answer to it. Just be kind and have an open mind for all sorts of unique people around us.

10. Hong Du-sik From Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Hong Du-sik, played by Kim Seon-ho, is another rare character in K-drama that was written in this era. He helps his neighbors and people in his village without asking for anything in return, which is rare in this busy world. He was never greedy for anything, and because of that, he secured the heart of a cold city girl.