Article: Ten Ancient Chinese Donghua

Chinese Donghua has a rich and fascinating history. In this article, we will see ten ancient Chinese Donghua, with breathtaking ancient mythological adventures.

1. The Founder Of Diabolism

It follows the story of Wei Wuxian, the founder of the Demonic Scet, which caused chaos and was disliked by everyone. Sadly, he was betrayed by his closest friend and killed by powerful clans. However, he reincarnates into a crazy person's body and gets taken away by his enemy, Lan Wangji, a famous cultivator.

2. Psychic Princess

Qian Yunxi is the eldest daughter of the Grand Councilor. She possesses supernatural powers, which make others fear her. Due to this reason, she is locked away on Spirit-Cloud Mountain due to this. At the age of just sixteen, she is forced to marry the Prince of Ye in place of her sister. The prince is known to be cold, strange, and merciless.

3. Scumbag System

Shen Yuan is an avid reader, and he suddenly finds himself in Proud Immortal Demon Way. Instead of being the hero, he's become a bad master, Shen Qingqui. He wants to change the story and be kind to his disciple, Luo Binghe. But it's hard because a monitoring system watches him, and he must find a way to befriend Luo Binghe despite the tragedies that are supposed to happen.

4. White Snake

It is the story of a girl, Blanca, who is rescued by Xuan, a snake catcher. She has lost her memory. So, together with Xuan, they embark on a journey to find her identity. As they uncover her past, they realize powerful supernatural forces are after control, putting the world at risk.

5. Legendary Overlord

Dongbo Xueying, his wife Jingqiu, and others are facing challenges and achieving great things in a distant land. They all live in a humble place in Tranquil Sun Province, also known as Xue Ying Territory. Xue Ying's family has a commoner-turned-noble father, a noble mother who chose love over her clan, and an innocent younger brother. Their peaceful life is disrupted, and Xue Ying must seek power to restore it.

6. Wu Geng Ji

A messenger from heaven arrives in Zhao Ge, which is ruled by the Shang dynasty. Zi Zhou refuses to bow down to the gods. Due to this, the gods became angry, and the neighboring emperor attacked the rebellious Shang. Shangs were losing battles until Zhou came for a fight. The battle will decide the fate of the dynasty.

7. Biao Ren

A guard flees from the government and walks in the desert of the western regions. He took a dangerous surveillance assignment thinking it was easy. He begins the journey that will shape the fate of the world.

8. Kingdom

It is the story of two war orphans, Shin and Hyou, from the kingdom of Qin. Both of them wanted to prove themselves in battle. However, Hyou gets captured by a minister. But he escapes and returns to the village. Later Shin encounters a mysterious youth who looks like Hyou and is destined to become an emporer one day.

9. Jiang Ziya

It is the story of a powerful commander Jiang Ziya in the Kunlun army. He is given the task to kill the Nine-Taled Fox demon, which threatens humanity. Later, he comes to know that Fox Demon is actually an innocent young girl. Now, he is in a dilemma, he must decide whether to protect the girl or to protect all of humanity.

10. Legend Of Exorcism

It is the story of Kong Hongjun, a half-yao, who gets a chance to explore the human world from Mount Taiheng. He has three tasks, but the Heart Lamp is absorbed by military general Li Jinglong. Kong joins the Court of Exorcism and reunites with Li Jinglong, who despises Yao. Together with others, they must rid Chang'an of lurking Yao while Kong hides his true identity and tries to retrieve the Heart Lamp from Li Jinglong's body.