Article: Ten Supporting Actors And Actresses In K-Dramas

Korean TV shows and movies are known for being exciting and enjoyable. There are many actors who may not be the main characters, but they play significant roles in the story. Korean dramas are well-known for their great actors and exciting stories that people worldwide love. While the main actors get a lot of attention, the supporting actors might not get that much attention. That is why we will look into ten Korean supporting actors/actresses who are quite famous and add richness to the drama for whatever role they play.

1. Kang Ki Young

Kang Ki-young, a South Korean actor born on October 14, 1983, is famous for his supporting roles in various TV shows and movies. Some notable films he's been in include "The Point Men," "The Book of Fish," and "Exit." In 2018, he won a Best Supporting Actor award for "My Secret, Terrius." He got more recognition for his role in "Exit," earning another Best Supporting Actor award in 2019. Kang Ki-young started his acting journey in 2009 and gradually gained prominence with each role he took on, especially in popular dramas like "What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim." What made him famous at the international level was his role as the Supporting boss in the drama called "Extraordinary Attorney Woo." And he recently played the villain role in "Uncanny Counter season 2."

2. Kim Mi Kyung

Kim Mi-Kyung is a South Korean actress who usually plays  supporting roles in TV shows. She started acting in 1985 and has been in many popular Korean dramas like "The Master's Sun" (2013), and "Her Private Life" (2019). She began her acting career in theater and later moved on to movies and TV dramas. People around the world admire her for her acting talent and she's well-known for her work in various shows and films. She has received recognition for her acting. In the 2017 MBC Drama Awards,  she was honored with the Best Actress award for her role in the daily drama "Person Who Gives Happiness." And, in the 2013 SBS Drama, she was acknowledged as a Special Actress for her performance in the series "The Master's Sun."

3. Kim Young Ok

Kim Young-ok, a South Korean actress, started her acting journey in 1957 and is famous for playing grandmother roles in movies and TV shows. She's widely known as South Korea's "National Grandma." At 86 years old, she's the most senior actress in Korea. Throughout her career, she has consistently worked without taking breaks. She began her acting career at a young age and started acting when she was 19 years old in the movie "Farewell Sorrow" in 1957, and gained significant recognition, receiving prestigious awards, including the Grand Prize for Television at the 15th Baeksang Arts Awards for her role in the 1978 drama "I Sell Happiness."

4. Ahn Nae Sang

Ahn Nae-Sang is a famous actor from South Korea. He started his acting career in theaters and then moved on to movies. In 1994, he appeared in the first short film called "White Man." He's been in many films, including "Oasis" and "Poetry," where he played important roles. Besides movies, he's also acted in TV shows like "Conspiracy in the Court" and "High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged." Born on December 25, 1964, in South Korea, Ahn Nae-sang is well-known for his roles in popular series like "Mouse" (2021) and "L.U.C.A.: The Beginning" (2021). He's received awards for his acting.  In 2017, Ahn Nae-sang was awarded for his outstanding acting in the TV drama "Band of Sisters" at the SBS Drama Awards. The same year, he was recognized as the best supporting actor for the daily drama "Golden Pouch" at the MBC Drama Awards. Additionally, in 2014, he received the Golden Actor award for his exceptional performance in "Come! Jang Bo-Ri" at the MBC Drama Awards.

5. Sung Dong Il

Sung Dong-il, a South Korean actor born on April 27, 1967, started acting in 1987 in theater. He became well-known for playing a funny character called "Red Socks," who speaks a particular dialect in a TV drama called Eun-shil. Despite this success, he later tried different roles to avoid being typecast. In 2006, he gained fame in movies through a hit romantic comedy called 200 Pounds Beauty. Since then, he's been a reliable supporting actor in Korean cinema, showcasing his comedy skills in various films. He's also had significant roles in popular TV shows, being praised for his performances as a villain in " The Slave Hunters" and a caring father in "Reply" series. He's known for a great supporting actor and won awards for his roles, like in "The Slave Hunters." Recently, in 2022, he received the Best Supporting Actor award at the KBS Drama Awards for his performance in "Curtain Call."

6. Kim Hae-Sook

Kim Hae-Sook is a famous actress from South Korea. She started her acting journey in 1974, and since then, she has been a part of many TV shows and movies. She has acted in over 30 films and won over ten awards for her fantastic performances. One of her notable works is a book called "Mother of Hallyu Stars: Kim Hae-sook's Story," where she shares her life and experiences. Some of her famous works include "I Hear Your Voice," "Pinocchio," "Father is Strange," "Mother of Mine," "Thirst," "The Handmaiden," and "The Thieves." Born on December 30, 1955, in Busan, South Korea, Kim Hae-sook has made a remarkable name for herself in the entertainment industry, showcasing her talent and skill in acting. She has been recognized with various awards, including Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress, for her outstanding performances in dramas and films.

7. Hwang Bo-Ra

Hwang Bo-ra, a South Korean actress, was born on October 2, 1983, started her acting journey in 1999 with a movie called "Memento Mori." However, she gained widespread fame when she appeared as the "cup noodle girl" in a ramen commercial during the mid-2000s. In 2007, her role as the daughter and narrator in the black comedy film "Skeletons in the Closet" earned her the Best New Actress award at the Busan Film Critics Awards and Director's Cut Awards. Following that, she had supporting roles in various movies and TV dramas such as "Arang and the Magistrate" (2012), "The Eldest" (2013), and "Cunning Single Lady" (2014). Hwang has also taken on leading roles in movies like "Jumunjin" (2010), "Dangerous Woman" (2011), and "Navigation" (2014). Throughout her career, she's been a part of popular films and TV dramas, including "Love Rain" (2012), showcasing her acting talent.

8. Lee Joon Hyuk

Lee Joon Hyuk, a South Korean actor born on March 13, 1984. He started his entertainment journey in 2006, first appearing in a music video for the hip-hop group Typhoon. Lee's acting debut was in the 2007 TV series "First Wives' Club." Besides acting, he has also contributed to music by singing soundtracks for various shows. Lee gained recognition in his acting career, receiving awards like the  "2008 New Star Award" by SBS Drama Awards, the "2020 Best Acting Award" by Asia Artist Awards, and the "2020 Male Excellence Award in the Mon-Tue Miniseries/Single Act Category" by MBC Drama Awards. He has even been an ambassador for causes like bicycle safety and honorary police officer roles. His talent and popularity have made him a respected figure in the entertainment industry.

9. Jang Hyuk Jin

Jang Hyuk-jin, a South Korean actor born on 16 August 1971, is recognized for his work in various TV series and movies. He graduated from the Seoul Institute of the Arts, specializing in Theater. His notable appearances include roles in popular dramas like "Dr. Romantic" (2016), "Suspicious Partner" (2017), and portraying Bae Do-il in the 2019 drama series "VIP." He's also been part of well-known projects like "Train to Busan" (2016), showcasing his acting talent. With about 70 TV series and films under his belt, he's had an excellent career, often in supporting roles. He started his acting journey in 2004 with minor film roles and made his small-screen debut in the 2014 drama "Reset."

10. Kim Won Hae

Kim Won-hae is a South Korean actor known for his work in television and film. Born on April 6, 1969, he gained fame as a former cast member of SNL Korea during its first four seasons. He was signed under Pium Entertainment and started his career in 1991. Kim made his acting debut in the 1998 film "Spring in My Hometown" and has since been a part of many popular movies and TV dramas. Notably, he was recognized for his supporting roles in TV dramas like "While You Were Sleeping" and "The Ghost Detective" earning awards for Best Supporting Actor. In 2016, he was honored with the Bonsang Award at the Scene Stealer Festival for his remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry. The Korean drama world is lucky to have many amazing supporting actors. They have made a big difference in making dramas successful and liked by many.