Article: Ten Winners From The MBC Drama Awards 2022

MBC Drama Awards had a lot of popular nominations, and viewers were curious about the winners. The dramas ‘Big Mouth’ and ‘The Golden Spoon’ received the highest no. of awards. The ceremony was hosted by Kim Sung Joo and Choi Soo Young. Check out the winners in this list.

1. Lee Jong Suk

Lee Jong Suk won the ‘Daesang’ for performance in the popular thriller series ‘Big Mouth.’ He also won the best couple award with his on-screen wife, Im Yoon Ah. His speech after receiving the award was special as he dedicated it to his loved one, which was later announced to be actress IU.


2. Yook Sung Jae

Yook Sung Jae was awarded the Top Excellence Award. He starred in the fantasy drama, ‘The Golden Spoon.’ This drama was Sung Jae’s first series after his military training. This award shows that the BTOB member has proved his skills in acting too.


3. Yoona

Im Yoon Ah made fans cry for her character in ‘Big Mouth.’  She won the Top Excellence award for the same drama. Yoon Ah also received the best couple award with her co-star Lee Jong Suk. It was an emotional day for Yoon Ah as fellow Girls’ Generation member, Choi Soo Young also won an award.


4. Kim Young Dae

The historical drama ‘The Forbidden Marriage,’ has been receiving attention for its unique plot. Actor Kim Young Dae, who plays the show’s lead won the Excellence Award. This is the actor’s first historical role and the award proves that he has aced it.


5. Park Ju Hyun

Park Ju Hyun has been exploring various roles since the beginning of her career and ‘The Forbidden Marriage,’ is a show that proves her versatility. Like her co-star Kim Young Dae, this is Ju Hyun’s first historical drama. She won the Excellence Award for her role.


6. Lee Hye Ri

Lee Hye Ri has once again proved that she can play any character well. She won the Excellence Award for her role in the emotional drama ‘May I Help You?’ Lee Hye Ri also won the KBS drama award for her show ‘Moonshine.’ With two awards and two successful shows, she has had a great 2022.


7. Lee Jung Won

Lee Jong Won played a young man whose life is out of control in the fantasy show ‘The Golden Spoon.’ The actor has played a few supporting roles and this is his first major role in a drama.He won the Best New Actor award. Also, this is the actor’s first ever award for acting.


8. Yeonwoo

Yeonwoo is a former member of the girl-group ‘Momoland.’ After starting her acting career, she has played various supporting roles. In the drama ‘The Golden Spoon,’ she played a wealthy heiress. She won the Best New Actress award and this is her first acting award.


9. Kim Min Ju

Kim Min Ju played her first major role in ‘The Forbidden Marriage.’ She starred as the crown princess in this drama. Kim Min Ju won the Best New Actress award for this role. She received this award along with The Golden Spoon’s Yeonwoo.


10. Choi Won Young

The Best Character Award is a special category and is given to unique and popular characters from shows. 2022’s Best Character Award went to actor Choi Won Young. He starred in the fantasy drama ‘The Golden Spoon.’ This award added to the list of awards the drama won in this year’s ceremony.